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Man with Cerebral Palsy Spends Five Years Typing Book with Only One Toe

38-year-old Wesley Wee, from Singapore, was born with cerebral palsy, and has never had any control over most of the muscles in his body. He is stuck in a wheelchair, and is unable to dress or feed himself, so writing a book seems out of the realm of possibility. However, his physical disabilities didn’t stop this ambitious man from spending five years typing every letter in his inspiring book, “Finding Happiness Against the Odds”, with just the big toe on his right foot.Growing up, Wesley had to deal no only with the challenges of his crippling condition, but also the abuse of his parents who were unable to deal with the hardships of raising a disabled child, and often took their frustration out on him. His mother would hit him and say things like  “You good for nothing, si geena (dead child in Hokkien), it is better you die,” to him, and his father pushed him to do difficult exercises every night, in an attempt to make him walk normally.

As a boy, Wesley was forced to use a walking frame to make ten rounds around the living room every night, a task that sometimes proved too difficult to complete. That’s when his father would lose his temper, drag him to the bathroom and dunk his head into a bucket full of water. His few happy childhood memories are of his grandmother, who, realizing the constant abuse he was subjected to, took him to live with her and ensured he received an education at the Spastic Children’s Association, something that his parents thought would be wasted on him.

Source: Man with Cerebral Palsy Spends Five Years Typing Book with Only One Toe | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities

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Henry Kissinger Just Made A Stunning Admission About ISIS And Iran

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, a man who dares not travel in many parts of the globe due to fears of arrest, just made one of the most stunning admissions of his career to date.In an article for CapX, a British online news website founded by the Centre for Policy Studies, Kissinger warned against defeating ISIS because doing so could lead to an “Iranian radical empire.” He warned:“In these circumstances, the traditional adage that the enemy of your enemy can be regarded as your friend no longer applies. In the contemporary Middle East, the enemy of your enemy may also be your enemy. The Middle East affects the world by the volatility of its ideologies as much as by its specific actions.”Unsurprisingly, Kissinger, a documented war criminal, displayed a complete disregard for international law while expressing his major concerns. Kissinger said:“The outside world’s war with Isis can serve as an illustration. Most non-Isis powers — including Shia Iran and the leading Sunni states — agree on the need to destroy it. But which entity is supposed to inherit its territory? A coalition of Sunnis? Or a sphere of influence dominated by Iran?” Considering the majority of the territory belongs to Syria (and/or Iraq), perhaps it should not even be a question of who should inherit the land after ISIS’ downfall. If there are concerns that Syria will become an Iranian client state, perhaps the U.S. should have considered that before they targeted Syria for regime change in a short-sighted attempt to undermine Iran in the first place. It is only because the U.S. carried out this strategy – and continues to carry out this strategy – that Iran has emerged as a significant benefactor in the Syrian conflict. Nevertheless, Kissinger cautioned:“The answer is elusive because Russia and the NATO countries support opposing factions. If the Isis territory is occupied by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards or Shia forces trained and directed by it, the result could be a territorial belt reaching from Tehran to Beirut, which could mark the emergence of an Iranian radical empire.”To the 94-year-old, there is nothing more threatening than a dominant Iran, even when compared to the violent global jihad phenomenon that is ISIS. Contrary to popular neoconservative-propagated belief, Iran is widely regarded as one of the most stable countries in the region. It is also one of the most heavily engaged entities fighting ISIS, a terror group the Trump and Obama administrations had previously made the number one enemy.Objectively speaking, despite its abundant flaws, Iran is a natural ally in the fight against ISIS and radical jihad. However, as the truth comes to light from official statements of the ruling elite, in the eyes of the powers-that-be, ISIS has become a natural ally of the United States in its bid to undermine the Iranian government.

Source: Henry Kissinger Just Made A Stunning Admission About ISIS And Iran

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Microsoft PowerPoint exploit used to bypass antivirus and spread malware

Cyberattackers are exploiting a vulnerability that allows them to evade detection by antivirus software and deliver malware via Microsoft PowerPoint.The flaw in the Windows Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) interface is being used by attackers to distribute malicious Microsoft Office files.The exploit is commonly used to deliver infected Rich Text File (.RTF) documents, but cybersecurity researchers at Trend Micro have spotted attackers using it to compromise PowerPoint slideshow files for the first time.As with many hacking campaigns, this attack begins with a spear-phishing email. The message purports to be from a cable manufacturing provider and mainly targets organisations in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Source: Microsoft PowerPoint exploit used to bypass antivirus and spread malware | ZDNet

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Revealed: The naughty tricks used by web ads to bypass blockers

Analysis Netizens may choose to block unwanted content – such as intrusive and misbehaving ads – but some advertising companies do not to accept that choice.Instart Logic describes itself as a content delivery service and much of that content happens to be advertising. The California-based biz is determined to help its clients present online ads despite the technical choices made by internet users to avoid that content – adverts bypassing ad blockers, in other words.The company’s technology disguises third-party network requests so they appear to be first-party network requests. This allows ad services used by website publishers to place cookies and serve ads that would otherwise by blocked by the browser’s same-origin security model.Raymond Hill, who maintains the popular uBlock Origin content blocker, on Wednesday updated his uBO-Extra add-on software to prevent Instart Logic’s code from bypassing uBlock Origin.In an explanatory note on UBO-Extra’s GitHub repository, Hill describes UBO-Extra as follows: “To foil hostile anti-user mechanisms used to work around content blockers or even privacy settings in a browser.”

Source: Revealed: The naughty tricks used by web ads to bypass blockers • The Register

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Video: Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Says Hate Speech ‘Not Protected by First Amendment’

Many on the left certainly have a novel interpretation of our Constitution. They are constantly finding new “rights’ buried between the lines of our founding document that many of the rest of us have trouble seeing.But in addition to their new discoveries and original interpretations of the Constitution, they also, apparently, have difficulty in reading what it says.

Source: Video: Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Says Hate Speech ‘Not Protected by First Amendment’ – American Renaissance

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New ‘Yoda’ Fruit Bat Officially Recognized

A fruit bat originally dubbed “Yoda” is finally being recognized with an official name.A researcher from the University of York officially registered the bat—which is native to Papua New Guinea— and dubbed it the happy (Hamamas) tube-nosed fruit bat, after it was previously nicknamed “Yoda” due to its resemblance to the Star Wars character.“The species is very difficult to tell apart from other tube-nosed bat species,” Nancy Irwin, Ph.D., an honorary research fellow in York’s Department of Biology, said in a statement. “Bat species often look similar to each other but differ significantly in behavior, feeding and history. Most of the morphological characteristics that separate this bat from other species are associated with a broader, rounder jaw which gives the appearance of a constant smile. Since most remote Papuans have never seen Star Wars, I thought it fitting to use a local name: the Hamamas—meaning happy—tube-nosed fruit bat.”The bat is characterized by a tube nose, bright colors, a thick stripe on its back and spots.

Source: New ‘Yoda’ Fruit Bat Officially Recognized

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Why Do Pay-What-You-Want Policies Work?

A restaurant owner in Guiyang, China, recently received a rude awakening about her fellow humans: To mark her establishment’s grand opening in early October, Liu Xiaojun and her partners — believing in the “inherent goodness of human beings,” according to Shanghaiist — instituted a weeklong “pay what you want” system, encouraging customers to leave whatever they felt was a “rational and fair” price for their food.The idea promptly blew up in their faces. Just a week after opening, Liu’s restaurant had already lost the equivalent of $15,000. More surprising than the promotion’s spectacular failure, though, may be the idea that it would work in the first place: Why in the world would you expect anyone — let alone lots and lots of people — to pay more than they had to?On its face, pay-what-you-want is kind of a bizarre concept. And yet it’s also a concept that’s alive and well, and in some places even reasonably successful. One of the most well-known examples may be Radiohead’s 2007 album In Rainbows, which fans could buy online for whatever price they chose. But even within the restaurant industry, some have managed to do okay: Panera, for example, operates Panera Cares cafés in St. Louis and Boston, both of which run on donations; next to each item on the menu is a suggested price, the amount of money the company says it needs to recoup food costs and have funds left over to feed the customers who can’t afford to pay. According to the Panera Cares website, the stores bring in “about 70-75% of what would otherwise be the retail value of the food,” which, by Panera’s estimates, means “that about 60% of people leave the suggested donation, 15-20% leave more and 15-20% leave less or nothing.”

Source: Why Do Pay-What-You-Want Policies Work? — Science of Us

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This Mysterious Military Spy Plane Has Been Flying Circles Over Seattle For Days

A very unique USAF surveillance aircraft has been flying highly defined circles over Seattle and its various suburbs for nine days now. Nobody at the DoD seems to know who the aircraft belongs to or what exactly it is doing flying so many missions over the Seattle area. But based on its visibly exotic configuration, and information collected by open source flight tracking websites, we can get a good idea of its capabilities and guess as to what it’s up to. The aircraft, which goes by the callsign “SPUD21” and wears a nondescript flat gray paint job with the only visible markings being a USAF serial on its tail, is a CASA CN-235-300 transport aircraft that has been extensively modified for the surveillance mission. You can see more pictures of the aircraft here.

Source: This Mysterious Military Spy Plane Has Been Flying Circles Over Seattle For Days – The Drive

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Max Martin incorporated an actual fart into this Backstreet Boys song

Producer Max Martin is no doubt responsible for some of your favorite pop songs, including Britney Spears’ “Oops! …I Did It Again” and most of Taylor Swift’s 1989. Apparently, he’s also responsible for turning a Backstreet Boy’s fart into a nice bass sound.Per a new interview from Billboard, Howie Dorough was putting so much heart and soul into recording Black and Blue single “The Call” that he let out a fart. Conveniently, the fart was “not only on the beat, but in key,” according to A.J. McLean — so Martin tweaked it a bit and kept it in the song.

Source: Max Martin incorporated an actual fart into this Backstreet Boys song

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Global Temps COOLER Now Than When Al Gore Won Nobel Prize

While you all probably know that Al Gore has a terrible track record when it comes to all of his ludicrous climate change predictions, meteorologist Joe Bastardi of Weatherbell Analytics created a chart to disprove Gore’s global warming theories even further.The chart shows that global temperatures were warmer when Al Gore won the 2007 Nobel Prize than today, even after the 2015/16 super El Nino.From Climate Depot:Meteorologist Joe Bastardi explains: “Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize based on warnings of future events — the same future events that have not happened. The fact is that global temperatures from 2006-2007 while Gore was basking in the glory of his apocalypse-driven fame were warmer than they are now, and we are still falling off the Super El Niño peak. Additionally, much of the time in-between was lower than what it was in the run-up to ‘An Inconvenient Truth.’” Bastardi added: “Fact: Without monkeying around and ‘finding’ warming, temps have changed very little during 20 year AGW hysteria period.”Bastardi explained: “I am glad Al Gore has his new movie out. It reminded me of Irena Sendler, who he beat out for the Nobel Prize. Because it gave me a chance to write on someone whose story should be known and once again expose someone who has gotten rich off something that can’t hold a candle to the bravery of people in the era that Irena Sendler exemplified…Just what did she do? From this link: “Irena Sendlerowa was a Polish woman who, along with her underground network, rescued 2,500 Jewish children in Poland during World War II. Many of this number were already outside of the Ghetto and in hiding.”

Source: Global Temps COOLER Now Than When Al Gore Won Nobel Prize

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Cows in Antarctica? How one expedition milked them for all their worth

Domestic animals are rarely associated with Antarctica. However, before non-native species (bar humans) were excluded from the continent in the 1990s, many travelled to the far south. These animals included not only the obvious sledge dogs, but also ponies, sheep, pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs and a goat. Perhaps the most curious case occurred in 1933, when US Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s second Antarctic expedition took with it three Guernsey cows.The cows, named Klondike Gay Nira, Deerfoot Guernsey Maid and Foremost Southern Girl, plus a bull calf born en route, spent over a year in a working dairy on the Ross Ice Shelf. They returned home to the US in 1935 to considerable celebrity.Keeping the animals healthy in Antarctica took a lot of doing – not least, hauling the materials for a barn, a huge amount of feed and a milking machine across the ocean and then the ice. What could have possessed Byrd to take cows to the icy south?

Source: Cows in Antarctica? How one expedition milked them for all their worth

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DHS Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Protection and Restoration Guidelines for Equipment and Facilities

This document provides recommendations for protecting and restoring critical electronic equipment, facilities and communications/data centers from:(1) High Altitude EMP (HEMP)(2) Surface-burst Source Region EMP (SREMP) fields propagating outside of the radiation region(3) Currents induced on undersea cables and long lines by solar storm generated geomagnetic disturbances (GMDs)(4) Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI) from nearby sources such as Electromagnetic (EM) weapons (also known as Radio Frequency (RF) weapons).Collectively, these will be called by a general term in this document: “EMP”. However, it should be recognized that nearly all of the protection recommended in this document is for the frequency range above 10 kHz, which is the frequency range for E1 HEMP, SREMP and IEMI. A presentation describing the background, characteristics and effects of EMP is included in the Appendices to this document.There are four DHS EMP Protection Levels defined herein, as outlined in Table 1. These levels were initially developed for use by the federal continuity community, such as for the Continuity Communications Managers Group, but are also applicable to any organization that desires to protect its equipment, facilities, and services against EMP threats.In addition to making recommendations on how to physically protect electronic equipment from EMP, this guide provides guidance on how to help ensure communications and information systems (and their supported missions) can continue to function (or be rapidly restored) after one or more EMP events. Hence, Appendix C contains information on priority service programs (like GETS, WPS, and TSP) as well as on the SHARES alternate communications service that can be used to support critical missions and to facilitate and coordinate restoration activities.

Source: DHS Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Protection and Restoration Guidelines for Equipment and Facilities | Public Intelligence

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The story of Keith Haring’s courageous Berlin Wall mural 

What is the most politically effective thing that a street artist has ever painted on a wall? Was Banksy the person who did it? Did it read “ROMANI ITE DOMUM” (or “ROMANES EUNT DOMUS” for that matter)?Of street artists to whom we can apply a specific name, you could certainly argue that Keith Haring was the one who takes the prize, for his hundred or so meters of familiar Haring-esque figures that he painted on the Berlin Wall in October of 1986. It was a big enough deal to make the New York Times the next day.

In the mid-1980s, the director of the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, a man named Rainer Hildebrandt, extended an invitation to Keith Haring to come to Berlin and use the Wall for his canvas. When Haring received word of the invitation, he was touring Europe and was eager to exercise his agitprop instincts in a world-historical manner by attempting to “destroy the wall by painting it,” which in a way was exactly what ended up happening, not to overstate Haring’s importance to that process.

Source: The story of Keith Haring’s courageous Berlin Wall mural (which is now lost to history) | Dangerous Minds

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