Darwin Award Candidate Cements His Head Inside a Microwave

The project was carried out in a garage in Wolverhampton and filmed for TGFBro – the YouTube channel where Jay uploads his prankster videos. He wrapped his head in a plastic bag and stuck it in the microwave oven, while the friends assisting him filled it up with seven bags of Polyfilla, a spackling paste used to fill cracks. The microwave was supposed to serve as a mold but things got hairy and Jay’s friends spent 90 minutes in attempts to free him. The celebrity prankster was able to breathe through an air tube his pals managed to insert into the microwave, but the expanding Polyfilla made it increasingly harder for the air to get through.

The ambulance crew they called was unable to free Jay and they summoned the fire brigade. When the firefighters arrived, it took another hour before Jay was finally freed. Watch Commander Shaun Dakin, who runs the West Midlands Fire Service crew dispatched to the scene, said that the prank could have ended in suffocation or serious injury. It turned out to be quite a tricky rescue operation.

Source: Darwin Award Candidate Cements His Head Inside a Microwave

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