‘Digital blackface’? BBC video says using ‘dark-skinned GIFs & emojis’ is cultural appropriation

The BBC has produced a video that claims GIFs featuring black people amount to “digital blackface” while white people using dark-skinned emojis are guilty of cultural appropriation.The video, presented by freelancer Victoria Princewill, who contributes to the Guardian and the Independent, begins with a ‘trigger warning’ in case viewers find the footage offensive.Princewill claims the most popular ‘reaction GIFs’ available on social media platforms are of “black people being dramatic.”She says they are the 21st century version of minstrel shows, which pandered to “mocking, demeaning stereotypes, and exaggerated black people’s features and their expressions.”“Black people are not here for other people’s entertainment,” she says, showing GIFs of black entertainers Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey and Rihanna.

Source: ‘Digital blackface’? BBC video says using ‘dark-skinned GIFs & emojis’ is cultural appropriation — RT UK

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