Craigslist User Offers Room for Couples to Have Affairs In

A Craigslist user posted a strange offer to residents of Los Angeles: “for $700, you can have your discreet love affair at my house in Echo Park.””Are you having a long term affair yet are sick of the high cost and sterility of corporate hotels? If so, I have something unique to offer you,” the listing reads. “If you would enjoy regular scheduled access to a pleasant, clean, attractive meeting place at a fraction of the cost yet all the convenience of a hotel, the intimacy of a private home, and the discretion of a quiet street in the hills just a mile out of DTLA, please read on.”The listing, which inspired a The Wrap podcast, goes on to offer a “nicely decorated, carpeted, cozy, and appointed, extremely clean, fully furnished bedroom” in the man’s home. The man, who describes himself as middle-aged and in the hospitality and catering business, notes that he will be out of the house during the meetings.

Source: Craigslist User Offers Room for Couples to Have Affairs In

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