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Positive age beliefs protect against dementia even among elders with high-risk gene

One of the strongest risk factors for dementia is the ε4 variant of the APOE gene. Yet, many who carry it never develop dementia. The current study examined for the first time whether positive age beliefs that are acquired from the culture may reduce the risk of developing dementia among older individuals, including those who are APOE ε4 carriers. The cohort consisted of 4,765 Health and Retirement Study participants who were aged 60 or older and dementia-free at baseline. As predicted, in the total sample those with positive age beliefs at baseline were significantly less likely to develop dementia, after adjusting for relevant covariates. Among those with APOE ε4, those with positive age beliefs were 49.8% less likely to develop dementia than those with negative age beliefs. The results of this study suggest that positive age beliefs, which are modifiable and have been found to reduce stress, can act as a protective factor, even for older individuals at high risk of dementia.

Source: Positive age beliefs protect against dementia even among elders with high-risk gene

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Bernie Sanders colluded — with the Australian Labor Party

Between Bernie Sanders and the Australians, there was collusion.While the Russia investigation continues to swirl around President Donald Trump and the members of his entourage, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has confirmed another instance of illegal meddling in the election: Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign illegally accepted contributions from the Australian Labor Party, which paid for volunteers to fly across the globe to volunteer on his campaign, according to a ruling filed earlier this month.The volunteers, who were participating in a government-funded education program, even got $8,000 in stipends from their native country to campaign for the popular Vermont senator in his 2016 run for the White House.The FEC ruled that the Sanders campaign accepted about $25,000 in in-kind donations from the Australians. Bernie’s been ordered to fork over $14,500 in civil penalties for violating campaign law.

Source: Bernie Sanders colluded — with the Australian Labor Party – VICE News

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23,000 HTTPS certificates axed after CEO emails private keys 

A major dust-up on an Internet discussion forum is touching off troubling questions about the security of some browser-trusted HTTPS certificates when it revealed the CEO of a certificate reseller emailed a partner the sensitive private keys for 23,000 TLS certificates

The email was sent on Tuesday by the CEO of Trustico, a UK-based reseller of TLS certificates issued by the browser-trusted certificate authorities Comodo and, until recently, Symantec. It was sent to Jeremy Rowley, an executive vice president at DigiCert, a certificate authority that acquired Symantec’s certificate issuance business after Symantec was caught flouting binding industry rules, prompting Google to distrust Symantec certificates in its Chrome browser. In communications earlier this month, Trustico notified DigiCert that 50,000 Symantec-issued certificates Trustico had resold should be mass revoked because of security concerns.

Source: 23,000 HTTPS certificates axed after CEO emails private keys | Ars Technica

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Utah bars warn each other about ‘rogue male stripper troupes’

Utah bars are warning each other about booking male stripper troupes for fear of losing their liquor licenses.The traveling shows come through the state, breaking strict Utah liquor laws on live performances with nudity or sexual conduct, according to KSTU. But when the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control hands down a fine or licensing action, the strippers are long gone.”I’m like, ‘You know we’ve got some laws here,’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah, we do shows all over Utah all the time,'” said Dave Morris, one of the owners of Murray’s Ice Haus bar, who got hit with a $10,000 fine and suspension of a liquor license for an incident involving a show.A screen shot from an undercover video showing a male stripper show at the Ice Haus bar. (Image provided to FOX 13)An undercover officer for the State Bureau of Investigation was in the audience for an October 2016 show at the Ice Haus. The video, obtained by KSTU under a public records request, shows a dancer on stage with a woman plucked out of the audience. She’s lying on the ground and he grabs her breasts, then pulls out a sex toy and hands it to her while he sprays the audience with a squirt bottle. The audience screams as Enigma’s “Sadeness” blares.

Source: Utah bars warn each other about ‘rogue male stripper troupes’ | Q13 FOX News

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This Macaroni And Cheese Helps Fight Climate Change

On a box of macaroni and cheese that will launch this month, the name of the farmer who grew the wheat used to make the pasta–Nate Powell-Palm, who has a farm outside Bozeman, Montana–is printed on the front. The manufacturer, Annie’s, Inc., wanted to highlight the fact that Powell-Palm is using regenerative farming practices, a series of steps that go farther than what’s required for an organic label–and that could help fight climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil.“I think that’s a first in the industry: to offer a product on such wide distribution, available from a major manufacturer in the center of the store, where the family that’s about to enjoy the product can name the farmer, name the farm, and know the ingredients that are specific in that product that are using these very Earth-friendly practices,” says Carla Vernon, president of Annie’s.

Source: This Macaroni And Cheese Helps Fight Climate Change

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Man issues warning after losing thousands during online monkey purchase 

Don Abrego’s online search for a pet took the exotic route three weeks ago.”I needed a monkey. I needed to be different,” Abrego said.He wanted a capuchin money and found one supposedly in Hawaii. However, as soon as his first $400 payment cleared, he said the problems began. The shipper was requesting more money and claimed it was for flight cancellations and vaccination costs. So Abrego shelled out more cash.”About 20 Amazon gift cards ranging from a hundred to $400 and $500,” Abrego said.He texted the card information to the shipper. Abrego said even the drug store employees voiced their concerns, but he kept going.

Source: Man issues warning after losing thousands during online monkey purchase | Fox17

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Chelsea Clinton: Criticism of Ivanka is fair game

Chelsea Clinton says Ivanka Trump is fair game when it comes to criticism lobbed at the White House.“I think anyone who works for the president,” Clinton said during a Monday “Late Show” appearance, “should expect to be scrutinized for whatever decisions not only he or she is making, but whatever decisions the White House is making on any given day.

”Trump, who serves as a White House adviser, has taken heat for some of President Trump’s policy decisions. The commander in chief’s elder daughter said last year that liberal critics have “unrealistic expectations” of her ability to influence her father’s agenda.She also made headlines last month when she said during an interview during the Olympics that it was “inappropriate” to question her about sexual misconduct allegations against her father.

Source: Chelsea Clinton: Criticism of Ivanka is fair game | TheHill

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Lab-grown ‘clean’ meat could be on sale by end of 2018, says produce

Meat grown in a laboratory could be on restaurant menus by the end of the year, one manufacturer has claimed. In vitro animal products, sometimes referred to as “clean meat”, are made from stem cells harvested via biopsy from living livestock, which are then grown in a lab over a number of weeks. Some environmentalists believe the process could be the key to reducing global warming, with one study predicting it could lower harmful greenhouse emissions by 96 per cent.

Source: Lab-grown ‘clean’ meat could be on sale by end of 2018, says producer | The Independent

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Dozens of students pose nearly nude for campus newspaper’s sex issue

Dozens of students involved in campus groups at Washington University in St. Louis recently posed nearly nude for photos featured in the campus newspaper’s annual sex issue.The racy photos showcased a variety of different clubs on campus.While some students are naked from behind in several photos, exposing their butts, most students strategically positioned stuffed animals, posters or other items in front of their naked bodies. Others posed in bras and underwear.

Several stuck sexually charged poses, while others smiled innocently.(Editor’s note: Here is a link to a PDF of the special edition. Viewer discretion is advised).The photos were published in Student Life, the student newspaper at the private university, as part of its annual “sex issue,” published in mid-February. Some members of the newspaper staff also took a group photo, posing nearly naked behind newspaper clippings.Ella Chochrek, editor in chief of the paper, said in a message to The College Fix that the photos were taken and published as part of the sex issue, but did not elaborate on whether the suggestive images are an annual tradition, as well as the photo spread’s goal.

Source: Dozens of students pose nearly nude for campus newspaper’s sex issue – The College Fix

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Southern Poverty Law Center Smears Women Under Category for ‘Male Supremacy’

Several press outlets have noted that in its latest annual “Hate Tracker,” the Thought Police at the Southern Poverty Law Center have added “Male Supremacy” as a “hate group” category.Associated Press and Reuters stories on SPLC Wednesday ignored their new “Male Supremacy” category. A story at the Arizona Republic and a Newsy video found at many local and regional news sites recognized it, but ignored the group’s smear of women allegedly backing “male supremacy.” The New York Times only carried the AP story and the Reuters story. Predictably, several women’s magazines — including Elle and Ms. — celebrated this development.What they aren’t reporting is that the SPLC has also begun laying the foundation for marginalizing anyone providing intellectual support for mainstream men’s rights activists.The SPLC long ago recognized that tracking the small number of relatively powerless people in white and black nationalist groups (yet somehow exempting the violent, hate-filled, exclusionary Black Lives Matter movement) was a losing proposition. Thus, SPLC has in recent years expanded the scope of its identified “hate groups” to those holding non-violent conservative beliefs:

Source: Southern Poverty Law Center Smears Women Under Category for ‘Male Supremacy’

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Oldest-known message in a bottle found on WA beach 132 years after being tossed overboard 

A Perth family has made an extraordinary historical discovery after becoming bogged on a West Australian beach.Tonya Illman was walking across sand dunes just north of Wedge Island, 180 kilometres north of Perth, when she noticed something sticking out of the sand.”It just looked like a lovely old bottle, so I picked it up thinking it might look good in my bookcase,” she said.But Mrs Illman realised she had likely uncovered something far more special when out fell a damp, rolled up piece of paper tied with string. PHOTO: The world’s oldest-known message in a bottle — a form filled out as part of a German experiment to understand ocean currents. (Supplied: Kym Illman)

“My son’s girlfriend was the one who discovered the note when she went to tip the sand out,” she said.”We took it home and dried it out, and when we opened it we saw it was a printed form, in German, with very faint German handwriting on it.”The message was dated June 12, 1886, and said it had been thrown overboard from the German sailing barque Paula, 950km from the WA coast.After conducting some of their own research online, the Illman family were convinced they had either made an historically significant discovery or fallen victims to an elaborate hoax.

Source: Oldest-known message in a bottle found on WA beach 132 years after being tossed overboard – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Schiff Admits There Is Still No Proof Of Trump

Rep. Adam Schiff conceded Thursday there is still no evidence President Trump or his campaign colluded with Russia to win the election, and made a point of distancing himself from any charges of treason against the president.Schiff has been driving the Trump-Russia collusion narrative on behalf of his party for months from his seat on the House Intelligence Committee, claiming recently he has seen “more than circumstantial” evidence of collusion. But he offered nothing substantial to back up his claim when pressed on “The View” to get specific, and acknowledged hard proof of collusion may never materialize, even after an intensive and months-long investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Source: Schiff Admits There Is Still No Proof Of Trump-Russia Collusion [VIDEO]

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Twitter Keeps Censoring Pro-Life Tweets

Conservative writer Devin Sena tweeted a picture Saturday of a healthy unborn baby with the caption: “This is a human.” He added the hashtag “TriggerALiberalIn4Words.”Twitter chose to suppress the factually accurate tweet as “sensitive material” and warned certain users before they saw it.Before Twitter censorship (Screenshot/Twitter)After censorship (Screenshot/Twitter)“Upon review, we have determined that the media is potentially sensitive and have labeled it accordingly. There will now be a click-through warning message over the media for users whose accounts are set so they are informed before viewing media that may be sensitive,” Twitter said in an email to Sena that was reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation.The email warned that all of Sena’s future tweets could be permanently suppressed in a similar manner if he didn’t self-censor in the future.Twitter has consistently censored pro-lifers who use the platform to raise awareness on behalf of unborn babies. The tech giant in February barred pro-life group Human Coalition from advertising three pro-life tweets:

Source: Twitter Keeps Censoring Pro-Life Tweets | The Daily Caller

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Smoking orangutan riles anger against zoo in Indonesia

A video of an orangutan smoking has brought more criticism of a zoo in Indonesia infamous for past animal welfare troubles.In the video shot Sunday, a young man flicks his half-smoked cigarette into the primate’s enclosure. It’s picked up by the reddish-brown primate, who expertly puffs on it to laughter from the crowd.Activist Marison Guciano said Wednesday the smoking ape is further evidence of a lack of supervision and education at Bandung Zoo, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) southwest of the capital, Jakarta.Guciano said the man committed a crime but the privately owned zoo is mainly responsible because of its “ignorance of supervision and education for visitors.”The zoo has repeatedly made headlines for starving and sick animals. It was temporarily closed in 2016 after a Sumatran elephant that died was found to have bruises on its body.

Source: Smoking orangutan riles anger against zoo in Indonesia

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Suspected Harlow drug dealer lasted 47 days without pooing and has now been released 

A suspected drug dealer who was detained in custody for 47 days without pooing has been released from custody and taken to hospital for treatment.Lamarr Chambers, 24, of Villa Road, Brixton, London was arrested on Wednesday, January 17 after the car he was in was stopped in Parsonage Leys, Harlow and appeared before a court a day later after police suspected he had swallowed drugs.At that hearing, and in several other hearings, the court authorised the detention of Mr Chambers to enable him to pass the drugs police thought were inside him.But after 47 days in custody, Mr Chambers had still not emptied his bowels.Essex Police confirmed that during his time in custody he was routinely supplied with food and water and received medical visits every day.Mr Chambers had been charged with possession with intent to supply Class A drugs and driving matters, but the charges have now been dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Source: Suspected Harlow drug dealer lasted 47 days without pooing and has now been released – Essex Live

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