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Why millennials are ditching religion for witchcraft and astrology 

When Coco Layne, a Brooklyn-based producer, meets someone new these days, the first question that comes up in conversation isn’t “Where do you live?” or “What do you do?” but “What’s your sign?”“So many millennials read their horoscopes every day and believe them,” Layne, who is involved in a number of nonreligious spiritual practices, said. “It is a good reference point to identify and place people in the world.”Interest in spirituality has been booming in recent years while interest in religion plummets, especially among millennials. The majority of Americans now believe it is not necessary to believe in God to have good morals, a study from Pew Research Center released Wednesday found. The percentage of people between the ages of 18 and 29 who “never doubt existence of God” fell from 81% in 2007 to 67% in 2012.Meanwhile, more than half of young adults in the U.S. believe astrology is a science. compared to less than 8% of the Chinese public. The psychic services industry — which includes astrology, aura reading, mediumship, tarot-card reading and palmistry, among other metaphysical services — grew 2% between 2011 and 2016. It is now worth $2 billion annually, according to industry analysis firm IBIS World.

Source: Why millennials are ditching religion for witchcraft and astrology – MarketWatch

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Jail smuggler had Kinder eggs in rectum

Most guys are trying to get out of the notorious Ottawa jail, but not young Damian O’Reilly.He was actually pretty desperate to get inside the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre after hatching a drug-smuggling plot that would see marijuana sold to inmates for 10 times its street value.All he had to do was find a crack in the system, some sure-fire way of getting arrested and jailed.And it had to be quick, for O’Reilly, 20, had “hooped” not one, not two, but eight Kinder Surprise eggs filled with marijuana, tobacco, matches and rolling papers before setting out to get arrested on June 19, 2016.The Italian chocolate egg treat that comes with a toy inside (assembly required) is one of the most popular ways of smuggling contraband into Canadian jails. The yolk-coloured plastic capsule that holds the surprise toy is thin and flexible, making it easier to ‘hoop’ — a jail term for inserting contraband into your rectum.

Source: Jail smuggler had Kinder eggs in rectum | The London Free Press

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CRISPR Bacon: Chinese Scientists Create Genetically Modified Low-Fat Pigs

Here’s something that may sound like a contradiction in terms: low-fat pigs.But that’s exactly what Chinese scientists have created using new genetic engineering techniques.In a paper published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the scientists report that they have created 12 healthy pigs with about 24 percent less body fat than normal pigs.The scientists created low-fat pigs in the hopes of providing pig farmers with animals that would be less expensive to raise and would suffer less in cold weather.”This is a big issue for the pig industry,” says Jianguo Zhao of the Institute of Zoology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, who led the research. “It’s pretty exciting.”

Source: CRISPR Bacon: Chinese Scientists Create Genetically Modified Low-Fat Pigs : The Salt : NPR

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IRS chief: assume your identity has been stolen

You’ve been told privacy is dead? It’s actually worse than that. Your identity has been reanimated as a zombie and it could be roaming about trying to do things without your consent.That’s according to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Commissioner John Koskinen at a recent briefing to reporters: If you are an American, you should assume that any number of cyber criminals have enough information about you to pose as you.Koskinen was speaking Tuesday ahead of the agency’s annual Security Summit, about the IRS’s data security efforts heading into the 2018 tax season and, inevitably, was asked if the mammoth, catastrophic breach of big-three credit reporting agency Equifax would have an effect on tax fraud.Not even enough to notice, was the response, reported in The Hill. “We actually think that it won’t make any significantly or noticeable difference,” he said.Why? “Our estimate is a significant percent of those taxpayers already had their information in the hands of criminals,” he said.Here are the numbers that matter:

Source: IRS chief: assume your identity has been stolen – Naked Security

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Mars’ Moon Phobos Could Be Electrically Charge, Ruining NASA’s Plans

Mars has two garbage moons, Phobos and Deimos. They’re small and uninspiring, and one is literally falling apart under the weight of its own stress. Still, NASA had planned to use these moons to assist with future missions to the red planet — but a study by the space agency reveals these landing sites might not work out after all.New research published earlier this month in Advances in Space Research suggests that parts of Mars’ moon, Phobos, might be electrically charged due to solar wind. Solar wind is a stream of charged particles that the sun spews off into space. Since Phobos doesn’t have an atmosphere to shield it from solar wind, the plasma comes into direct contact with the moon’s surface. According to models of solar wind over Phobos created by the researchers, could seriously interfere with robotics that NASA might send to Phobos in the future.“We found that astronauts or rovers could accumulate significant electric charges when traversing the night side of Phobos – the side facing Mars during the Martian day,” William Farrell of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center said in a statement. “While we don’t expect these charges to be large enough to injure an astronaut, they are potentially large enough to affect sensitive equipment, so we would need to design spacesuits and equipment that minimizes any charging hazard.”

Source: Mars’ Moon Phobos Could Be Electrically Charge, Ruining NASA’s Plans | Inverse

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What is RAID? Levels and Types

In simple terms, RAID is basically a way of combining a group of hard drives together to form a single “virtual” drive. The main benefit is not only to obtain a bigger combined space but also to have data protection by having redundancy. This redundancy is achieved by duplicating the data in the additional drives, therefore, if one drive fails your data will still be safe and available. In a nutshell, RAID provides two main advantages: performance and/or data redundancy.  In the following article I will be talking about the different RAID levels, their advantages and disadvantages. I will only focus on the RAID levels that are being used today, not in rare or obsolete ones like RAID 2, 3, and 4.  The purpose of this article is to help you get a quick understanding of what RAID is and what level to choose for your project. RAID TypesThere are two ways RAID can be implemented:Software RAID: In “Software RAID”, all the configuration is handled by the operating system. The advantage of software RAID is that it is very cheap, since you do not have to buy extra hardware and the software to manage the RAID is included with most operating systems. One disadvantage is that since it is not managed by it own hardware, it takes resources away from the computer.Hardware RAID: In “Hardware RAID”, all information regarding your specific RAID configuration is handled by a hardware interface card. The main advantage if this implementation is improved performance. Since everything is handled by the interface card, the computer does no have to use memory or CPU power to run the RAID.

Source: What is RAID? Levels and Types

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Residents of shrinking US island reject ‘climate victim’ label

This summer, a delegation of Republican climate activists visited Tangier Island, a speck of grassland in Virginia’s Chesapeake Bay, to try to convince its 450 residents to take climate change seriously.At a dinner attended by island residents Aug. 2, the activists from RepublicEn headed by former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis laid out the stakes: The sea level is rising, and some scientists estimate that within decades the island, already suffering severe erosion, will need to be abandoned.The people of Tangier Island were used to this kind of message. Former Vice President Al Gore, a prominent Democratic climate activist, had given the same speech to islanders three days earlier. They were also used to rejecting it.”We’ll talk to everybody,” said James Eskridge, mayor of the mainly Republican island community. “But they’re not going to change many minds here.” Residents, he said, do not believe in climate change: they want a new sea wall to prevent erosion, not a lecture about saving the world with solar panels.Tangier Island’s steadfast rejection of climate change reflects the rigidity of American opinions about global warming, often defined along political party lines.

Source: Residents of shrinking US island reject ‘climate victim’ label

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Fake Hate Crime Busted: Police Arrest Man for KKK Graffiti at Michigan University

A black man has been arrested for a series of racist graffiti attacks that shocked minority students starting last fall at Eastern Michigan University.Last September, “KKK” was sprayed in red, white, and blue paint on a dormitory wall. Along with that, a threat telling black students to “leave” the school was also left on the wall.In a second incident, the same threat was painted on another building at the end of October.This spring, a third racist message was left in a university bathroom.Students and faculty were shocked.“It really has rocked our community,” Judith Kullberg, an EMU political scientist and president of the faculty Senate, told the Washington Post last year. “In this whole context of a very tense presidential election, it has raised anxiety here considerably.”

Source: Fake Hate Crime Busted: Police Arrest Black Man for KKK Graffiti at Michigan University

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A year of Clinton lies about ‘dirty dossier’ exposed

A Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer who launched what would become known as the anti-Trump ‘dirty dossier’ denied involvement in the project for a year as reporters pressed him for information.Marc Elias brokered a deal between the Clinton camp, the Democratic National Committee and opposition research firm Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on the president while he was running for office.But a pair of New York Times reporters said Tuesday night on Twitter that Elias and others involved had lied about their ties to the arrangement.’Folks involved in funding this lied about it, and with sanctimony, for a year,’ Times reporter Maggie Haberman tweeted after The Washington Post linked the dossier to Elias and his law firm Perkins Coie.Kennth Vogel, another Times journalist, tweeted: ‘When I tried to report this story, Clinton campaign lawyer @marceelias pushed back vigorously, saying “You (or your sources) are wrong”.’

Source: A year of Clinton lies about ‘dirty dossier’ exposed | Daily Mail Online

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Professor Claims Math Promotes Whiteness

Play VideoA University of Illinois math professor believes that algebra and geometry perpetuate “white privilege” because Greek terms give Caucasians unearned credit for the subject.But that isn’t the professor’s only complaint. She also believes that evaluations for math proficiency perpetuates discrimination against minority students, if they do worse than their white counterparts.Rochelle Gutierrez argues in a newly published math education book for teachers that they must be aware of the identity politics surrounding the subject of mathematics.“On many levels, mathematics itself operates as Whiteness,” she argues with complete sincerity, according to Campus Reform. “Who gets credit for doing and developing mathematics, who is capable in mathematics, and who is seen as part of the mathematical community is generally viewed as White.”Gutierrez argues that subjects like algebra and geometry, which relate to arithmetic, also perpetuate racism and white privilege. She worries that “curricula emphasizing terms like Pythagorean theorem and pi perpetuate a perception that mathematics was largely developed by Greeks and other Europeans.”Gutierrez claims that the importance of math skills in the real world also places what she calls an “unearned privilege” for those who are good at it. Because most math teachers in the United States are white, white people stand to benefit from their grasp of the subject disproportionate to members of other races.“Are we really that smart just because we do mathematics?” she asks, raising the question as to why math professors get more grants than “social studies or English” professors.“If one is not viewed as mathematical, there will always be a sense of inferiority that can be summoned,” she says, claiming that minorities “have experienced microaggressions from participating in math classrooms… [where people are] judged by whether they can reason abstractly.”To resolve the intelligence gap, Gutierrez calls on math professors to develop a sense of “political conocimiento,” a Spanish term for “political knowledge for teaching.”She concludes her argument with the claim that all knowledge is “relational,” or is, in other words, relative. “Things cannot be known objectively; they must be known subjectively.”

Source: Professor Claims Math Promotes Whiteness | The Daily Caller

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‘This is about a shy cat’: Fake plane bomber defies Sweden ban to ‘save’ feline friend

Deportation from Sweden for making a plane bomb threat did not stop a Russian man from attempting to re-enter across the border. His lawyer claims the man came back solely for his beloved cat, stuck in a pet hotel and by nature scared of strangers.The 52-year-old man, whose name has not yet been revealed, was detained October 12 in the Lernacken suburb of the city of Malmö, Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan reported on Saturday. The man had apparently been banned for life from Sweden after making a bomb threat on board a flight from St. Petersburg to Helsinki. As a result, the plane was diverted to the Swedish capital Stockholm.The hapless “bomber” is now detained on charges of breaking Sweden’s foreign citizens’ laws. However, the Russian claims that he did not intend to stay in Sweden. He is adamant that he was motivated to return so as to retrieve his beloved moggy.READ MORE: Kitten rescue: Girl risks life & limb to retrieve cat from busy main road in St Pete (VIDEO)The man’s four-legged friend has been stuck in at a cat hotel in the town of Boras, some 230 km from Malmö, reportedly for three years. The Russian’s lawyer says that the man is determined to retrieve the feline.“This is about a shy cat that is scared of strange people, so we must find a solution to this,” Richard Schönmeyr told Sydsvenskan.

Source: ‘This is about a shy cat’: Fake plane bomber defies Sweden ban to ‘save’ feline friend — RT News

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‘Dislike’ and ‘Unfriendliness’ Can Be Hate Crimes, UK Police Confirm

Official guidelines insist a hate crime must be driven by “hostility”, but when contacted, many UK forces are unable to give a definition of what they mean by “hostility” in the context of hate crimes.Breitbart London contacted dozens of forces to ask for their working definition of “hostility” and was referred on to the “dictionary definition” which includes “unfriendliness” and “dislike”.Others referred Breitbart London to national bodies, including the College of Policing (CoP) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), which both admit there is an “absence of a precise legal definition of hostility”, with the latter also referring individual forces onto “dictionary definitions” for the purpose of investigating hate crimes.

Source: ‘Dislike’ and ‘Unfriendliness’ Can Be Hate Crimes, UK Police Confirm

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ISS Astronauts Operating Remote Robots Show Future of Planetary Exploration

In late August, an astronaut on board the International Space Station remotely operated a humanoid robot to inspect and repair a solar farm on Mars—or at least a simulated Mars environment, which in this case is a room with rust-colored floors, walls, and curtains at the German Aerospace Center, or DLR, in Oberpfaffenhofen, near Munich.Photo: DLRRollin’ Justin at DLR’s simulated Martian solar farm.European Space Agency astronaut Paolo Nespoli commanded the humanoid, called Rollin’ Justin, as the robot performed a series of navigation, maintenance, and repair tasks. Instead of relying on direct teleoperation, Nespoli used a tablet computer to issue high-level commands to the robot. In one task, he used the tablet to position the robot and have it take pictures from different angles. Another command instructed Justin to grasp a cable and connect it to a data port.Roboticists call this approach “supervised autonomy,” and it offers a number of advantages over either full autonomy (in which the robot attempts to do everything on its own) and direct teleoperation (in which the astronaut needs to control every movement of the robot). Supervised autonomy is a robust way of handling unexpected errors and limitations like communication delays. The astronaut acts a supervisor of the robot, and if the robot gets stuck, the human can help it complete the task.

Source: ISS Astronauts Operating Remote Robots Show Future of Planetary Exploration – IEEE Spectrum

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Comey Confirms Anonymous Twitter Account Is His

For months, writers and social media observers have speculated that the person behind an anonymous Twitter account was none other than former FBI Director James Comey. And on Monday morning, Comey finally confirmed the rumors. NPR reports that Comey, who was fired by Donald Trump in May, tweeted a picture of himself gazing out over a country road, accompanied by the words “Goodbye Iowa. On the road home. Gotta get back to writing. Will try to tweet in useful ways.” A friend of Comey’s has since confirmed the account belongs to Comey.Clues abounded before Comey came clean. For example, the name on the account is Reinhold Niebuhr, the same as that of a theologian Comey wrote about while he was an undergraduate at the College of William and Mary. In addition, the account’s handle was recently changed to @FormerBu, short for, in many people’s eyes, “former bureau.” The Des Moines Register confirmed the former FBI director was indeed in Iowa for the weekend. His father-in-law, Ed Failor Sr., celebrated his 90th birthday over the weekend, and the general manager of the downtown Des Moines steakhouse 801 Chophouse confirmed that the family gathered for a dinner in the restaurant and that Comey attended.

Source: Comey Confirms Anonymous Twitter Account Is His

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Antifa Calls For Violent Overthrow Of US Government On November 4…

A picture of an Antifa pamphlet titled “Nov. 4 it begins… This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!” was posted to Facebook yesterday.Antifa and all of its angry liberals actually want to overthrow our elected government and the Constitution…RefuseFascism.org reported on their planned event back in early August and encouraged lunatics to “get involved” and find an event near them. They called their offer “an invitation to be a part of a bold plan to end the nightmare.”The extremists rallies their supporters to spread the slogans and date to reach “far and wide,” using “posters, stickers, flyers, chalking, light projections, banner drops, radio call-ins, social media, church bulletins, announcements at events, and much, much more.”A PDF file is linked to “distribute and publish the call for Nov. 4” “using posters, stickers, flyers, chalking, light projections, banner drops, radio call-ins, social media, church bulletins, announcements at events, and much, much more.”Antifa links to shareable social media content and memes, and encourages the crazies to donate and raise funds.They loudly announce, “In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America!”

Source: Antifa Calls For Violent Overthrow Of US Government On November 4…

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Andrej Babis, Rodrigo Duterte: Donald Trump-like leaders proliferate

Call them the political offspring of President Trump if you like: Wealthy, controversial, outspoken and skilled at delivering electoral upsets and victories by appealing to voters’ nativist instincts on immigration, Islam, trade, jobs and law and order. In at least two cases, the Philippines and Czech Republic, Trump’s influence has spawned elected leaders made in his own image. Several other leaders or would-be leaders resemble the U.S. president in at least some ways. Here’s a look at the international Trump effect: Andrej Babis, 63, Czech RepublicThis entrepreneur and billionaire is set to become the Czech Republic’s next prime minister after his ANO party won more than three times the number of votes as the conservative ODS party, which came in second, in Saturday’s national election.More: ‘Czech Donald Trump’: Populist tide spreads to one of Central Europe’s last liberal democraciesLike Trump, Babis has a sprawling business empire. It includes vast holdings in agriculture and forestry, chemicals, real estate and newspapers. He has vowed to use his business acumen to cut government red tape and fight corruption, although he is the subject of a possible tax crime and conflict-of-interest probe.He campaigned on a promise to resist immigration and wants the Czech Republic to forge closer ties with non-European Union partners, including Russia.Sound familiar?Rodrigo Duterte, 72, the PhilippinesPhilippine President Rodrigo Duterte gestures to protesters in Quezon City, Philippines after delivering his state of the nation address July 24, 2017. (Photo: Mark R. Cristino, European Pressphoto Agency)Elected president in June, Duterte is known for his inflammatory rhetoric and tough stance against alleged drug users and dealers. He has compared himself to Adolf Hitler, called the pope a “son of a whore” and admitted he would have no problem murdering thousands of drug addicts.  Duterte, a former mayor, won national office on an anti-crime and anti-corruption platform. His brutal war on drugs, which he recently mothballed, has led to thousands of extra-judicial killings by police.He’s rich, too, although the source of his wealth remains a mystery. Duterte said he grew up in a poor family but also claimed he became a millionaire at a young age after an inheritance. Rappler, an online news site based in the Philippines, has reported that over the past 12 years, Duterte’s wealth has increased by 290%, a rise that does not match his declared assets.More: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte pulls out of brutal drugs warLike Trump, Duterte dislikes the United Nations.Trump once complained about the interior design at the international organization’s headquarters in New York. “The cheap 12 inch sq. marble tiles behind speaker at UN always bothered me. I will replace with beautiful large marble slabs if they ask me,” Trump said in 2012. Duterte has gone one step further and offered to burn down the U.N. The two men will meet next month when Trump visits Asia. Who else is walking and talking like Trump?President Trump (Photo: Evan Vucci, AP)Bulgaria’s Veselin Mareshki, 50, is a businessman and politician who founded the anti-immigration Volya party. He owns a drug store chain with more than 350 branches nationwide. The New York Times reported this year that his name is on all of them: “Mareshki, Mareshki, Mareshki. You see it everywhere. Like Trump, Trump, Trump.”Geert Wilders, 54, is leader of the far right in the Netherlands. Long before Trump sought to ban U.S. travel by citizens of several Muslim countries, Wilders was infuriating his opponents by calling for a ban on Muslim immigration. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte held off a challenge by Wilders in the March election by taking a Trump-like turn to the right and questioning the place of Islam in Dutch society. Marine Le Pen, 49, lost France’s presidential election in May to the smooth-talking pro-European centrist Emmanuel Macron. If Macron fails to deliver on a promise to boost France’s long-stagnant economy, Le Pen could yet prevail. She, too, has vowed to revitalize France’s industrial past and promised to put “core” traditional France first. Those themes could have mass appeal to working class voters when France holds its next election in 2022. Boris Johnson, 53, is Britain’s foreign minister — and possibly future prime minister. He has a shock of blond hair that seems Trump-like, he was born in New York, and he’s pretty good at saying outrageous things. A former journalist, he can’t hide his obsession with media coverage. He helped lead the campaign for Britain to exit the European Union, an outcome endorsed by Trump. Jacinda Ardern, 37, is New Zealand’s new prime minister. She opposes tax cuts and supports the welfare state, unlike Trump. However, she wants to lower immigration to New Zealand. That promptedThe Wall Street Journal to tweet last month: “Meet New Zealand’s Justin Trudeau (prime minister of Canada) — except she’s more like Trump on immigration.”

Source: Andrej Babis, Rodrigo Duterte: Donald Trump-like leaders proliferate

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The First and Only Family Photo on the Moon

n April of 1972, astronaut Charles Duke became the tenth and youngest person (at 36y 6m 18d), to ever walk on the Moon. As the Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 16, Duke and crew commander John Young spent an incredible 71 hours on the lunar surface.During his unforgettable time on the moon Duke also left a family portrait on the lunar surface, snapping a photo of the photo as proof. Photograph by NASA/Charles Duke The photo remains on the moon to this day and is the first and only family photo ever to be placed on the lunar surface. On the back of the photo Duke wrote:“This is the family of astronaut Charlie Duke from planet Earth who landed on the moon on April 20, 1972.” Photograph via Charles Duke In an interview with Business Insider, Duke provided a clearer photo of the portrait he left on the moon. On the far left is his oldest son, Charles Duke III, who had just turned seven. In the front in red is his youngest son, Thomas Duke, who was five. Duke and his wife, Dorothy Meade Claiborne, are in the background.

Source: The First and Only Family Photo on the Moon «TwistedSifter

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FCC to vote to rollback U.S. media ownership rules

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission will vote at its November meeting to rollback landmark media ownership regulations that limit the ability of companies to own multiple TV stations and newspapers in the same market and remove other restrictions, Chairman Ajit Pai told a congressional panel Wednesday.The move would be a win for newspaper companies and broadcasters that have pushed for the change for decades, but was criticized by Democrats who said it could usher in a new era of media outlet consolidation. TThe FCC in 1975 banned cross-ownership of a newspaper and broadcast station in the same market, unless it granted a waiver, to ensure a diversity of opinions.The FCC allowed existing ownership structures to remain in place.

Source: FCC to vote to rollback U.S. media ownership rules – SRN News

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Intellectual Morons: Professor Evil Calls for the End of Humanity

New research on Mensa members claims demonstrably higher rates of mental illness among people with high IQs. One finds anecdotal support for the statistical evidence in a new article by a South African philosopher calling for the elimination of mankind.Philosopher David Benatar argues in an article at Aeon called “Kids? Just Say No” that “coming into existence is always a serious harm. People should never, under any circumstance, procreate.”Is it too cheap to insert a joke about the shame that the nonexistent Benatar could not first give this advice to his parents?Parodying academic liberalism proves increasingly difficult as academic liberalism increasingly presents itself as a caricature of itself.The bioethicist’s screed against the ethics of indulging biological impulses relies on the contention that reproduction condemns beings unable to give their consent to their existence to enduring a life that includes pain and always excludes the possibility of immortality. Apart from the presumptuousness involved in creating life without the permission of the created, the chair of the philosophy department of the University of Cape Town notes that since “every birth is a death in waiting” reproduction really represents a form of capital punishment.The fact that humans inevitably cause harm to other humans and deaths in animals also serves as a support for his argument. He points to the existence of “chronic pain” and the absence of “chronic pleasure.” He opines that a lifespan of 90 years falls short of the ideal of 10,000 or 20,000 years. “If any other species caused as much damage as humans do,” the South African professor writes, “we would think it wrong to breed new members of that species.”

Source: Intellectual Morons: Professor Evil Calls for the End of Humanity | The American Spectator

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Theresa May insists ‘pregnant women’ term ‘acceptable’ after Government’s transgender request to UN

Theresa May believes using the term “pregnant women” is perfectly “acceptable” after reports the Government requested it not be used by the United Nations because it excludes transgender people.The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has confirmed that it made a request to the UN Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) not to exclude transgender people from an important treaty.But a Downing Street spokesman has moved to downplay the significance of the request and said: “Of course pregnant women is an acceptable term.”The FCO asked the UNHRC to ensure that the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which the UK has been a signatory since 1976, does not exclude transgender people.The treaty states that “pregnant women” must have certain rights protected, including not being subjected to the death penalty. Theresa May, the Prime Minister  CREDIT: JULIEN WARNAND/EPAAccording to the Sunday Times the FCO’s submission on proposed amendments to the covenant suggested the term be replaced with “pregnant people” in order to include transgender people who have given birth.

Source: Theresa May insists ‘pregnant women’ term ‘acceptable’ after Government’s transgender request to UN

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Kent State mulls whether telling someone ‘You need Jesus’ is hate speech – The College Fix

A Christian student leader is demanding an apology after a poster distributed by Kent State University asked if stating “You need Jesus“ could qualify as hate speech.The public university’s Center for Student Involvement created and circulated the poster on Twitter last week. It was designed to promote an event on free speech issues as part of Kent State’s KENTTalks, which are intended to “provide a safe place for discussions and transformational experiences for our student body” and promote “civil discourse.”Silhouetted activists on the posters hold a range of placards with messages, overlaid with the rhetorical question “free speech or hate speech?” Alongside provocative expressions including “No More Gays,” “Women Need To Serve Their Man” and “Build a Wall,” the fourth placard bears a nonviolent, basic expression of the Christian faith: “You need Jesus.”Jared Small, president of the Campus Ministry International student organization, told The College Fix that the poster was inappropriate.

Source: Kent State mulls whether telling someone ‘You need Jesus’ is hate speech – The College Fix

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Exposed: Obama DOJ Routed ‘Slush Fund’ Cash to Leftist Groups

Former President Obama’s Department of Justice sought to route settlement money to organizations of their “choosing” while seeking to exclude conservative groups, documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show.

The practice in question began in August 2014 when the Justice Department enteredinto a $17-billion settlement with Bank of America for selling residential mortgage-backed securities leading up to the 2008 financial collapse. Similar arrangements were made with J.P Morgan Chase and Citigroup that brought the total amount to $36.65 billion.

The DOJ settlement program has come under fire by a number of critics who refer to it as a “slush fund” that allows money to be funneled to third-party activist groups.

In some cases during settlement, the companies agreed to pay financial penalties that consisted of “donations” to nonprofits instead of giving the money directly to the Treasury. The Bank of America and Citigroup settlement included a provision that required $150 million in donations to groups that help people who have been harmed by corporate actions, with the donations counting for twice as much as money that is paid towards the settlement total.

Approved nonprofits included groups such as UnidosUS (formerly the National Council of La Raza), NeighborWorks America, and the National Urban League, which gives grants to left-leaning community organizing groups.

The documents obtained by the Free Beacon show that individuals in the Justice Department sought to route money to allied groups while excluding conservative groups.

“I’m sorry to be a pest. We keep tinkering with the settlement agreement and I want to make sure we are doing it right,” Elizabeth Taylor, then the principal deputy associate attorney general, wrote in a November 6, 2013 email. “Can you explain to Tony the best way to allocate some money to an organization of our choosing?” she later added, referring to Associate Attorney General Tony West. (Emails are below)

Another message from a redacted email address shows that West’s group had made it a point to make sure conservative groups are not a part of the process:

Got it. Ok, this will hopefully address the concerns we’d like to avert:

Donations to state-based Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Account (IOLTA) organizations (or other statewide bar-association affiliated intermediaries) that provide funds to legal aid organizations, to be used for foreclosure prevention legal assistance and community development legal assistance.

Concerns include: a.) not allowing Citi to pick a statewide intermediary like the Pacific Legal Foundation (does conservative property-rights free legal services) or a statewide pro bono entity (will conflict out of most meaningful legal aid) we are more likely to get the right result from a state bar association affiliated entity; b.) making sure that it’s legal assistance provided, not a scenario where the bank can direct IOLTA or other intermediary to give to even a legal aid organization but to do only housing counseling, for example, under the umbrella “foreclosure prevention assistance.” This get you closer?

(Emphasis added.)

Documents Show Obama DOJ’s ‘Slush Fund’ Sought to Route Money To Organizations of Their ‘Choosing’ by Joe Schoffstall on Scribd

Source: Exposed: Obama DOJ Routed ‘Slush Fund’ Cash to Leftist Groups

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