Feral Swine Becoming A Growing Problem In Central Ohio 

They are known as wild boars, wild pigs and even razorbacks in some parts of the country.However you want to label them, feral swine are a growing problem in Ohio according to state wildlife officials.The USDA Wildlife Services office says feral swine in Ohio are still mostly located in the southern and southeastern portions of the state, but they have made their presence known all across the Buckeye State through a variety of ways.”They arrived primarily through domestic escape, escape from hunting preserves and intentional release which is illegal,” said Craig Hicks, a wildlife disease biologist and Ohio’s feral swine coordinator for the USDA Wildlife Services.Hicks says it is difficult to estimate how many feral swine are currently in the state.”When we look at white-tailed deer or turkey, there is mandatory harvest reporting,” he said. ”With the feral swine, there is no harvest report so we have no idea how many are being taken. It’s a guess.”

Source: Feral Swine Becoming A Growing Problem In Central Ohio | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio | Columbus News, Weather & Sports

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