Rescued Bobcat Is Foster Dad To Bobcat Kittens At Rescue Center 

A bobcat named Robert was just a baby when he was taken from the wild, neutered and declawed.Even though he ended up being rescued from the pet trade back in 2004, he would never be able to return to his natural habitat. Without his claws, Robert wouldn’t be able to catch prey.

The people at WildCare Oklahoma gave Robert a forever home back in 2004. The next year, a bobcat kitten came into their care. They put the baby in the enclosure next to Robert’s large, lush enclosure. And he just couldn’t stay away.

“Robert was ALL about him,” Rondi Large, director of WildCare Oklahoma, told The Dodo. “He tried to reach over and put his paws inside the enclosure. Typically a male bobcat shouldn’t be so friendly with cubs, but we let them stay next to each other.”

There’s a very tricky part of wildlife rehabilitation — you want the animal to accept help from human beings, but you don’t want them to get at all acclimated to being around people if they are ever going to make it in the wild. And seeing the warm, paternal side of Robert gave his rescuers an idea.

Source: Rescued Bobcat Is Foster Dad To Bobcat Kittens At Rescue Center – The Dodo

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