US Navy Will Use Xbox Controllers To Steer Submarine Periscopes

The Navy is going to use Xbox game console controllers to steer the periscopes in submarines. The new controllers would replace the chunky and expensive joysticks currently in use.The US Navy will begin stocking its modernized Virginia-class submarines with them, starting with the USS Colorado that’s expected to be commissioned in November. Sailors aboard the high-tech submarine will use the Xbox controller to maneuver its periscope. The high-tech version of the instrument uses high-resolution cameras and displays images on big screens, rather than the typical movie version of the periscope, which is often shown as one person looking through it. The US Navy’s Virginia-class submarines have advanced periscopes with two photonics masts that rotate 360 degrees. Apparently, there are a few big problems with the current system of steering these periscopes.

Source: US Navy Will Use Xbox Controllers To Steer Submarine Periscopes

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