These 1989 Video Games Predicted 9/11 With Eerie Accuracy

A handful of mysterious video games from 1989 shows the twin towers collapsing in the same exact fashion as they did on 9/11. After the three collapses, the games show a new single tower being erected: One World Trade reports: A handful of video games released in the years and months leading up to the world’s worst terror attack seemingly predicted the event.The two tower blocks ‘pancake’ in a similar way to the WTC on 9/11The game’s events took place on September 11Master of Weapon, released in 1989 by Taito for the arcade and the Mega Drive system, appears to be a shoot ‘em up game popular with players in that era.Players shoot down enemies control a spaceship as they attempt to save the world.But it became apparent following the attacks that the game holds an eerie premonition.The first level features two buildings – strikingly similar to the Twin Towers – “pancaking” to the ground in the same fashion the World Trade Center did.

Source: These 1989 Video Games Predicted 9/11 With Eerie Accuracy

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