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Deputy AG Pitches New Form Of Backdoor: ‘Responsible Encryption’

The DOJ is apparently going to pick up where the ousted FBI boss James Comey left off. While Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues building his drug enforcement time machine, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is keeping the light on for Comey’s prophesies of coming darkness.Rosenstein recently gave a speech at the US Naval Academy on the subject of encryption. It was… well, it was pretty damn terrible. Once again, a prominent law enforcement official is claiming to love encryption while simultaneously extolling the virtues of fake encryption with law enforcement-ready holes in it.The whole thing is filled with inadvertently hilarious assertions, like the following:Encryption is a foundational element of data security and authentication. It is essential to the growth and flourishing of the digital economy, and we in law enforcement have no desire to undermine it.Actually, Rosenstein has plenty of desire to do that, which will be amply demonstrated below, using his own words.

Source: Deputy AG Pitches New Form Of Backdoor: ‘Responsible Encryption’ | Techdirt

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The Scandalous Truth about Obamacare Is Laid Bare

It’s not just that Obamacare is financially unsustainable. More seriously, it is intellectually unsustainable, even though this truth has been slow to emerge. This has come to an end with President Trump’s executive order.What does it do? It cuts subsidies to failing providers, yes. It also redefines the meaning of “short term” policies from one year to 90 days. But more importantly–and this is what has the pundit class in total meltdown–it liberalizes the rules for providers to serve health-coverage consumers.In the words of USA Today: the executive order permits a greater range of choice “by allowing more consumers to buy health insurance through association health plans across state lines.”

Source: The Scandalous Truth about Obamacare Is Laid Bare – Foundation for Economic Education – Working for a free and prosperous world

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6-inch fish leaps into man’s mouth, causing cardiac arrest

A British man’s heart stopped after he accidentally swallowed a 6-inch long Dover sole on a fishing trip in Boscombe, in southern England.

The man, 28, who was not named, went into cardiac arrest Oct. 5 after the fish jumped in his mouth, blocking his throat. However, paramedics were able to clear his airway after drawing the sole free with forceps.

Matt Harrison, an emergency responder for the South Western Ambulance Service, said he was on the scene in under two minutes. When he arrived on the dimly lit pier where the man was fishing, a friend of the man’s was already performing CPR.

This friend, also not named, told Harrison the 28-year-old had jokingly placed a fish he had just caught over his mouth. The sole then wriggled free and jumped in.

Source: 6-inch fish leaps into man’s mouth, causing cardiac arrest

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Court: Unsent Text Message Is a Valid Will

A last will and textament? An Australian court has decided that a will found in the drafts folder of a dead man’s phone is valid, even though it was never witnessed or even sent, the BBC reports. The man, a 55-year-old who killed himself a year ago, made it clear that he was unhappy with his wife and he wanted his assets to go to his brother and his nephew. “You and [nephew] keep all that I have house and superannuation, put my ashes in the back garden … [wife] will take her stuff only she’s ok gone back to her ex AGAIN I’m beaten. A bit of cash behind TV and a bit in the bank Cash card pin … My will,” he wrote.

Source: Court: Unsent Text Message Is a Valid Will

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Maxine Waters: ‘Housing is a Human Right’ 

During the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) oversight hearing, House Representative Maxine Waters claimed that housing is a “necessary human right.” She said, “Housing is the foundation on which our entire society is built. It is a platform for economic mobility and well-being. It is a crucial part of our national economy. It is a necessary human right.”This goes along with the popular democratic claim that healthcare is also a human right.In a perfect world, yes, everyone would have housing and healthcare. However, we do not live in a utopian society and stuff isn’t just free! Someone, somewhere along the time has to pay for it.

Source: Maxine Waters: ‘Housing is a Human Right’ – Godfather Politics

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Barbara Walters Scolds Corey Feldman for Calling Out Hollywood Abuse

Former child actor Corey Feldman has spent years calling out the practice of Hollywood A-listers sexually exploiting young actors who try to make their mark in show business.

video clip from a 2013 episode of The View where he shares these revelations about the abuse in the industry has resurfaced after allegations came to light that disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sexually harassed and abused those working in the industry:

“There are people that were the people that did this to both me and Corey [Haim] that are still working. They’re still out there, and that are some of the richest most powerful people in this business. And they do not want me saying what I am saying right now,” Feldman tells The Viewpanelists.

The former ’80s child star tried to explain to host Barbara Walters that he, along with his best friend Corey Haim, had been sexually abused by older, powerful men in Hollywood. Feldman added that he believed the abuse led Haim to drug addiction and ultimately his sudden death in 2010.

Source: Flashback VIDEO: Barbara Walters Scolds Corey Feldman for Calling Out Hollywood Abuse

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Hatchet throwing a new pastime in America

What better, safer way to have fun than drink beer and throw a hatchet?This is now a thing in America, a new pastime, and it’s spreading.On a busy Friday night at Stumpy’s Hatchet House in New Jersey, it sounds like this: the thud of the blade sticking into a wooden target, people cheering a good toss, and a bell ringing out when somebody scores a bull’s eye.Its four founders say this place, which opened 18 months ago, is the first of its kind in the US, although Canada is generally considered the cradle of competitive hatchet-hurling.Such spots are now found in Chicago, Washington, Nashville and Denver, among other US cities.Stumpy’s owners are talking about opening another elsewhere in New Jersey and have even started offering franchise arrangements. They hope to have a network of 15 within a year.

Source: Hatchet throwing a new pastime in America

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‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Removed From Mississippi School District Curriculum

A Mississippi school district has pulled “To Kill a Mockingbird” from eighth grade classrooms because the novel “makes people uncomfortable.”According to The Sun Herald, the school board did not vote on the move, but rather it was an administrative and department decision made on Wednesday or Thursday.“There were complaints about it. There is some language in the book that makes people uncomfortable, and we can teach the same lesson with other books,” Kenny Holloway, Biloxi School Board vice president told the paper. “It’s still in our library. But they’re going to use another book in the 8th grade course.”Also Read:When Harper Lee Visited the Set of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’The Harper Lee novel has repeatedly appeared on the American Library Association’s list of the most banned or challenged books due to repeated use of a racial slur and its exploration of racism and discrimination.

Source: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Removed From Mississippi School District Curriculum; Twitter Enraged

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Crowded Cities – Training Crows

Cigarette filters, you find them in the park next to you in the grass, in dirty ditches and under your shoes. What if we could find a way to collect these butts from all corners of our city and precious parks? With crows, that have become perfectly adapted to city life, we can! By training crows to recognize and pick up cigarette filters we can solve this tenacious problem of city pollution. It is the Crowbar that does the training for us and gives out food as a reward. Want to know more? Please scroll down!

Source: Crowded Cities – Training Crows

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Floating Tent

Toxel.com – Design, Inspiration and Technology Blog

Source: Floating Tent

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Guy Flying Drone Happens Upon a Moose Battling for its Life with a Wolf 

He was filming the scenery when he happened upon a moose… and then a wolf appeared

Source: Guy Flying Drone Happens Upon a Moose Battling for its Life with a Wolf «TwistedSifter

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Free College is Bad for Students

One of the anomalies of the 2016 presidential election was the fact that an old white guy from Vermont was able to captivate a diverse audience of young millennials.The most obvious reason for Bernie Sanders’s popularity was his advocacy for free, government-funded college. With higher education costs multiplying at a rapid rate and college looking less feasible because of these, it is easy to understand how millennials would welcome help to increase their prospects.But free college doesn’t appear to increase the prospects of young people as much as we’ve thought; in fact, it may actually diminish their chance at future success. This revelation was recently uncovered in a National Bureau of Economic Research paper on England’s experience with free college.More Inequality and Less QualityAccording to researchers, England’s population enjoyed a period of free college until the late 1990s. Over time, however, this setup caused quality to decline and socioeconomic inequality to rise.Sensing a problem, the English college system changed course and began slowly requiring students to pay for more of the costs, most notably through loans which they would pay back once they began their careers. Preston Cooper summarizes the results in a column for Forbes:

Source: Free College is Bad for Students – Foundation for Economic Education – Working for a free and prosperous world

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“Russia Interfered!” – By Purchasing Anti-Trump Ads?

After the ludicrous “Russian hacking” claims have died down for lack of evidence, the attention was moved to even more ludicrous claims of “Russian ads influenced the elections”. Some readers are upset that continue to debunk the nonsense the media spreads around this. But lies should not stand without response. If only to blame the reporters and media who push this dreck.As evidence is also lacking for any “Russian interference” claims the media outlets have started to push deceiving headlines. These make claims that are not covered at all by the content of the related pieces. The headlines are effective because less than 20% of the viewers ever read beyond them.On the NYT Homepage today we find another one of these: Google Finds Russia Bought Ads to Interfere in Election.Google has found no ads that “Russia”, the state or nation, has bought. There is also no evidence that the ads in question interfered in any way with the election. There is evidence that any of the ads in questions aimed to achieve that. The opener of the piece repeats the false headline claims. But now we have “Russian agents”, not “Russia”, which allegedly did something.Google has found evidence that Russian agents bought ads on its wide-ranging networks in an effort to interfere with the 2016 presidential campaign.The term “Russian agents” is not defined at all. Where these “secret agents” or Public Relation professionals in Washington DC hired by some Russian entity?

Source: “Russia Interfered!” – By Purchasing Anti-Trump Ads? | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

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Talking Drone Caught Trying to ‘Lure Children Away from School Grounds’

In a story that speaks directly to both the march of technology and the inherent dangers therein, an Ohio news outlet reported Tuesday that a talking drone is visiting children in Akron while they are at school. From local WKYC:We’re revolutionizing the news industry, but we need your help! Click here to get started.“The Akron Public Schools district is warning parents to be wary of a drone that has been reported flying over Windemere Community Learning Center.“According to a letter issued to school parents by Windemere principal Megan Lee-Wilfong on Monday, the drone has reportedly been spotted flying around school grounds in the evening. It’s been seen three to four times during the past week.”According to WKYC, which interviewed witnesses, the machine is even equipped with components that allow it to the speak — and it has been using that voice to try to “lure children away from school grounds.” That’s what Daniel Rambler, Akron Public Schools Director of Student Support Services and Security, told the outlet:

Source: Talking Drone Caught Trying to ‘Lure Children Away from School Grounds’

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East Africa Doesn’t Want ‘Clothes of Dead White People’ Anymore

Seventy percent of donated second-hand clothing ends up in Africa, and a number of African nations are tired of it, the New York Times reports. Last year, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Burundi, and Kenya raised import tariffs on what Kenyans call the “clothes of dead white people” so high as to effectively ban them. The goal among the East African nations was to officially ban the importing of used clothing by 2019. The countries say they want to build up their own textile industries, an aim hampered by bringing in donated clothes from the West—$151 million worth in 2015 alone. They also say wearing what Mozambique calls “clothing of calamity” weighs on the dignity of their people.The reaction in the US was swift. In March, the Office of the United States Trade Representative threatened to remove four of the six countries that increased tariffs on donated clothes from a trade deal meant to aid economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa. It was pressured to do so by the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association, a group of 40 used clothing exporters that claims 40,000 US jobs would be threatened by the East African ban. The secretary general of the UN Conference on Trade and Development calls the US response wrong “politically and morally.” While Kenya has since backed out of the proposed ban, the other countries appear ready to forge ahead. “We have to grow and establish our industries,” says President Paul Kagame of Rwanda. “This is the choice we find that we have to make.” Read the full Times story here.

Source: East Africa Doesn’t Want ‘Clothes of Dead White People’ Anymore

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Colin Kaepernick files grievance against NFL owners for collusion

Free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance under the latest collective bargaining agreement against NFL owners for collusion, according to his attorney, Mark Geragos.

Kaepernick is not going through the NFL Players Association but has instead hired Geragos, who has represented several high-profile clients, including Michael Jackson, former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield and musician Chris Brown.

The filing, which demands an arbitration hearing on the matter, says the NFL and its owners “have colluded to deprive Mr. Kaepernick of employment rights in retaliation for Mr. Kaepernick’s leadership and advocacy for equality and social justice and his bringing awareness to peculiar institutions still undermining racial equality in the United States.”

Source: Colin Kaepernick files grievance against NFL owners for collusion

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Bog Bodies: The Natural Mummies of Europe

When two Danish brothers stumbled across a body while collecting peat, a soil-like material burned for fuel, in a bog outside of Silkeborg in 1950, they were terrified.

The two immediately called the police and alerted them that there had been a murder. While the corpse had clearly been tanned by the chemicals of the swamp, the body seemed only a few days old.

Furthermore, a boy from Copenhagen had disappeared in the region just a few days earlier, leading the boys, as well as authorities, to think the worst.

However, when police arrived and discovered that the body was found under over six feet of peat with no signs of recent digging, they quickly realized that the body was not a criminal matter, but a historic one.

Source: Bog Bodies: The Natural Mummies of Europe

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‘Racist’ Statue of Broward County’s Namesake to Be Removed from Courthouse

Segregationist Napoleon Bonaparte Broward — the man Broward County is named after — is no longer welcome in the county courthouse.A statue of Broward will be removed from the downtown Fort Lauderdale courthouse soon, Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief said Tuesday. It’s the latest casualty of a nationwide debate about whether it’s proper to commemorate people who advocated slavery or held racist, segregationist views.Could the county’s name be changed next? Not likely, Sharief says.“I don’t even want to go down that road,” she said.Napoleon Bonaparte Broward was governor from 1905 to 1908 and is best remembered for the draining of the Everglades, which helped spur development in South Florida. He also was a segregationist whose comments from a century ago have drawn new scrutiny.A document that Broward wrote during his term in office called on Congress “to purchase territory, either domestic or foreign, and provide means to purchase the property of the negroes at a reasonable price and to transport them to the territory purchased by the United States.”

Source: ‘Racist’ Statue of Broward County’s Namesake to Be Removed from Courthouse – American Renaissance

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Making Ice Cream With Heavy Metal 

After his last project left him with an eleven-pound block of aluminum, [Jason] got to thinking of what most of us would in that situation: fresh made ice cream. His mind was on the frozen concoctions of the aptly named Cold Stone Creamery, a mall food court staple where a chilled stone is used to turn fresh ingredients into made to order sundaes.[Jason] did the math and found that an eleven-pound chunk of aluminum can absorb a little over 67,000 joules, which is over twice the energy required to freeze 100 g of water. In place of water he would be using cream, condensed milk, and strawberries, but believed there was a large enough safety factor to account for the differences between his ingredients and pure water.His first attempt didn’t go exactly as planned, but with his Flir One he was able to back up his theoretical numbers with some real-world data. He found that he needed to start the aluminum block at a lower temperature before adding his ingredients, and through experimentation determined the block only had enough energy to freeze 30 g of liquid.In the end [Jason] was satisfied with the frozen treat he managed to make from the leftovers of his radial mill project, but theorizes that an ever better solution would be to use a brine solution and drop the aluminum block all together.Of course, if putting food on a slab of metal from your workshop doesn’t sound too appealing, you could always go the NASA route and freeze dry it. Either method will probably make less of a mess than trying to print objects with it.

Source: Making Ice Cream With Heavy Metal | Hackaday

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