Pigeon racing leads to dozens of divorces in Purbalingga 

The Dove, or white pigeon, is a global symbol of love. Women in Purbalingga, Central Java, however, would beg to differ.Pigeons have been blamed for dozens of divorces in the regency.Husbands in Purbalingga are apparently neglecting their wives because they are too busy with their racing pigeons.As a result, dozens of married women have filed divorce petitions because they have become jealous of their husbands’ intimacy with the animal.In July alone, the Purbalingga Religious Court office recorded more than 90 divorce petitions, a jump from only 13 in the previous month.“Most of the petitioners are wives who have filed divorce petitions for economic reasons because their husbands are too addicted to pigeon racing,” a clerk with the court, Nur Aflah, told reporters on Monday.According to her, the wives were annoyed with their husbands’ habit of playing with the birds with their friends and taking care of the birds all day, leaving no time for their families.“In Purbalingga, there are many female workers while most men are unemployed. Most of the husbands end up becoming ‘pilots.’ Here, a ‘pilot’ does not fly a plane but races pigeons,” Nur said.

Source: Pigeon racing leads to dozens of divorces in Purbalingga – The Jakarta Post

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