‘Tissue Paper’ Organs Show Promise

A team from Northwestern University has developed a novel type of bioactive tissue that is thin and flexible enough to be folded into ‘origami-like’ shapes and could be used in a variety of treatment programs.The ‘tissue paper’ was created from the structural proteins excreted by cells that give organs their form and structure, combined with a polymer to make the material pliable.The researchers made the tissue papers from ovarian, uterine, kidney, liver, muscle and heart proteins that were obtained by processing pig and cow organs.“This new class of biomaterials has potential for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine as well as drug discovery and therapeutics,” corresponding author Ramille Shah said in a statement. “It’s versatile and surgically friendly.”The cells are removed from the tissues, leaving the natural structural proteins—extracellular matrix—that are then dried into a powder and processed into the tissue papers.

Source: ‘Tissue Paper’ Organs Show Promise

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