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More Than 30,000 Callers Blast ABC over View Co-Host Joy Behar’s ‘Anti-Christian Bigotry’

More than 30,000 callers blasted ABC for allowing The View’s Joy Behar to spew “anti-Christian bigotry,” but the parent company has not taken action on any of their complaints.An estimated 30,588 angry viewers called the television network as of Wednesday morning, outraged after ABC broadcast an episode of The View this month in which co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin mocked Vice President Mike Pence for his religious beliefs.Media Research Center president Brent Bozell urged the television network to apologize for allowing religious bigotry to be tolerated on network television. The MRC posted contact information for 14 advertisers that broadcast on ABC, as well as information on how to get in touch with the president of ABC television network.“I am sure the advertisers of ‘The View’ will be just as appalled as I am about the anti-Christian remarks made on the show,” Bozell wrote.advertisementBehar and Hostin criticized the vice president for voicing his belief in Jesus Christ on the February 13 broadcast.“Look, I’m Catholic, I’m a faithful person, but I don’t know that I want my vice president talking in tongues,” Hostin remarked.Behar replied that Pence’s talking to Jesus is not a sign of faith, but a sign of “mental illness.”“It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you. That’s called mental illness, if I’m not correct, hearing voices,” Behar said.The ABC television network, which includes entities such as ABC News and Disney, has not yet commented on the matter or addressed the callers protesting the network.Despite the outcry from ABC’s viewers, the daytime talk show has not toned down its anti-conservative rhetoric. On Monday’s broadcast of The View, Behar said attendees of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) “have a penchant for Nazis.”

Source: More Than 30,000 Callers Blast ABC over View Co-Host Joy Behar’s ‘Anti-Christian Bigotry’ | Breitbart

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‘It’s traumatizing … to be in these spaces:’ Black students adjust to whiteness of UNC

At a University where only 38.7 percent of students are people of color, and only 7.8 percent self-identify as Black or African-American only, it is common for Black students to feel uncomfortable or targeted by microaggressions. Senior Aaron Epps, president of The Black Student Movement, said Black students often struggle to adapt to the environment of predominantly white institutions like UNC, especially if they come from a majority Black community like he did. “It’s just a different pool at UNC,” he said. “It’s hard to navigate a very, very inherently institutionalized white space.

Having previously attended predominantly Black schools and a more diverse university before UNC, junior Alex Robinson said she felt out of place when she transferred to the University as a sophomore. “All of the resources for transfer students and out-of-state (students) that focus more on social life, they’re very predominantly white as well,” she said. “It was really intimidating, because even in these spaces that were ‘geared toward me,’ they were very much so predominantly white, and honestly I was really uncomfortable.”

Source: ‘It’s traumatizing … to be in these spaces:’ Black students adjust to whiteness of UNC – The Daily Tar Heel

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New shark species discovered by research team led by Florida Tech

Lurking in the darkness with large green eyes, sixgill sharks kept their genetic secrets hidden amid the ocean depths since before the age of the dinosaurs.Until now.Toby Daly-Engel, a shark biologist at the Florida Institute of Technology, has helped solve a taxonomic puzzle and spearhead the discovery of a new deepwater species: the Atlantic sixgill shark.How so? Daly-Engel and a team of researchers determined that bigeye sixgill sharks in the Atlantic Ocean — specifically Belize, the northern Gulf of Mexico and The Bahamas — differ genetically from their counterparts in the Pacific and Indian oceans.”This is like discovering a brand new living fossil,” Daly-Engel said during an interview in her office at Florida Tech’s Shark Conservation Laboratory. “What’s exciting about this is that we’re still discovering cryptic species of shark. And not just little sharks. And there are lots of little sharks out there. But big sharks — sharks that are 5, 6 even 7 feet long — that have been around for hundreds of millions of years, since before the dinosaurs, and yet have not been identified by science,” she said.

Source: New shark species discovered by research team led by Florida Tech

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Russian Stadiums to Allow Cocaine, Cannabis and Heroin at 2018 FIFA World Cup

A bureaucratic loophole will allow soccer fans attending the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia this summer to bring cannabis, cocaine and even heroin into events as long as attendees have the proper medical paperwork.The Moscow-based Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), a joint economic trade bloc of countries including Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, allows for certain banned narcotic and psychotropic drugs to be brought into the country with supporting medical documentation. The Russian-led union of nations gives foreign travelers the right to carry drugs including cannabis and cocaine with the proper prescription papers.These regulations allowing for travelers to import and register narcotics will be applicable as millions of soccer fans from across the world descend on Russia for 2018 World Cup events between June and July.

Source: Russian Stadiums to Allow Cocaine, Cannabis and Heroin at 2018 FIFA World Cup

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Colleges: Student protesters shouldn’t worry about admission

As some high school students face the threat of disciplinary action for participating in gun control demonstrations, dozens of colleges and universities are sending them a reassuring message: It won’t affect their chances of getting into their schools.Nearly 50 schools, from Ivy Leaguers to public institutions, have taken to social media over the past few days to reassure students that taking part would not jeopardize admissions consideration.Yale University said on its Twitter account that it would not rescind admissions decisions regardless of any penalties imposed on students by high school administrators. Brown University’s admissions staff also promised no negative fallout for any applicants.Several even applauded the teenagers’ activism.

Source: Colleges: Student protesters shouldn’t worry about admission – ABC News

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Facebook Keeps Secret Files On Everyone Including Non-Users

It is no secret that Facebook has long exploited its user base, kept a trove of data on them, and is essentially an intimate and personal database on 1.4 billion people ripe for the picking of the surveillance state. The insidious nature of Facebook has discouraged many people from using it and is causing millions of users to delete their accounts. However, what many people do not know is that you don’t even need an account for Facebook to spy on you and mine your most intimate data.Even if you have never had a Facebook account, this social media leviathan uses online tracking devices that follow a user’s internet activity via third-parties and you never have to visit Facebook for it to happen.While Facebook has become an everyday part of life for hundreds of millions of people across the world, many of those active on the platform are blissfully unaware of the vast amounts of personal data the company aggregates about them. So, why would anyone who has never visited the domain need to worry about Facebook spying on them? Well, the answer to that question is data. With data becoming one of the greatest resources for business in the modern era, individuals are increasingly becoming more concerned about exactly what type of information can be found about them in cyberspace – and on Facebook in particular.While people are offered a range of privacy setting options to choose from when posting on Facebook, many are completely unaware that they have the ability to customize the privacy settings on the information they share.This can create a dynamic where your personal information is easily preyed upon by strangers, advertisers, and criminals alike. And, you don’t need a Facebook page to be a target.As a report from the Daily Mail notes:Even if you have never entered the Facebook domain, the company is still able to follow your browsing behavior without you knowing it. More than 10,000 websites contain invisible trackers, called Pixels, which record information about visitors. This includes everything from the operating system you use to your IP address and activities on the website during a session. This gives the firm insights into everything from where you are in the world, who your internet service provider is, the types of sites you like to visit and how long you spend on them.It has now been over a decade that Facebook has been mining data on billions of people and for the first time in our history, a private company has been meticulously gathering, storing, analyzing, and selling data on entire populations for more than ten years.As The Free Thought Project previously reported, if you have a Facebook profile, you can download it to see the insane amount of data this company has on you.Even if you are okay with Facebook creepily storing all of your data—forever—other people, outside of the social media platform have access to this data as well.Fortunately, there’s a way to determine exactly how much of the information you share on Facebook is publicly accessible.A simple tool made by Supremo now allows you to see exactly what personal data you have shared with strangers on Facebook.The Supremo website presciently warns:Hi there! Did you know that every single time you visit a website, you reveal information about yourself simply by visiting. Similarly, websites that allow you to log in via Facebook could be collecting all kinds of information if you haven’t properly checked the permissions you’re granting. Ironically, the tool asks for permission to access your personal information on Facebook. However, the company notes that the “information we’ve gathered will be completely removed from our records but there are more malicious uses of your personal information potentially.”While Facebook users can see what this data collection company has been storing on them, non-users are left out in the cold. The privacy of internet users tracked via third-party is mostly secret and there is currently no way of seeing what Facebook knows about you.However, you can still block Facebook from following you around the web.If you use Google Chrome, you can do the following.If you allow cookies by default, you can still block them for a certain site.On your computer, open Chrome.At the top right, click More Settings.At the bottom, click Advanced.Under “Privacy and security,” click Content settings.Click Cookies.Next to “Block,” “Clear on exit,” or “Allow,” click Add.Enter the web address.To create an exception for an entire domain, insert [*.] before the domain name. For example, [*.]google.com will match drive.google.com and calendar.google.com.You can also put an IP address or a web address that doesn’t start with http://.Click Add.The good news is, as the New Zealand Herald reports, people are getting wise to this and “earlier this month Belgium ordered Facebook to stop tracking internet users who have no accounts with the social network, or face fines of 250,000 euros a day.”Australia is also getting in on the action and

Source: Facebook Keeps Secret Files On Everyone Including Non-Users – Here’s How To See Yours

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You Can Finally Play A Long-Lost Donkey Kong Game

An extremely rare, officially-licensed Donkey Kong game has finally been released to the Internet, and now the entire world can experience the bizarre journey of Donkey Kong 3: The Great Counterattack.In the early 1980s, Nintendo licensed some of its properties to developer Hudson Soft, which released versions of Nintendo’s arcade and NES games for Japanese personal computers. While most of these oddball footnotes of Nintendo history have since been “dumped” off of the computer disks and released to the Internet to be played via emulators, 1984’s Donkey Kong 3: Daigyakushuu has remained trapped on Japanese magnetic media for over 30 years.

Source: You Can Finally Play A Long-Lost Donkey Kong Game

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This Engineer Wanted You to Drive Into the Sky Above Paris

There is a special honor reserved for thoroughfares that have a tendency to turn their travelers green. The Road to Hana in Hawaii, The Road of Death in Bolivia, and 24-Zig Road in China are just a few of of the highways notorious for their twists and turns that add more than a little danger—not to mention queasiness—to a good-old road trip.But these twisters have nothing on a road-to-the-sky that could have been.In honor of the 1937 World’s Fair in Paris, esteemed French engineer Eugène Freyssinet proposed building a skinny cone-like structure that would be the tallest building in the world. He called it the Phare du Monde, the Lighthouse of the World, and it’s most distinctive feature was to be a road that wound tightly around its core.Since the first World’s Fair in London in 1851, the countries of the world have been gathering every so often (currently every five years) to exchange ideas and engage in a little national bragging.

Source: This Engineer Wanted You to Drive Into the Sky Above Paris

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“Samantha Power lied to my face

Samantha Power made a name for herself with a book proclaiming our obligation to stop genocide abroad. Once she took office in the Obama administration, she became an apologist for Obama’s detachment from the catastrophe in Syria and his deal with the genocidal maniacs in Iran, among other things. It’s almost enough to make one question her bona fides, or even to suspect she may be a complete fraud.Today Tablet has posted Kassem Eid’s letter about his encounter with Power during her tenure as United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Prefaced by Tony Badran’s introduction, the letter is published as “‘Samantha Power lied to my face,’ by Kassem Eid.” In addition to Samantha Power, Eid’s letter also takes up misleader of the pack Ben Rhodes.Eid’s account makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of the Obama administration and two of its prominent scoundrels. I learned of it via Twitter (below). Highly recommended.

Source: “Samantha Power lied to my face” | Power Line

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‘Some men have a uterus’ tweet lands Planned Parenthood in a storm 

Nationwide birth control charity Planned Parenthood sailed into a perfect Tweetstorm when its Indiana and Kentucky branch declared “some men have a uterus.” The tweet drew ridicule from plenty of conservatives online.TrendsDonald Trump, USFriday’s pinned post on the group’s Twitter account was apparently a politically-correct nod to trans men, those who are biologically female but identify as male. The statement, as is customary of today’s Twitter arguments, was repeated line after line until symbols ran out – 11 times, to be precise.One trans man thanked the organization for recognizing he had a reproductive tract, or “duderus” as he called it, while another said his “brovaries” were grateful.

Source: ‘Some men have a uterus’ tweet lands Planned Parenthood in a storm — RT US News

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Relief for Sweden’s Vasaloppet race as air warms to -7C – The Local

The organisers of Sweden’s Vasaloppet, the world’s longest and oldest cross-country ski race, expressed relief on Sunday as the temperature warmed to a balmy -7C for the race start, cutting the chance of injuries.“We’re not at all worried,” Tommy Höglund, one of the race’s organizers, told The Local.  “It was bad at the beginning of the  week, -25C, but it’s good now. It will be good skiing conditions and easy to put on the grip wax.”  The first of the 97,411 participants set off from Sälen, near the Norwegian border, at 8am on Sunday.  Höglund earlier warned competitors to be extra careful, saying that competitors, particularly those from the south of Sweden, did not know how to dress for current extreme weather conditions.

Source: Relief for Sweden’s Vasaloppet race as air warms to -7C – The Local

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Potential organ donors fear inadequate treatment

Why are people reluctant to sign-up as organ donors?A group of medical researchers from Emory University recently conducted a survey on this topic involving over 750 Americans. According to the researchers, the main deterrent for organ donation is a misperception that one will receive inadequate medical care if registered as an organ donor.The results of the survey, published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, also indicated several other factors that deterred people from donating. These include thinking there was an increased cost for the donor family when donating organs and thinking a famous person would get higher priority on the waitlist than others.

Source: Potential organ donors fear inadequate treatment

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Microchip Introduces Tiny Cheap Linux Modules 

Linux is in everything these days, and that means designers and engineers are crying out for a simple, easy-to-use module that simplifies the design of building a product to do something with Linux. The best example of this product category would probably be the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, followed by the C.H.I.P. Pro and its GR8 module. There are dozens of boards with Allwinner and Mali chips stuffed inside that can be used to build a Linux product, and the ‘BeagleBone on a Chip’ is a fantastic product if you need Linux and want to poke pins really, really fast.Now Microchip is rolling out with their answer to the Linux System on Module. The SAMA5D2 is a single chip in a BGA package with a small footprint that runs Linux. It’s capable, it’s cheap, and if you want to put Linux in a project, this is your newest option.

Source: Microchip Introduces Tiny Cheap Linux Modules | Hackaday

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