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The playboy who got away with $242m – using ‘black magic’

One day in August 1995 a man called Foutanga Babani Sissoko walked into the head office of the Dubai Islamic Bank and asked for a loan to buy a car. The manager agreed, and Sissoko invited him home for dinner. It was the prelude, writes the BBC’s Brigitte Scheffer, to one of the most audacious confidence tricks of all time.Over dinner, Sissoko made a startling claim. He told the bank manager, Mohammed Ayoub, that he had magic powers. With these powers, he could take a sum of money and double it. He invited his Emirati friend to come again, and to bring some cash.Black magic is condemned by Islam as blasphemous. Even so, there’s still a widespread belief in it, and Ayoub was taken in by the colourful and mysterious businessman from a remote village in Mali.When he arrived at Sissoko’s house the next time, carrying his money, a man burst out of a room saying a spirit – a djinn – had just attacked him. He warned Ayoub not to anger the djinn, for fear his money would not be doubled. So Ayoub left his cash in the magic room, and waited.He said he saw lights and smoke. He heard the voices of spirits. Then there was silence.The money had indeed doubled.Ayoub was delighted – and the heist could begin.”He believed it was Black Magic – that Mr Sissoko could double the money,” says Alan Fine, a Miami attorney the bank later asked to investigate the crime.”So he would send money to Mr Sissoko – the bank’s money – and he expected it to come back in double the amount.”Between 1995 and 1998, Ayoub made 183 transfers into Sissoko’s accounts around the world. Sissoko was also running up big credit card bills – in the millions according to Fine – which Ayoub would settle on his behalf.

Source: The playboy who got away with $242m – using ‘black magic’ – BBC News

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A beer can could help crack an 18-year-old murder case 

When Walter Solorzano was shot to death in Galveston on March 5, 2000, there were dozens of people who saw what happened. Crowds were out celebrating Mardi Gras: Drinking and partying, until the night turned deadly.You’d think solving a murder case like this one would be easy. But, no one wanted to cooperate. The case went cold.Now, 18 years later, investigators retested a palm print collected from the crime scene and this case could be on its way to being solved.”I’d say it’s gone from cold to lukewarm,” said Detective Derek Gaspard with the Galveston Police Department.Gaspard walked through the case with ABC13 as it played out that March evening.

Source: A beer can could help crack an 18-year-old murder case | abc13.com

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These 1989 Video Games Predicted 9/11 With Eerie Accuracy

A handful of mysterious video games from 1989 shows the twin towers collapsing in the same exact fashion as they did on 9/11. After the three collapses, the games show a new single tower being erected: One World Trade Center.Dailystar.co.uk reports: A handful of video games released in the years and months leading up to the world’s worst terror attack seemingly predicted the event.The two tower blocks ‘pancake’ in a similar way to the WTC on 9/11The game’s events took place on September 11Master of Weapon, released in 1989 by Taito for the arcade and the Mega Drive system, appears to be a shoot ‘em up game popular with players in that era.Players shoot down enemies control a spaceship as they attempt to save the world.But it became apparent following the attacks that the game holds an eerie premonition.The first level features two buildings – strikingly similar to the Twin Towers – “pancaking” to the ground in the same fashion the World Trade Center did.

Source: These 1989 Video Games Predicted 9/11 With Eerie Accuracy

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Robonaut Has Been Broken for Years, and Now NASA Is Bringing It Home 

In February of 2011, NASA launched Robonaut 2 to the International Space Station. It was a huge achievement for the robotics team at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. There had been other robots in space, but Robonaut was the first advanced humanoid to ever go on a mission beyond Earth. On board the ISS, the robot was intended to eventually work side by side with astronauts, performing some of the dull and repetitive tasks that take up a significant amount of time that the humans on the station could instead be spending on science and discovery.For a while, things went well. The robot was unboxed from its protective foam packaging, and set up in the Destiny laboratory module. It was powered up for the first time in August of 2011, and by 2012 it was flipping practice switches and cleaning practice handrails while being teleoperated from the ground. Once a month or so, astronauts set Robonaut up and it would do research tasks for several hours at a time, working towards making a transition from an experimental project to a useful helper in the caretaking of human spacecraft. Robonaut even got its own Twitter account: “Check me out. I’m in space!”

Source: Robonaut Has Been Broken for Years, and Now NASA Is Bringing It Home – IEEE Spectrum

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Swedish teenagers accused of attacking teacher with cucumber in social media prank

File photo: Markus Schreiber/AP Photo/TTTwo boys aged between 15 and 18 are suspected of physically assaulting a teacher at a school in Karlstad by hitting her on the head with a cucumber.The boys are accused of assault, as well as invasion of privacy for filming the attack, reports local media NWT.The teacher was not seriously injured but is still on sick leave two weeks after the incident, according to the report.She remains absent from work “due to the abuse she was subjected to,” youth investigator with Karlstad Police Fredrik Persson said.The incident is reported to be connected to a trend known in Sweden as ortens batong, which consists of filming an individual being hit on the head by a cucumber and then posting the footage on social media.The trend dictates the impact must be hard enough for the cucumber to break.On Friday, police in the town are reported to have received a second alert connected to the social media trend, after a young man hit another man on the head with the vegetable in a grocery store.According to NWT’s report, the incident was reported by the store due to the damage caused to the cucumber as a result of the prank.

Source: Swedish teenagers accused of attacking teacher with cucumber in social media prank – The Local

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