MIT’s ‘Veil’ Fixes Holes In Private Browsing Modes To Boost Anonymity

Web browsers’ private browsing mode is the first resolution taken by most users to protect their privacy online. But subconsciously they’re aware that the private mode or incognito mode is doing nothing but deleting the browsing activity from their computer. According to past studies, it’s possible to track people’s browsing habits even when privacy mode is enabled.For concerned, and paranoid users, MIT might have a solution called ‘Veil’. It is a new system developed by the researchers at CSAIL and Harvard University.MIT explains that even though the web browser may not have any evil intentions, the data used during private browsing can also pass through different processor cores, caches, and even end up on the hard drive of the main memory is full. This could provide room for some determined attacker to find their way to that meant-to-be-private user data.Veil is not some anonymity network like Tor, it’s designed to add a security layer on top of an existing web browser. There is no software or plugin required, the user can visit Veil’s website while running private mode or using Tor.

Source: MIT’s ‘Veil’ Fixes Holes In Private Browsing Modes To Boost Anonymity

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