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Eating disorders linked to history of theft

Women with anorexia nervosa or bulimia are up to four times more likely to be convicted of theft – often petty thefts like shoplifting – compared to peers without eating disorders, according to results from a large Swedish study.

This increased risk of criminality in women with eating disorders is something doctors should pay attention to because convictions could increase a patient’s stress and anxiety, interrupt treatment and hamper recovery, the authors write in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, online August 9.

“The study’s findings confirm and extend what was previously known – that certain personality traits, like impulsivity, and the presence of other psychiatric disorders may confer added risk to a range of other problems, like criminal activity,” said Deborah Glasofer of Columbia University Medical Center in New York, who wasn’t involved in the study.

“By no means is there evidence that all eating disorders are associated with any one particular behavior profile, but eating disorders are serious illnesses which can impact all aspects of the afflicted individual’s life,” Glasofer told Reuters Health in an email.

Source: Eating disorders linked to history of theft

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Ohio Supreme Court Rules No Miranda Rights If Questioned By Cops Outside Interrogation Room

Perhaps the state of Ohio should be renamed the Black Eye State instead of the Buckeye state, thanks to a recent ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court. The ruling, by a 6-1 super majority (apparently there is only one person left in Ohio who doesn’t want to completely punch Liberty in the eyeball), overturned a lower court ruling that dismissed evidence gained by police on the grounds that it was gathered through an interview in a police car with the defendant.

The ruling happened Wednesday, August 16th, 2017, and what it essentially means is that unless the police take you to a specific type of space – an interrogation room – and ask you enough questions (whatever that is, because the court doesn’t define it) they don’t have to bother reading your Miranda rights to you (you know, that whole “you have a right to an attorney” spiel we always see on cop shows that let us know someone is seriously arrested).All they have to do is interview in a different space, like the front seat of a cop car, and voila, magic suddenly makes your Miranda rights LITERALLY disappear.The case started in 2014 when a Cleveland Motorist almost hit an Ohio State Police Car.

The cop jumped in his narrowly missed car and pulled the defendant over. He then ordered the defendant out of his car and into the front seat of his cop car. Here is where the patrolman began to interrogate the defendant.Now, I don’t know about you, but common sense will tell you that being ordered into a police car kind of implies you are being detained and cannot leave.

The one sole dissenter on the court (that one person who looked Liberty in the eye and said, nah, not gonna light you up today) pretty much said the same thing, which just goes to show you that not everyone who puts on those black robes suddenly gets a case of the derp (but maybe 5 out of 6 do). This is the point where someone should be repeating those four out of five dentists approve slogans, only in this case, it’s five out of six black robed priests DON’T approve…of your liberty.During the course of the interrogation, the friendly cop, who was a tad ticked his car almost got swiped by the defendant, got some information out of his target. The defendant admitted he had four mixed drinks at a wedding he had just come from (no, he wasn’t the groom).

The Chief Justice, Maureen O “Miranda, we don’t need no stinkin’ Miranda” Connor wrote that the defendant’s (and by extension, yours) Miranda Rights magically disappeared because he was only asked a few questions and he wasn’t handcuffed, as if handcuffed were the only prerequisite to feeling detained. I’m paraphrasing, but trust me, my paraphrase is far more truthful of the nature of what she said than the bureaucratic doublespeak these black robed priests like to use.The fact that this cop open carried, the fact that you were ordered to sit in the front seat of a police car, well, none of this would make any reasonable person feel as if they were being detained (except it would, and Mareen O “Miranda, we don’t need no stinkin’ Miranda” Connor knows it).Once again, as reflected in a story I wrote JUST YESTERDAY, this goes to show you that words written on paper do not have the force to prevent those who claim to be bound by those words (to follow Rule of Law) from finding a way to legitimize the punching in the eye of Liberty because, at the end of the day, the chief job of the court is to protect the legitimacy of state authority, not you.

read ruling here

Source: Ohio Supreme Court Rules No Miranda Rights If Questioned By Cops Outside Interrogation Room

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Solar eclipse 2017: Animals will be very confused

There’s going to be a lot of confused animals come Monday.The total solar eclipse will turn daylight into an eerie nighttime when the moon covers the sun as the celestial event moves from Oregon to South Carolina.  While humans will gaze at the spectacle in awe, some animals will be downright befuddled for a couple hours as the day slowly darkens — even in places that only get a partial eclipse.Early reports of wacky animal behavior during eclipses involve birds. Perhaps the earliest is from a total eclipse in 1544 when “birds ceased singing,” while another report from a 1560 eclipse claimed “birds fell to the ground,” according to Science News.  In one of the first documented scientific studies in 1932, researchers spotted bees returning to hives and chickens to roost during an eclipse in New England.Orb-weaving spiders in Mexico took down their webs during a total eclipse on July 11, 1991, only to start rebuilding them once the sun reappeared, the National Wildlife Federation reported.

Source: Solar eclipse 2017: Animals will be very confused

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Walter Cronkite reports on the 1979 solar eclipse


Walter Cronkite reports on the 1979 solar eclipse

Source: Walter Cronkite reports on the 1979 solar eclipse

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YouTube Is Now Purging Evidence Of War Crimes—Labeling It As “Extremist” Content

Just one month after YouTube deleted a video of the United States air-dropping weapons to ISIS and claimed that it contained “violent or graphic content,” the video platform is now being criticized for implementing a new artificial intelligence program to monitor “extremist” content that is deleting videos that document U.S. war crimes.The monitoring organization Airwars.org recently reported that its YouTube account had been targeted, just one week after YouTube published a new blog post announcing that it is “developing and implementing cutting-edge machine learning technology designed to help us identify and remove violent extremism and terrorism-related content in a scalable way.”Airwars raised the issue on Twitter, noting that after approving hundreds of their videos documenting U.S. airstrikes, YouTube has suddenly blocked three videos out of nowhere. The newly blocked videos showed U.S. coalition airstrikes that were reportedly targeting ISIS, and their dates ranged from August 2015 to March 2016.

Source: YouTube Is Now Purging Evidence Of War Crimes—Labeling It As “Extremist” Content

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Yellowstone Supervolcano could ERUPT if NASA does risky drilling plan

\Brian Wilcox, an ex-member of the NASA Advisory Council on Planetary Defence, made the horrifying revelation while discussing a report by the space agency.He said that NASA’s “risky” proposals to prevent an eruption could go wrong with possibly disastrous consequences.One of the methods would be to drill into the bottom of the United States volcano and to use a pressurised spurt of water to release heat from the magma chamber.But Mr Wilcox said there is a chance this would not be successful.GETTYRISKY: NASA has a plan to save the human race from a supervolcano eruption

Source: Yellowstone Supervolcano could ERUPT if NASA does risky drilling plan | Daily Star

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Jerry Lewis, Mercurial Comedian and Filmmaker, Dies at 91

Jerry Lewis, the comedian and filmmaker who was adored by many, disdained by others, but unquestionably a defining figure of American entertainment in the 20th century, died on Sunday morning at his home in Las Vegas. He was 91.His death was confirmed by his publicist, Candi Cazau.Mr. Lewis knew success in movies, on television, in nightclubs, on the Broadway stage and in the university lecture hall. His career had its ups and downs, but when it was at its zenith there were few stars any bigger. And he got there remarkably quickly.Barely out of his teens, he shot to fame shortly after World War II with a nightclub act in which the rakish, imperturbable Dean Martin crooned and the skinny, hyperactive Mr. Lewis capered around the stage, a dangerously volatile id to Mr. Martin’s supremely relaxed ego.

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*CANCELLED* The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses

Event*CANCELLED* The Stifling of Free Speech on University CampusesThis is a panel discussion on the pressing issue of the stifling of free speech on university campuses. The panelists are :Dr. Jordan Peterson, clinical psychologist, univ of Toronto professor. Dr. Gad Saad. Professor of Marketing, holder of the Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption, and advisory fellow at the Center for Inquiry. Dr. Oren Amitay,clinical psychologist and media consultant. Faith Goldy, investigative journalist and proud Catholic and conservative. Moderated By: Sarina Singh completed a Bachelor of Social work degree, with a minor in political science at Ryerson.

Source: *CANCELLED* The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses

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Is It Time to Ban the Democratic Party? 

It is a political movement devouring itself.All of a sudden America is confronted with American leftists abruptly striking out at their own history — pulling down statues of those who were the military leaders of a philosophical belief that is historically recorded and enshrined as the building block of the Democratic Party.In a 2016 commencement address to City College in New York graduates, then-First Lady Michelle Obama said that “every single day” as First Lady “I wake up in a house that was built by slaves.” True enough.But what the First Lady left out is that every day any Democrat in America wakes up they are the core of a political party that, like the physical White House, “was built by slaves.”Back there in the stone age of 2008 I authored a piece in The American Spectator which was reprinted in the Wall Street Journal. In which there was a specific recounting of the Democratic Party’s construction as the Party of Race. A party that was built on the idea of racism.Among the hard facts of party history cited were these:Six party platforms from 1840-1860 that supported slavery

.Twenty Democratic Party platforms from 1868-1948 that either supported segregation outright or were silent on the subject.The use of the Ku Klux Klan, which, according to Columbia University historian Eric Foner, became “a military force serving the interests of the Democratic Party.” University of North Carolina historian Allen Trelease described the Klan as the “terrorist arm of the Democratic Party.

”The Democratic Party opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution. The 13th banned slavery. The 14th effectively overturned the infamous 1857 Dred Scott decision (made by Democratic pro-slavery Supreme Court justices) by guaranteeing due process and equal protection to former slaves. The 15th gave black Americans the right to vote.And so it went as the Democratic Party built itself politically on a culture of racism that is now once again overflowing in this sudden drive of 21st century leftists to deny the original identity politics that created them — and which is still the nuclear core of their ideological energy.

All of which raises the obvious question. If the statues birthed by Democratic Party orthodoxy must come down — and there is now a call to remove statues of prominent Democratic members of the House or Senate from the US Capitol building — should the political party that gave birth to those statues in the first place be the exception to the First Amendment — and banned and outlawed outright?

My answer? Of course not. The First Amendment should protect even a party built by racism and racists. But if Americans are not going to ban the Democrats — the political party that was built on the backs of black slaves and segregation? A party that continues to this very day by feeding off of identity politics — the grandchild of slavery and the child of segregation? Then at the very least the party must be held accountable for its legacy.

What does that mean at its logical conclusion? Should President Franklin Roosevelt’s statue on the Washington Mall be ripped out? FDR was the president who embodied the Democratic Party in the 1930s and 1940s and well beyond after his death. He was also the president who appointed Ku Klux Klansman and Alabama Senator Hugo Black to the Supreme Court. Black, a leading progressive of the day wrote this of FDR in a memo, as noted by author Bruce Bartlett in his telling book Wrong on Race: The Democratic Party’s Buried Past. Wrote Justice Black:


Source: Is It Time to Ban the Democratic Party? | The American Spectator

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I’m a REAL Anti-fascist from the Left and You Will be As Well, One Day

As a member of the real anti-fascist left (not the paid provocateur type) it’s been kinda hard for me over the past week or so. Even before that really  because folks on the left think I’m going all… alt right or something for simply pointing out that there really is a war going on in the heavens and some faction of the masters of the universe want more war and regime change from Trump’s administration than they are getting. But this past week and my coverage of the event in Charlottesville and the subsequent shutting down of free speech and the corporate/fascist media’s attempt at justification of political violence from one side and not the other has left a bad taste in some readers’ mouths I suppose.

Anyone got proof of Soros paying antifa? So antifa = DNC = MoveOn? Congrats on your new alt-right fan base. Good bye.

I am not “alt-right”.

I am not “alt-left”.

I am left. The REAL left.The REAL anti-fascist left that hates the neoliberal Clintons and their centrists that have taken over the unDemocratic Party.

The REAL left that beat corporatist/fascist Hillary Clinton and her neoliberal establishment ilk in the Democratic Party primary in 2016. That’s because the REAL left, the REAL anti-fascist left, outnumbers the centrist fascist neoliberal left. WE are the left and THEY are the alt.

The REAL left has been fighting centrist, neoliberal, fascist globalization for decades. And we don’t intend to stop. Ever.

Did you notice something about this past week? Something about the nature of the event that took place in Charlottesville last weekend?

Let me break it down for you.

Kessler (formerly a backer of Obama and therefore the centrist, neoliberal, fascists of the FAKE left) calls for all kinds of angry Americans to show up at his ‘Unite the Right” demonstration in Charlottesville.

Few who aren’t on one payroll or another show up (yes, Vanguard America is a honeypot run by sheepdipped former military destabilization assets)

But the point is that some folks in this country are angry because they feel they aren’t relevant anymore. And you can hardly blame them. Black Lives Matter. Transgender Lives Matter. Immigrant Lives Matter. Women’s Lives Matter. Gay Lives Matter. Everyone’s lives matter… but for one specific demographic. And folks, shit aint handed to every white, straight male in the country because he’s a white, straight male. The economy sucks for everyone and that’s a goddamned fact.

Be that as it may, few still turned up at the rally. And fewer still who weren’t on the payroll joined in those who were when they started chanting racist, Nazi slogans while marching around with Ukraine’s spare tiki-torches.

But who gets demonized? Trump voters. Folks who are opposed to the ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS. The ESTABLISHMENT, CENTRIST, NEOLIBERAL, FASCIST REPUBLICANS.

And, by the way, as we saw last November and during the Republican primary, THOSE REPUBLICANS seem to outnumber the establishment, centrist, neoliberal, fascist Republicans.

Alright, stick with me for a second.

Now, let’s look at the left. The counter protesters.

David Swanson (professional activist that he is) ran around and got a bunch of well meaning lefties to show up at the event as well.

But who else showed up?

Antifa, the group that is now being absolved of their abhorant behavior by much of the establishment, centrist, neoliberal fascist main stream media. And what do they do? They attack anyone they can. They scream offensive slogans filled with hate. They attack and insult the police.

They do for the REAL anti fascist left what Kessler, Vanguard America and the rest of the psyops performers do to the anti-establishment right… right?

BOTH sides are diminished simultaneously… not just in the eyes of the opposition… but in the eyes of everyone.

Who causes the centrists, the One Party Fascist Party, the most problems in America these days? Who caused them problems with the election cycle last year?

The anti-establishment RIGHT

And the anti-establishment LEFT

And now… BOTH groups are demonized as a result of the events of last week while neither had anything to do with any of it.

There are people on the right with every reason to be upset about the way the country is going. And the same holds true for the real anti-fascist left, does it not?

Not only does Soros get to sow discord and unrest in the country with the help of his little NGO assets (on both sides of the fake conflict) and the corporatist media, but then he also gets to start a narrative that BOTH SIDES are dangerous to our “democracy”

In the end the media will turn on Antifa and stop making excuses for them. At that point it will be considered out of fashion to be anti-fascist and wont that be an interesting development.

It doesn’t take a PhD too see where this is going. Not necessarily a civil war (unless you think what happened in Ukraine or Syria or Libya was a “civil war”) but certainly increased violent clashes and destabilization to the point where EVERYTHING OTHER THAN CENTRISTS WILL BE CONSIDERED “DANGEROUS”

When you can only see the world in Red or Blue, you’re missing an awful lot of the full spectrum dominance programs taking place out there. You’re missing half the show.

That’s why I cover what I cover and investigate what I investigate. It may seem like one day I attack Trump’s neoliberal agenda and the next I defend his administration from the endless attack of the centrists running the show and that’s because I do. I doesn’t mean I’m bi-polar or confused. It means nothing is black and white anymore. Not even black vs white.

Years ago I was kicked off a website I helped found and set up because prior to the presidential election of 2008 I was writing here and over there that President Obama was not a progressive Godking and he wasn’t even progressive in fact. But the fad of the day won out and I was gone.

Today, those folks understand and have figured it out since I am sure. Barack Obama was a left-cover neoliberal in progressive clothing. And I was right all along.

Someone back then asked me if I would rather be right or have friends.

I couldn’t understand being made to choose but when I did, I went with my own moral compass. Just like I did when I didn’t vote Clinton in 2016 (or Trump for that matter)

I am a real anti-fascist from the left. If you don’t understand where I am today… that’s ok. You will one day.

When neoliberal fascism infects a nation either by corrupt politician imposing it (Greece for instance) or by Shock and Awe (Iraq) or by Humanitarian Intervention (Libya) or by U.S. backed coups (al Sisi’s Egypt) there is ALWAYS a certain reaction that takes place: the rise of the anti-fascist left.

And that’s because once libertarian-minded youngsters get a real taste of what their Ayn Randian world really feels like, they tend to wise up pretty quickly.

Look across the history of nations that have expelled the fascist dictators we have installed across the globe. What brought them down wasn’t free-market ideology or small gubmint proponents (like Bill Clinton for instance)

What brings them down are people rallying together around traditionally leftist ideologies like unions, Social Security, housing rights, workers rights… things like that. Things that diametrically opposed to fascist ideologies.

In short, the REAL anti-fascist left.

So you might not understand where I am today and why I do what I do. But there is method to my madness.

I’m a REAL Anti-fascist from the left and you will be as well, one day.

Source: I’m a REAL Anti-fascist from the Left and You Will be As Well, One Day

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Lawsuit: Being Benched Is The New Form of Bullying

If you ever played sports at any point in your life, you probably know what it was like to be on the bench for at least a little bit.Sometimes, it maybe be because you were in a slump; other times, maybe the coach wanted to have some of the other players get some time on the field; or maybe you were one of the back ups for the starters. Whichever way it was for you, being on the bench happened at some point if you played sports.While most everyone has accepted this as a simple fact of the game, one high school student from California has decided that being on the bench is a new form of bullying, and he is now suing his high school, and the baseball coach because of it, Fox News is reporting.The lawsuit stated that “For over four (4) months and 14 games, (Robbie Lopez) has been benched and not [given] the opportunity to show his offensive or defensive capabilities.”The suit goes on to call being placed on the bench a form of harassment.

Source: Lawsuit: Being Benched Is The New Form of Bullying

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Scientists Finally Unlock the Recipe For Magic Mushrooms

Based on prior reporting from field work and various sources, this reporter can confidently conclude that magic mushrooms are very chill. There’s more than college weekends to back that stance up, though. Past research has suggested they can help with the existential anxiety of cancer, positively change personalities, and even help kick nicotine addictions.You might wonder, then, why doctors don’t prescribe mushrooms’ active ingredient, psilocybin. Aside from being a schedule 1 drug, scientists haven’t fully understood the chemistry behind how mushrooms produce the chemical—until now. A new study may finally lay the groundwork for a medical-grade psilocybin patients can take.“Given the renewed pharmaceutical interest in psilocybin, our results may lay the foundation for its biotechnological production,” the researchers write in the study published this month in the journal Angewandte Chemie (it’s German).Living things make molecules through a series of chemical reactions, similar to how car makers produce cars on assembly lines. Enzymes act as the workers/robots, speeding up the reactions by helping put the pieces together. Actually making psilocybin requires mapping the biological factory.

Source: Scientists Finally Unlock the Recipe For Magic Mushrooms

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Impending CAT-Tastrophe: Global warming hucksters say pets are killing the planet

The war on fun continues, this time the targets progressives have in their sites are Fluffy and Fido!

Source: Impending CAT-Tastrophe: Global warming hucksters say pets are killing the planet – The Rebel

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Philippines: Mandatory College Drug Tests Imperil Students

The Philippine government’s plan for mandatory drug testing for all college students and applicants seriously threatens their safety and right to education, Human Rights Watch said today. On August 2, 2017, the official Commission on Higher Education, which produces “plans, policies and strategies” for higher education under the office of the president, approved a memorandum order to be implemented at the start of school next year.The college drug testing plan is a dangerous outgrowth of the Duterte administration’s abusive “war on drugs.” The order permits local governments, the police and other law enforcement agency to “carry out any drug-related operation within the school premises” with the approval of school administrators. This will effectively allow the police to extend their “anti-drug” operations to college and university campuses, placing students at grave risk.

Source: Philippines: Mandatory College Drug Tests Imperil Students – The Fifth Column

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The Solar Eclipse Could Bring Lizard People, South Carolina Emergency Officials Warn (Really)

There are some legitimate things to worry about concerning the solar eclipse later this month, such as going blind from staring at the sun or having to figure out a way to play sporting events in partial light. But the South Carolina Emergency Management Division is worried about something a bit more, let’s say, nontraditional.The department tweeted this week a map of where folks are said to have spotted lizard people in the past, out of concern that paranormal activity might be on the rise during the eclipse. “Regarding possible paranormal activity potentially occurring during the #SolarEclipse2017. As always, if you see something, say something,” the department tweeted alongside the graphic, with tongue possibly in cheek (though who knows).

Source: The Solar Eclipse Could Bring Lizard People, South Carolina Emergency Officials Warn (Really)

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Computational Body Models: The New Generation of Crash Test Dummies

Think of them as digital dummies. Or crash test avatars.They’re computational human body models, anatomically accurate computer figures built from MRI, CT and other medical scanning techniques to simulate how the body’s bones, organs and connective tissues react to external objects and forces. Over the past decade, these virtual manikins have become valuable tools in injury biomechanics, the multidisciplinary study of how injuries are caused and how they can be prevented or mitigated.Computational body models have not yet replaced mechanical human substitutes – crash test dummies – in assessing the protective properties of motor vehicles, military equipment and other products. With very few exceptions, physical crash tests are still required to meet regulatory requirements and rating standards. But computerized figures offer many advantages over dummies and are becoming more widely used in a variety of fields.“Conventional dummies generally have between 55 and 200 sensors that collect data while with these computational models there’s almost an infinite number of points that can provide data on the effects of an impact,” said Scott Gayzik, Ph.D., associate professor of biomechanical engineering at Wake Forest School of Medicine, part of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. “Computerized models also have a higher degree of biofidelity – performing like bodies do in real life – and they’re variable; we can ‘morph’ them to represent different body shapes and sizes.”

Source: Computational Body Models: The New Generation of Crash Test Dummies

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Outreach Workers Give Homeless Free Eclipse Glasses | wltx.com

United Way of the Midlands and their partner agencies have partnered with the City of Columbia to give free pairs of eclipse glasses to the homeless.

Some Midlands groups have partnered up to make sure everyone has the chance to enjoy Monday’s total solar eclipse.

United Way of the Midlands and their partner agencies have partnered with the City of Columbia to give free pairs of eclipse glasses to the homeless.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime. I think everyone deserves the chance to witness something as great as a solar eclipse,” explained Karina Henry with United Way of the Midlands.

Source: Outreach Workers Give Homeless Free Eclipse Glasses | wltx.com

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Using emoticons in work emails make you look incompetent, a study finds

Pro tip: Keep the smiley faces out of your work emails, or else the person receiving the message may think you’re incompetent.That’s according to a study published in “Social Psychological and Personality Science.” It calls itself “the first systematic investigation of the effects of smileys on first impression formation in work settings.”As emoticons and other visual representations of language make their way into traditionally text-based communications such as emails and text messages, Ella Glikson, along with co-authors Arik Cheshin and Gerben A. van Kleef, wanted to study the effect the emoticons on the meaning of the message.”I was very optimistic about the positive power of emoticons. But our initial results surprised me. So we focused on the specific effect of smileys on first impression in work context, and our results were very consistent across different experiments,” Glikson told CNN in an email.

Source: Using emoticons in work emails make you look incompetent, a study finds – CNN

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Motorola Is Creating Displays That Repair On Their Own After Breaking

Humans have the capability to heal their wounds and bruises over time. Motorola, the company which made the world’s first mobile phone, thinks our electronic devices should do the same, self-heal.And as humans can’t self-heal all the injuries, the case of the electronic devices Motorola is talking about is the same. According to a new patent (US 2017/0228094 A1)  published, while it could still be an idea, the company is hoping to come up with an electronic device featuring a screen that could repair the cracks on its own.Also Read: Nokia 8 Is Here: Nokia’s First Android Flagship SmartphoneMotorola’s plan to build self-healing screens include attaching a material called Shape Body Polymer above the LCD or LED of the display unit. Originally developed by the University of Rochester, the polymer’s properties allow it to change to a temporary new shape when heat is applied.Surprisingly, the polymer returns to its original shape when the temperature becomes normal. According to its creators, even the heat from the human body can help the polymer regain its shape.

Source: Motorola Is Creating Displays That Repair On Their Own After Breaking

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Flynn: When Do Anti-Racist Socialists Begin Vandalizing Monuments to Racist Socialists?

Is it more surprising that some socialists spew racism or that other socialists imagine their ideology as synonymous with anti-racism? Your answer reflects your knowledge of history.Socialist thugs violently clashed in Charlottesville this weekend. One group railed against bigotry. The other group embraced it. The anti-racist group departs more radically from their ideological forebears even if they manage to convince everyone that the nationalist-socialists they brawl with represent the real imposters.The history of American socialism, until fairly recently, was a history of American racism.

The history of American socialism, until fairly recently, was a history of American racism.

New Harmony, the 1820s Indiana commune founded by the man credited with coining the term “socialism,” banned African Americans. Karl Marx, Margaret Sanger, and John Reed all used the N-word to refer to black people in correspondence. The Communist Party supported the internment of Japanese and relocation of Japanese Americans during World War II. W.E.B. Du Bois, kicked out of the NAACP he helped found by embracing black separatism in the 1930s, traveled to the Third Reich in 1936 only to return to the United States to pen an article entitled “The German Case Against Jews” that uncritically repeated justifications for the persecution of Jews by Hitler.

Victor Berger, the first member of the Socialist Party elected to Congress, openly endorsed white supremacy.

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