Identity theft at ‘epidemic’ levels, warn experts 

Identity theft is running at “epidemic” levels in the UK, fraud prevention service Cifas has glumly announced.Ever the bearer of bad news, the organisation has been saying the same thing for years. Since 2008 (when ID fraud fell after the credit crunch), reporting of the problem by Cifas’s 360 members across banking and financial services rose steadily from 77,000 cases in 2009 to 173,000 in 2016.In the first six month of 2017, the figure reached 89,000, which implies a rise of around 9% for this year as a whole, or 500 individual identities stolen every single day in a crime that now makes up half of all fraud. Should ID theft breach 200,000 in 2018, nobody will be surprised.If a bad thing keeps getting worse, it’s probably worth asking why. A clue comes in the breakdown of the individual fraud types that make up ID theft as a whole.

Source: Identity theft at ‘epidemic’ levels, warn experts – Naked Security

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