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Hackers are using the promise of Game of Thrones spoilers to spread malware

A report from cybersecurity company Proofpoint says that it’s observed a “targeted email campaign” that is using details of leaked Game of Thrones episodes to try and spread malware to unsuspecting users.The company first came across an e-mail on August 10th with the subject line “Wanna see the Game of Thrones in advance?” The emails contained some general details of upcoming episodes, as well as a Microsoft Word attachment with malware hidden in it. Once downloaded, it would attempt to install a “9002” remote access Trojan (RAT). Proofpoint says that similar attacks in the past have been attributed to groups associated with the Chinese government, and that it’s possible that this attack could be coming from the same actors.

Source: Hackers are using the promise of Game of Thrones spoilers to spread malware – The Verge

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With new measure, ‘magic mushrooms’ could be decriminalized in California

A ballot measure could decriminalize psilocybin – known colloquially as “magic mushrooms” – in California as early as 2018.Filed at the state Attorney General office on Friday, the initiative would exempt adults aged 21 and over from criminal penalties for using, possessing, selling, transporting and cultivating psilocybin. Before California voters can vote on the measure, at least 365,880 signatures will be required to put it on the 2018 ballot.

Source: With new measure, ‘magic mushrooms’ could be decriminalized in California as early as 2018 – SFGate

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California Catholic School Removes ‘Alienating’ Jesus and Mary Statues | Truth Revolt

Parents of students at an independent K-12 Catholic school in San Anselmo, California, are accusing officials of trying to erase history for removing a large number of religious statues in order to be “inclusive” of other faiths.Amy Skewes-Cox, who heads San Domenico School’s board of trustees, said only about 18 of the school’s 180 religious icons remained as part of a plan approved unanimously by the board last year, according to the Washington Times.“If you walk on the campus and the first thing you confront is three or four statues of St. Dominic or St. Francis, it could be alienating for that other religion, and we didn’t want to further that feeling,” she said.Sister Maureen McInerney, prioress general of the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael, said the plan is to make the school more inviting to students of all faiths. “San Domenico is a Catholic school; it also welcomes people of all faith. It is making an effort to be inclusive of all faiths.”

Source: California Catholic School Removes ‘Alienating’ Jesus and Mary Statues | Truth Revolt

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Pelosi’s Sins Of The Father: He Once Dedicated A Statue To Robert E. Lee

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s “sins of the father” have come back with a vengeance.

After calling the Confederate statues in the halls of Congress “reprehensible,” and demanding House Speaker Paul Ryan order their removal, revelations that her father once actually dedicated a statue to former Confederate general Robert E. Lee have come to light.

According to Red Alert, Pelosi’s family history shows that her father, Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr., publicly endorsed bigotry — by her own definition — when he dedicated a statue to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee while mayor of Baltimore.

In a speech dedicating the statue, Pelosi’s father hailed Lee and Confederate general Stonewall Jackson as a symbol of unity and a source of our “inspiration.”

“Today, with our nation beset by subversive groups and propaganda which seeks to destroy our national unity, we can look for inspiration to the lives of Lee and Jackson to remind us to be resolute and determined in preserving our sacred institutions,” D’Alesandro, Jr. said.

Source: Pelosi’s Sins Of The Father: He Once Dedicated A Statue To Robert E. Lee | Daily Wire

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Whole Foods Will Drop Prices On Monday, Amazon Says In Detailing New Grocery Strategy

Amazon is cutting the prices of bananas, butter, organic eggs, and other best-selling staples at Whole Foods’ 470 stores, promising customers lower costs and targeting the grocer’s “Whole Paycheck” nickname. The online giant also says its Amazon Prime members will get special prices and perks.New prices will take effect on Monday — the same day Amazon says it will finalize its $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods. The online marketplace, famous for disrupting the book industry and other retail segments, also laid out its plans for combining its business with an established brick-and-mortar chain.Amazon customers would be able to receive packages — and return items bought online — at Whole Foods locations that include its Lockers service, the retailer said, outlining what customers can expect to see.

Source: Whole Foods Will Drop Prices On Monday, Amazon Says In Detailing New Grocery Strategy : The Two-Way : NPR

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“The Worst Elements of Society”: America’s Bolshevik Wannabes 

They’ve attacked and beat up elderly people attempting to attend Trump-for-President rallies; attacked people with solid iron bicycle locks, bike racks, clubs, rocks, mace, baseball bats, and bottles filled with urine and feces.  They threw cement blocks through storefront windows in D.C. on inauguration day, claiming it to be a protest against capitalism.  They’ve set police cars, civilian cars, and buildings on fire to interrupt campus speeches by conservatives.  They hospitalized a female university professor for the “crime” of inviting conservative political scientist Charles Murray to speak at Middlebury College. They organize a riot whenever a conservative or libertarian is invited (by students, never by faculty) to speak at a university.  They gather by the hundreds to scream F-bombs at those with whom they suspect they disagree on issues related to politics and government.

They’ve firebombed Republican Party offices; shut down college campuses; thrown eggs at and spit on Trump supporters; fired gunshots at and punctured tires of cars with Trump bumper stickers.  One of them shot a congressman at a baseball practice in D.C.  Another shot several people at the Family Research Council headquarters in D.C. after being informed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the preeminent purveyor of politically-inspired hate, that the pro-family organization, like so many other conservative and libertarian organizations, was supposedly a “hate group.”  They often cover their faces with masks, wear helmets, and show up at public events armed with clubs, baseball bats, and guns.

Source: “The Worst Elements of Society”: America’s Bolshevik Wannabes | Flyover-Press.com

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