7 Services That Quietly Collect Your Personal Data


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Think you’re opting out of data collection? There may be some tiny spies in your life that you missed.

On some level, we all know that our devices are watching us. When it comes to Google Home or Amazon Echo, we embrace the fact that a giant tech company listens in on what we say. It’s transactional—they get a little personal data, and we get a little personal convenience.

But when we wrap our heads around the data that we let them harvest, we often think too big. It’s not just the obvious smart devices in our home that are learning about us in a (hopefully) benevolent way. The small, mundane and simple devices are watching us, too.

In this article, I’ll go over a few unexpected services and devices that collect your personal data. Check it out—you might be surprised.

Source: 7 Services That Quietly Collect Your Personal Data

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