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How the NSA Can Greatly Reduce Mass School Shootings | Global Research

Instead of spying on Americans to crush dissent, consolidate power, or gather sensitive information for blackmail, the NSA could actually do something useful.The NSA could reduce the number of mass shootings using existing technology and resources.Remember, virtually all school shooters are males in their teens or early twenties.And the New York Times reports that most school shooters leave numerous public clues about their intentions before the shooting … and most are obsessed with reading about prior school shootings:Studies have shown, for example, that in school shootings, the killers virtually always “leak” their intentions, leaving a trail of clues behind them.

Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old who the police said has confessed in the Parkland shooting, apparently was no exception: Students reportedly avoided him and joked that if anyone were going to shoot up the school, it would be him.Researchers have also found that in many, if not most, cases of school violence, the perpetrator has done extensive research on previous school shootings, studying them in detail, often with special attention to the killings at Columbine High School in 1999. A study of nine school shootings in Europe conducted by J. Reid Meloy, a forensic psychologist in San Diego who consults on threat assessment for schools and corporations, found that a third of the killers had “consciously imitated and emulated what had happened in Columbine.

”Elizabeth Englander, Professor of Psychology, and the Director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center (MARC), Bridgewater State University, writes:Technology may challenge kids’ social development, but it can also be harnessed for good. Anonymous reporting systems – perhaps text-message based – can make it easier for parents and students to alert law enforcement and school counselors to kids who seem disconnected or disturbed. That enables early intervention.In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, one such tip appeared to prevent extreme violence in May 2017. Police took a young man who’d threatened to harm his peers into protective custody before he could act on his words.

Source: How the NSA Can Greatly Reduce Mass School Shootings | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

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Private browsing isn’t: boffins say smut-mode can’t hide your tracks 

A group of boffins working at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory believe that “private” browsing modes aren’t private, so have given developers a framework to fix it.The problem, wrote Frank Wang with his thesis advisors (Nickolai Zeldovich and luminary James Micken), is that even if you’re using “private” or “incognito” mode on standard browsers, several leak vectors remain: the file system, the browser cache, the DNS cache, and even “on-disk reflections of RAM such as the swap file”.In a paper (PDF) delivered last week at the Network and Distributed Systems Security Symposium, the three presented the fix: a framework called “Veil” that puts an onus on site operators to stop the leaks. Developers, Wang writes in the paper, do control what’s sent to browsers, and which servers deliver the content.

Source: Private browsing isn’t: boffins say smut-mode can’t hide your tracks • The Register

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YouTuber Who Claimed Raw Food Diet Cured Her Cancer Dies of Cancer

A woman who turned to vegan and raw foods after a cancer diagnosis has died, despite claiming that her diet had cured her illness.Mari Lopez, a YouTuber from Texas who vlogged alongside her niece, Liz Lopez, under the account name Liz & Mari, passed away from stage four cancer in January. Liz uploaded a YouTube video announcing Mari’s death on Sunday, attributing it to her decision to undergo radiotherapy and stop following a raw food diet.According to the Evening Standard, Mari changed her diet on the day she received her cancer diagnosis, which showed that the disease had spread to her bones and lungs. In a 2016 video titled “Stage 4 Cancer Natural Transformation,” Mari said that she spoke to God after finding out about the cancer, and her previous struggles with depression and alcoholism. It was this that prompted her to radically alter her diet. God “enlightened me,” she explained to viewers, when “something popped up the computer about juicing.”

Source: YouTuber Who Claimed Raw Food Diet Cured Her Cancer Dies of Cancer – MUNCHIES

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Drugs suspect on toilet strike for 38 days ‘would rather die than take a poo’ | Metro News

Lamarr Chambers, 24, has now spent 38 days in police custody after Essex Police arrested and detained him on January 17Appearing in court yesterday, his lawyer, Andrew Horsall QC, said he finds himself in ‘unchartered territory’ with Chambers.He said his client’s ‘life is at risk’ as he ‘doesn’t want to be resuscitated’ if he collapses, Essex Live reports.Officers believe he swallowed some of the drugs before his arrest in Harlow, Essex, and they have been patiently waiting for him to finally go ever since.

Source: Drugs suspect on toilet strike for 38 days ‘would rather die than take a poo’ | Metro News

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Time traveller man: Noah from 2030 future predictions

A ‘TIME traveller’ who claims he is from 2030 has passed a lie-detector test while revealing a number of weirdly specific predictions about the future.In an eerie YouTube video, the man known only as Noah, whose face and voice have been distorted to hide his identity due to his fears he might be ‘assassinated’, makes a number of wild claims.Noah predicts that Donald Trump will win a second term in the White House, which could become reality in just over two years, with the US presidential election scheduled for November 3, 2020.He also predicted another future leader, claiming the US president in 2030 will be a random person named ‘Ilana Remikee.’Noah claimed that humans will reach Mars in 2028 — the same year time travel will be discovered, and that Google Glass-style robots will take over the world.Robots are going to take over the world in a big way, if the time traveller man is on the money.Source:AFPThe interview begins with him being asked: ‘Are you an actual time traveller from the year 2030?’He responds with a yes and the word ‘true’ appears in large green letters, meaning he believes he is telling the truth.Noah then claims he has ‘hard evidence’ to back up his predictions but isn’t sure that he can reveal what that is because it might cause a paradox.He says his mission is to tell those alive now what the world has in store, and says he has risked his life to travel back in time.

Source: Time traveller man: Noah from 2030 future predictions

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Top Democrats Follow the Big Money 

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N.Y. landlord obliterated dozens of graffiti murals. Now he owes the artists $6.75 million.

From the elevated 7-train, millions of people passing through Long Island City, Queens, could spot the massive warehouses. Five stories high, the buildings took up most of a city block. But that’s not the only reason the complex was hard to miss.Its bright yellow walls were covered with hundreds of graffiti murals: colorful bubble letters, fantastical creatures, mesmerizing portraits and tributes to legendary musicians. Known as 5Pointz, it was a graffiti mecca. Aerosol artists would travel from around the world to use its walls as canvasses — legally. Busloads of tourists or students on field trips would frequent 5Pointz on a daily basis. It was used as a backdrop for movies and music videos, weddings and concerts.5Pointz transformed dilapidated warehouses and a previously crime-infested neighborhood into a renowned cultural landmark — the country’s “largest collection of exterior aerosol art,” as a court document noted.Morning Mix newsletterStories that will be the talk of the morning.Sign upVirtually overnight, nearly all of it was destroyed. Under the cloak of night in 2013, the building’s owners instructed a team to blanket the murals with white paint. The warehouses would be torn down a year later to make way for high-rise luxury residences.Artist Akiko Miyakami said that when she saw her artwork mutilated under a layer of white paint, according to a court document, she felt as though she “was raped.”On Monday, a federal judge in Brooklyn awarded $6.75 million in damages to 21 artists whose work at 5Pointz was obliterated.

Source: N.Y. landlord obliterated dozens of graffiti murals. Now he owes the artists $6.75 million. – The Washington Post

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NYU Student Complains About ‘Racist’ Black History Month Food Menu, Gets Workers Fired 

Following a complaint by Nia Harris, a 19-year-old sophomore at NYU’s College of Arts and Science, NYU President Andrew Hamilton says it was “inexcusably insensitive” for the caterer, Aramark, to feature barbecued ribs, corn bread, collard greens, and fruit-flavored water—all of which were deemed to be stereotypically black.Despite an explanation from the head cook to Harris that the employees who planned the menu were African Americans, the student—and the school—were not having it.Following the clarification, Harris fired off a screenshot of the email exchange to Facebook, captioning it with a post that began with the words, “This is what it’s like to be a black student at New York University.”

Source: NYU Student Complains About ‘Racist’ Black History Month Food Menu, Gets Workers Fired – DANGEROUS

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Day Zero is meant to cut Cape Town’s water use: what is it, and is it working?

The City of Cape Town has introduced the idea of Day Zero to focus everyone’s attention on managing water consumption as tightly as possible by cajoling water consumers into reducing usage. Day Zero is when most of the city’s taps will be switched off – literally.The consequences of reaching this point will be far reaching. For one, it will mean residents will have to stand in line to collect 25 litres of water per person per day. The water will be sourced from the remaining supplies that are left in the dams.Day Zero isn’t a fixed target. The city moved it out from April 12 to July 9. The reason for this is that a number of factors affect the date. These include how much residents are reducing their demand. There are already signs that water users are saving more. The goal is to achieve an average daily demand of less than 450 million litres which equates to about 50 litres per person per day. The city isn’t there yet, but for the first time figures are consistently closer to 500 million litre per day.

Source: Day Zero is meant to cut Cape Town’s water use: what is it, and is it working?

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Monkeys With the Biggest Noses Get All the Girls

When it comes to attracting a mate, it seems size really does matter.A new study of proboscis monkeys in Malaysia, published in the journal Science Advances, has found that males with the biggest noses—and other exaggerated male features—have the most number of females in their harems and were the most dominant animals in their groups.Proboscis monkeys are notable for their unusually shaped noses, but the evolutionary importance of this strange body feature is only now becoming clear.

Source: Monkeys With the Biggest Noses Get All the Girls

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Soon You’ll Be Able To Run Linux Apps In VM On Chrome OS

Most of you would be knowing that Chrome OS shares an intimate relationship with Linux. This “bare-bones Linux-based operating system” is based on Gentoo Linux. However, you can’t run Linux applications on it, which is a deal breaker for many enthusiasts.If you’re really willing to run Linux apps on Chrome OS, you can do so with the help of solutions like Crouton that need you to turn off most of the security features by enabling Developer Mode. It looks like Google is working on an upcoming feature to bring a similar functionality to Chrome OS.

Source: Soon You’ll Be Able To Run Linux Apps In VM On Chrome OS

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