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Learn To Build Your Own Supercomputer With Raspberry Pi 3 Cluster » TechWorm

Ever since the first generation of Raspberry Pi was released in 2012, as a single chip processor running on ARM11 and clocked at 700 Mhz, it has continued to remain popular and the perfect tool for students, artists, hobbyists and hackers. Since then, several generations of Raspberry Pis have been released with the current Pi 3 offering a quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor clocked at almost double the speed at 1.2 GHz combined with 1GB of RAM. Besides this, the Raspberry Pi can be used in host of other things, such as robotics, gaming, creating desktop computer, and many more.In this article, we will guide you how to create your own Raspberry Pi cluster for parallel computing via MPI (Messaging Passing Interface) library. For those unaware, Message Passing Interface (MPI) is a standardized and portable message-passing standard designed to exchange messages between multiple computers running a parallel program across distributed memory.So, let’s get started and see what you need to build your own supercomputer with Raspberry Pi 3 cluster.

Source: Learn To Build Your Own Supercomputer With Raspberry Pi 3 Cluster » TechWorm

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It’s official: Termites are just cockroaches with a fancy social life 

Termites are the new cockroach.Literally. The Entomological Society of America is updating its master list of insect names to reflect decades of genetic and other evidence that termites belong in the cockroach order, called Blattodea.As of February 15, “it’s official that termites no longer have their own order,” says Mike Merchant of Texas A&M University in College Station, chair of the organization’s common names committee. Now all termites on the list are being recategorized.The demotion brings to mind Pluto getting kicked off the roster of planets, says termite biologist Paul Eggleton of the Natural History Museum in London. He does not, however, expect a galactic outpouring of heartbreak and protest over the termite downgrade. Among specialists, discussions of termites as a form of roaches go back at least to 1934, when researchers reported that several groups of microbes that digest wood in termite guts live in some wood-eating cockroaches too.Once biologists figured out how to use DNA to work out genealogical relationships, evidence began to grow that termites had evolved as a branch on the many-limbed family tree of cockroaches. In 2007, Eggleton and two museum colleagues used genetic evidence from an unusually broad sampling of species to publish a new tree of these insects (SN: 5/19/07, p. 318). Titled “Death of an order,” the study placed termites on the tree near a Cryptocercus cockroach.

Source: It’s official: Termites are just cockroaches with a fancy social life | Science News

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Brit semiconductor tech ended up in Chinese naval railgun 

A Chinese firm’s buyout of a British semiconductor company may have directly led to China developing railgun weaponry and electromagnetic aircraft carrier catapults for its navy, according to reports.An anonymous source, identified as a former Dynex exec, told The Sunday Times that the acquisition of Dynex Semiconductor by Chinese railway firm Zhouzhou CRRC Times Electric in 2008 “could have helped the development” of the Chinese navy’s new railguns.Dynex produces, as its name suggests, semiconductors, in particular insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs). These can be used as critical components in railguns and similar catapult-type technologies thanks to their very high voltage and current ratings.”In these big electronic systems… you need to be able to turn on and off big power very, very quickly. And your standard power switches are too slow,” the former Dynex exec told the newspaper.

Source: Brit semiconductor tech ended up in Chinese naval railgun – report • The Register

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Forget submarine steel: The 2019 GMC Sierra truck is made from carbon fiber

Here in 2018, the luxury car is dead. It’s not that people don’t want vehicles packed with gadgets and leather, it’s just that they want them to come in the shape of a truck or SUV. In 2017, the top three selling vehicles were all light trucks, plenty of which are used for commuting rather than hauling heavy loads to work sites. GMC has been selling loaded pickups for almost two decades now, and the company has high hopes for its new 2019 Sierra, which it revealed to the world on Wednesday afternoon in Detroit.”The heritage of the GMC brand is rooted in full-size trucks, of which the Sierra is our cornerstone, with our SLT and Denali models contributing 87 percent of our total crew cab sales,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of Global GMC. “The next-generation Sierra caters to these unique customers who demand a premium, innovative truck that supports their professional and personal passions.”Normally we might not be that interested in a new truck reveal here at Ars, but the Sierra Denali piques my interest on more than one front. For one, it’s apparently the first truck to be offered with a heads-up display. Plus its V8 engines use that clever new cylinder-deactivation technology we wrote about recently, called Dynamic Fuel Management in GMC-speak. That should make them about 15 percent more efficient than the V8 models they replace.

Source: Forget submarine steel: The 2019 GMC Sierra truck is made from carbon fiber | Ars Technica

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MI5 agents can commit crime in UK, government reveals 

Thames House, MI5’s HQ on Millbank, London. Photograph: Myung Jung Kim/PAMI5 agents are allowed to carry out criminal activity in the UK, the government has acknowledged for the first time.The prime minister was on Thursday forced to publish the text of a direction to the Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office, the spying watchdog, on governing “security service participation in criminality”.It instructs the IPCO to oversee the participation of MI5 agents in criminal activity, which was previously conducted by the now-defunct office of the Intelligence Services Commissioner, under a secret order referred to as the “third direction”.However, guidance about when British spies can commit crimes, and how far they can go, remains confidential.

Source: MI5 agents can commit crime in UK, government reveals | UK news | The Guardian

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Contradictions In Seth Rich Murder Continue To Challenge Hacking Narrative | Zero Hedge

As rumors swirl that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is preparing a case against Russians who are alleged to have hacked Democrats during the 2016 election – a conclusion based solely on the analysis of cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike, a Friday op-ed in the Washington Times by retired U.S. Navy admiral James A. Lyons, Jr. asks a simple, yet monumentally significant question: Why haven’t Congressional Investigators or Special Counsel Robert Mueller addressed the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich – who multiple people have claimed was Wikileaks’ source of emails leaked during the 2016 U.S. presidential election?

Mueller has been incredibly thorough in his ongoing investigations – however he won’t even respond to Kim Dotcom, the New Zealand entrepreneur who clearly knew about the hacked emails long before they were released, claims that Seth Rich obtained them with a memory stick, and has offered to provide proof to the Special Counsel investigation.

On May 18, 2017, Dotcom proposed that if Congress includes the Seth Rich investigation in their Russia probe, he would provide written testimony with evidence that Seth Rich was WikiLeaks’ source.In addition to several odd facts surrounding Rich’s still unsolved murder – which officials have deemed a “botched robbery,” forensic technical evidence has emerged which contradicts the Crowdstrike report. The Irvine, CA company partially funded by Google, was the only entity allowed to analyze the DNC servers in relation to claims of election hacking:

Source: Contradictions In Seth Rich Murder Continue To Challenge Hacking Narrative | Zero Hedge

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Your Location Data Is Being Sold—Often Without Your Knowledge – WSJ

As location-aware advertising goes mainstream—like that Jack in the Box ad that appears whenever you get near one, in whichever app you have open at the time—and as popular apps harvest your lucrative location data, the potential for leaking or exploiting this data has never been higher.It’s true that your smartphone’s location-tracking capabilities can be helpful, whether it’s alerting you to traffic or inclement weather. That utility is why so many of us are giving away a great deal more location data than we probably realize. Every time you say “yes” to an app that asks to know your location, you are also potentially authorizing that app to sell your data.Dozens of companies track location and/or serve ads based on this data. They aim to compile a complete record of where everyone in America spends their time, in order to chop those histories into market segments to sell to corporate advertisers.Marketers spent $16 billion on location-targeted ads served to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in 2017. That’s 40% of all mobile ad spending, research firm BIA/Kelsey estimates, and it expects spending on these ads to double by 2021.

Source: Your Location Data Is Being Sold—Often Without Your Knowledge – WSJ

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Atheist Intellectual Richard Dawkins Is Curious About Human Meat

Noted atheist intellectual and totally normal person Richard Dawkins is curious about lab-grown meat. More specifically, the author of The God Delusion is curious about lab-grown human meat. That’s right, the other other white meat. On Saturday, the outspoken critic of intelligent design and creationism tweeted an article about lab-grown meat from The Independent, along with some questions meant to spur thought and discussion. “Tissue culture ‘clean meat’ already in 2018? I’ve long been looking forward to this,” he writes. “What if human meat is grown? Could we overcome our taboo against cannibalism? An interesting test case for consequentialist morality versus ‘yuck reaction’ absolutism.”It may sound gross, but Dawkins’ cannibalistic curiosity could become relevant in our lifetimes.With the Earth’s meat-eaters outpacing the planet’s resources, lab-grown meat could offer an alternative to beef, chicken, and pork that doesn’t put as much of a strain on the environment. And while the cost of these cultured “meats” is still prohibitively high, they have gotten cheaper and will probably continue to do so.

Source: Atheist Intellectual Richard Dawkins Is Curious About Human Meat | Inverse

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‘They’re not scared of humans’: City of Eugene takes aim at rats, wild ‘gangster’ turkeys

Bill Bezuk checks in on some of his best friends on the blustery last day of February.”Chickens! Chickens,” he calls. “Come on, chickens.”Urban farming is catching on with more people.Bezuk, owner of the Eugene Backyard Farmer, offers only the best feed for his chickens.”Oats, wheat, barley, maybe some maize in there,” he said.But a lot of that feed can wind up scattered around, or left out at night – setting up a smorgasboard for other animals you don’t want around.”So if you’re keeping your chicken food out at night,” Bezuk said, “you’re just giving the rats an opportunity to come out and establish themselves in your backyard.”That’s just on aspect of the City of Eugene’s interest in controlling rats and other urban wildlife, like wild turkeys.

Source: ‘They’re not scared of humans’: City of Eugene takes aim at rats, wild ‘gangster’ turkeys | KVAL

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BioEdge: Euthanasia performed on Canadian prisoner

A request by a Belgian prisoner for euthanasia made international headlines not too long ago, even though he was not permitted to take advantage of the legislation.But in a measure of how enthusiastically Canada has embraced euthanasia, one prisoner has already been killed under its Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) law, and three others have been approved. According to a report in CBC News, the death took place in a hospital outside of the prison, under the supervision of two correctional officers.

Correctional Service Canada (CSC) told CBC News that it had, to date, received eight requests for MAID.CSC is now permitted to organise MAID in a community hospital — but it can also take place in a penitentiary regional hospital or treatment centre in exceptional circumstances and at the request of the inmate.Correctional Investigator Ivan Zinger criticised the possibility of inmates being euthanised in a prison in a letter to the CSC head:”Practically and perceptually, I simply can not imagine a scenario where it would be considered acceptable to allow an external provider to carry out a MAID procedure in a federal penitentiary,”Zinger said that MAID should occur only outside prisons. A prohibition on MAID within prisons would protect the integrity of the system now and in the future, when eligibility for assisted death could expand to prisoners suffering from acute psychiatric illnesses – and in prisons there are a number of these.

Source: BioEdge: Euthanasia performed on Canadian prisoner

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Hog wild: Pigs outnumber people in Denmark, No. 1 in Europe

Statistics show pigs are hogging the market in Europe as the largest livestock category and outnumber people in Denmark by more than two-to-one.European statistical agency Eurostat said Thursday that with a population of about 150 million in the European Union, pigs far outnumber cattle and other bovines, the second-largest livestock category with 89 million head.Eurostat says 40 percent of the EU’s pigs are in Spain and Germany, with significant numbers also in France, Denmark, Netherlands and Poland.Denmark is the only country where pigs outnumber people , with 215 pigs to every 100 residents. Not coincidentally, it’s also a country known in Europe for its quality bacon.The Netherlands is next with 70 pigs per 100 people, Spain with 63 to 100, and Belgium with 54 to 100.

Source: Hog wild: Pigs outnumber people in Denmark, No. 1 in Europe

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Progressive Activists Look to Courts to Undermine the Electoral College

Having failed to generate enough support to abolish the Electoral College through a constitutional amendment, the institution’s detractors are now looking to the courts to upend it.A new lawsuit, spearheaded by Harvard University law professor Lawrence Lessig and filed in four states, charges that the “winner-take-all” element of how states divvy up their Electoral College votes is unconstitutional.The District of Columbia and 48 states use this winner-take-all system.The only exceptions are Maine and Nebraska, which use a proportional allocation of votes.“Under the winner-take-all system, U.S. citizens have been denied their constitutional right to an equal vote in presidential elections,” said David Boies, an attorney who represented former Vice President Al Gore in the contested 2000 election and is leading the current litigation against the electoral college. “This is a clear violation of the principle of one person, one vote.”

Source: Progressive Activists Look to Courts to Undermine the Electoral College

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Austrian woman poisons local water treatment plant with mercury-laced remedy from India

An Austrian woman contaminated a sewerage treatment plant with high levels of mercury after traveling to India and bringing back a cream billed as a healing ointment that was loaded with the toxic heavy metal, local authorities announced on Wednesday.Routine monitoring at a sewerage treatment plant in Upper Austria revealed alarmingly high levels of mercury earlier this year. Workers then started to trace the source of the mercury, which was almost double the allowed limit.The Department of Water Management first inspected sewer lines from industrial and commercial enterprises in the Vöcklabruck district as well as dental practices but did not find any contaminations.Read more:India — Fake doctor with tainted syringe accused of infecting dozens with HIVWorkers tipped of by tealights and a shrineUsing a portable mercury detector, they eventually traced the contamination back to a private residence, 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) away.The person living in the apartment told workers she had recently visited a wellness center in India where she was given a curative cream and powder to bring home.Tests revealed the cream contained 32 percent sulfur and 27 percent mercury. The powder contained 36 percent mercury, 20 percent copper and 3.8 percent sulfur. Free daily tabloid Heute reported the 50-year-old woman was suffering from cancer and bought back 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of the remedies from a monastery. The paper reported she was now also suffering from serious mercury poisoning.

Source: Austrian woman poisons local water treatment plant with mercury-laced remedy from India | News | DW | 28.02.2018

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Radical feminists could be barred from Bristol Uni events over transgender exclusion 

Feminists who refuse to recognize transgender women as women could be banned from speaking at a UK university. Bristol students’ union wants to ‘no-platform’ so-called Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs).The ‘TERF’ speakers denounce trans women as not “real,” and claim they have no authority to speak on women’s issues because they were born a different gender. Some TERFs refer to themselves “gender-critical feminists.”The animosity between trans people and TERFs has often resulted in violent and abusive scenes. Late last year, the rival groups brawled in a central London park, resulting in injuries and a police investigation. Veteran lesbian activist Linda Bellos was barred from an event at Cambridge University. She announced that she would address trans politics critically at a Cambridge feminist society, and the event was subsequently called off.

Source: TERF-ed out: Radical feminists could be barred from Bristol Uni events over transgender exclusion — RT UK News

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Texas Students Launch ‘No Whites Allowed’ Magazine

A group of students at the University of Texas, San Antonio plans to start publishing a “No Whites Allowed” (NWA) magazine.According to a Facebook event titled “Zine Release,” the magazine will be revealed on March 1 at La Botanica, which describes itself as “Texas’ first vegan restaurant with a full bar and performance and event venue.”{snip}The description goes on to explain that “for a very long time, black and brown people, especially those who are queer, have been told that they don’t have a space. That they don’t have a voice or a say. With this we would like to create a space.”Student Kayla Ramey further elaborated on the event’s purpose in a comment.“I keep having to make this post but I’ll try it one last time so everyone clearly understands. The name of the zine is No Whites Allowed. It’s a zine for QPOC and by QPOC,” Ramey wrote, noting that while “white people are welcome to come to the event,” the “main goal is to celebrate and empower people that society routinely ignores and rejects.”

Source: Texas Students Launch ‘No Whites Allowed’ Magazine – American Renaissance

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BioEdge: Should lesbian couples have access to mitochondrial replacement therapy?

Should lesbian couples have access to mitochondrial replacement therapy?by Michael Cook | 4 Mar 2018 | “Three parent babies!!!!” was a shock-horror headline across the world when the UK was debating mitochondrial replacement therapy a couple of years ago. This is a technique to avoid passing on mitochondrial diseases from mother to child. There are different methods, but they involve combining the nuclear DNA of the mother’s egg with healthy mitochondrial DNA from another woman and fertilisation with sperm.The government’s fertility regulator, the HFEA, explained that this was meant to “to avoid passing on serious genetic diseases to future generations”. Under existing legislation, MRT can only be used for this purpose.Much of the opposition to the technique in a very heated debate was the unconventional matter of a child sharing two mothers, or at least, sharing the genes of two women. Many found this profoundly unnatural.However, there is a group of women who might welcome this – lesbian couples. For them, it could be a way of creating a child with a shared genetic heritage.Or so argue Giulia Cavaliere and César Palacios-González, of , King’s College London, in the Journal of Medical Ethics. Their reasoning is quite interesting. (It is spelled out a bit more simply in a blog post.)First of all, against the headlines about “cures” for desperately ill children, they insist (as did many opponents of MTR) thatno MRTs can be considered therapeutic as they do not cure children/embryos affected by mtDNA diseases, but they are rather a means to create children that are not affected by mtDNA diseases.

Source: BioEdge: Should lesbian couples have access to mitochondrial replacement therapy?

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