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Supreme Court asked to nullify the Google trademark

Is the term “google” too generic and therefore unworthy of its trademark protection? That’s the question before the US Supreme Court.Words like teleprompter, thermos, hoover, aspirin, and videotape were once trademarked. They lost the status after their names became too generic and fell victim to what is known as “genericide.”What’s before the Supreme Court is a trademark lawsuit that Google already defeated in a lower court. The lawsuit claims that Google should no longer be trademarked because the word “google” is synonymous to the public with the term “search the Internet.”

Source: Supreme Court asked to nullify the Google trademark | Ars Technica

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Pedophile hunters Dark Justice report online grooming ‘epidemic’ (VIDEOS)

Pedophile hunters ‘Dark Justice’ say the number of men targeting children online has reached “epidemic” levels, with predators lurking on Justin Bieber Facebook pages and live video apps to find victims.The Newcastle-based duo, who use the pseudonyms Scott and Callum, set up fake profiles on social media posing as girls or boys aged 11 to 15. They never instigate conversations and immediately tell those who contact them that they are underage.They try to avoid sexual conversations, acting young and uneducated. They only arrange a meeting if it is suggested by a third party. They then inform police, and go along to film the suspected offender.

Source: Pedophile hunters Dark Justice report online grooming ‘epidemic’ (VIDEOS) — RT UK

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White supremacists taking DNA tests sad to discover they’re not 100% white

A new study by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has found that white supremacists have been using genetic testing kits in an effort to prove that they have so-called “racial purity.”But they’re often disappointed to learn that they aren’t, in fact, fully white.

According to UCLA sociologists Aaron Panofsky and Joan Donovan, white supremacists on the online forum Stormfront have been testing themselves using tools such as Ancestry.com and 23andMe. The Stormfront group was created in 1995 by Don Black, a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Source: White supremacists taking DNA tests sad to discover they’re not 100% white – National | Globalnews.ca

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Facial recognition tech turns people into ‘waking ID cards,’ warn privacy activists

Police force use of facial recognition technology in public spaces risks turning people into “walking ID cards,” a civil rights group has told RT.Campaign director at Privacy International, Harmit Kambo, said the technology, which scans people’s faces against a mass database of facial profiles, risks labeling innocent people as “troublemakers.”

His comments come after the Home Officeannounced it will invest more in facial recognition technology for police, despite widespread criticism that it may be illegal as it infringes the right to privacy.

Transparency activists, MPs and independent regulators are concerned that police forces across England and Wales currently have 16 million facial profiles stored in their databases – the equivalent of almost 25 percent of the population – which can be used alongside the technology.

“Widespread use of facial recognition technology in public will have a profound impact on the freedom we take for granted when we go about our daily lives in public spaces.

“It turns us all into walking ID cards,” the Privacy International campaigner said.
Although CCTV surveillance has been in use for several years, the new scanning technology brings monitoring to a “whole new level,” and risks giving the police unprecedented powers, Kambo warned.

“The police will have the power to know where you are, even if they do not suspect you of any crime whatsoever.”

The Home Office said a biomimetic strategy will be published in “due course.”

Source: Facial recognition tech turns people into ‘waking ID cards,’ warn privacy activists — RT UK

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Fifteen teenagers get rabies after raping donkey

Fifteen youngsters developed an ‘admiration’ for a donkey spent a week in a Moroccan hospital after catching a highly-contagious disease from the beast.The fifteen teenagers from rural Morocco had to be treated for rabies after reportedly gang raping an infected local donkey.According to the Moroccan daily Al Akhbar newspaper, the youngsters, from Sidi Al Kamel spent a week in hospital being treated after the animal transmitted the disease to them.According to the newspaper, the shocking incident left the families of the youngsters “in distress and horror.”Authorities also claimed that the actual number of infected people could be a lot higher as many families took their sons for treatment outside the immediate area to avoid shame.Local authorities are now trying to find out who else had approached the donkey to “admire” it to limit further possibility of the disease spreading.

Source: Fifteen teenagers get rabies after raping donkey

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Traveler, USC’s mascot, comes under scrutiny for having a name similar to Robert E. Lee’s horse

When Richard Saukko galloped his chalk-white Arabian horse named Traveler around the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum almost 56 years ago, it was supposed to be a one-time stunt.Instead, the brief performance before USC kicked off its season against Georgia Tech turned into one of college football’s iconic traditions. A succession of white horses named Traveler have followed — Traveler IX debuts this fall — trotting out of the tunnel as “Conquest” plays and the costumed Trojan warrior atop the horse waves a sword. But during a rally earlier this week to show solidarity in the aftermath of the violence in Charlottesville, Va., a USC campus group linked the name to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, whose favorite horse was Traveller.

At the rally, according to the student newspaper the Daily Trojan, Saphia Jackson, co-director of the USC Black Student Assembly, asked students not to be quiet, and reminded that “white supremacy hits close to home” and referenced the name of the Trojans mascot.The Black Student Assembly did not respond to requests for comment, but questions about the name’s provenance have increased on social media in the midst of the national discussion on race.Saukko died in 1992, but his widow wasn’t surprised when a reporter called Friday.“The problem is this: maybe three weeks ago it was fine,” Pat Saukko DeBernardi said. “So now the flavor of the day is . . . we all have to be in hysteria. . . . It’s more of a political issue. The horse isn’t political and neither am I.”

Source: Traveler, USC’s mascot, comes under scrutiny for having a name similar to Robert E. Lee’s horse – LA Times

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Woman gets lifetime bus pass for 103rd birthday

 A Bay area woman, who has lived more than a century, received a sweet surprise that will help her keep moving.

At least four days a week, 103-year-old Barbara Rygiel takes a late morning stroll to the bus stop where she waits to get picked up for church.

It’s a normal routine for a woman who is anything but average.

“If I tell myself I’m super, then I feel better. I get up in the morning and say, ‘Barbara, you’re super. So get up and do the work,’” she said.

Rygiel tends to a beautiful rose garden at the Lutheran Residences of South Pasadena where she lives independently.

She loves taking the bus but said the fees do add up.

To surprise and thank Barbara for being such a loyal rider, leaders of The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority has given her a lifetime pass.

“It means everything to me. Look at how much I can save,” Rygiel said.

It is a birthday gift that will keep on giving.

“We are very proud to serve everyone in Pinellas County and certainly folks that are seniors, many who can’t drive or have limited availability to drive, rely on public transportation,” Brad Miller, CEO of PSTA, said.

Rygiel said every time she steps on the bus, she’ll be reminded of those who’ve helped her get there. She said she is now looking forward to the future and will greet each day with a smile.

“With this, it helps me greatly, so I appreciate you and you are in my prayers eternally,” she said.

Source: Woman gets lifetime bus pass for 103rd birthday

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