No, Child Support is NOT Set to End in 2018 – HOAX

According to a message that is spreading rapidly via Facebook, child support in the United States will end at the beginning of 2018.   Here’s a transcript of the post:President Donald Trump and U.S. Congress voted yesterday on a bill that could change the world. Child support claims have said to come to an end and many officials are not happy about it. President Trump claims he will no longer for any party of parent to pay child support. Trump also says that ant reports of abuse or negligence to a child from either party will result in the child automatically being turned over to the State Child Welfare. Lawmakers are meeting Wednesday to finalize all changes before the effect will take place.However, the claims in the message are nonsense. There is no such bill and no credible reports that support the claim that child support will be ended.In fact, the message is just a silly hoax that originated on a website that allows users to create their own fake-news articles as a way of pranking their friends.

Source: No, Child Support is NOT Set to End in 2018 – HOAX – Hoax-Slayer

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