‘Demon Goat’ With Human-Like Face Terrifies Indian Village [Video]

A strange mutant goat has terrified an Indian village and taken the internet by storm with its odd, human-like face.Images of the goat first made their way online earlier this month when they were posted to Facebook by Samiraa Aissa, a curator of viral internet content relating to animals. The video and images of the goat that Aissa shared have since racked up more than 60 million views.Aissa’s photos and videos show that the goat has numerous features on its face that make it look oddly human. The animal’s nose is bent inwards and its lips face upwards. This strange rearrangement of the snout makes it appear as though the goat’s face is somewhat human-like.

Source: ‘Demon Goat’ With Human-Like Face Terrifies Indian Village [Video]

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