Nicolas Cage had no idea he was being turned into a snack food in Japan

Although he was one of the youngest performers ever to win a lead actor Academy Award, in recent years Nicolas Cage’s reputation has been more zany B-movie star than serious thespian. Add in his widely known financial woes and resume of Japanese pachinko commercial appearances, and the idea of Cage becoming the face of a Japanese snack food sub-brand wasn’t too far-fetched.So when photos of the Nicolastick, puffed corn Umaibo sticks in special packages bearing Cage’s likeness, appeared earlier this month, plenty of people laughed, but few of them were genuinely shocked. But it turns out the development of the Nicolastick, a marketing move for the delayed Japanese release of Cage’s comedy “Army of One” (or “Bin Laden is My Prey,” as it’s called in Japan), is something that was planned and pulled off without Cage’s knowledge.FilmNation Entertainment, the U.S.-based company in charge of international licensing for “Army of One,” has issued an apology for its edible endorsement end run, saying:

Source: Nicolas Cage had no idea he was being turned into a snack food in Japan – Japan Today

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