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Loyal dog refuses to leave hospital where owner died four months ago

A pet dog whose owner was fatally stabbed has made a home for himself in front of the hospital where the man died. The animal, who has no name, has been waiting in front of the Santa Casa de Novo Horizonte hospital in Brazil for four months, according to local media reports.The dog first arrived at the unit after chasing after the ambulance that was transporting his owner, a 59-year-old homeless man, to hospital in October.

The dog first arrived at the unit after chasing after the ambulance that was transporting his owner, a 59-year-old homeless man, to hospital in October.

The man, who had been involved in a street fight, died from his injuries but two months on, the dog continued to wait for him in front of the hospital, Brazil’s O Globo newspaper reported.

Staff at the hospital gave the dog food and water, and they eventually found a local kennels, 3km from the hospital, willing to take him in.

But with a new owner lined up to take him, hospital workers were shocked to find the dog turn up back to the hospital not long after, having escaped the kennels.

Source: Loyal dog refuses to leave hospital where owner died four months ago | The Independent

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Food stamp administrators worry about food box proposal

Hawaii’s food stamp administrator says he was stunned when he first heard that the U.S. Agriculture Department wanted to replace some cash benefits with a pre-assembled package of shelf-stable goods. That changed quickly to frustration, befuddlement and serious concern.”This will wreak havoc on the states,” said Pankaj Bhanot, who serves as director of Hawaii’s Department of Human Services and is in charge of administering the state’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, to roughly 165,000 residents scattered across a series of islands.SNAP administrators across the country shared Bhanot’s reservations about “America’s Harvest Box,” pitched by USDA officials as a way to cut costs and improve efficiency. Administrators say their programs already are efficient, allowing recipients to purchase whatever foods they want directly from retailers, which benefits families, retailers and local economies.

Source: Food stamp administrators worry about food box proposal – ABC News

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A demonic robo-wolf is now protecting Japanese farmlands

Honshu wolves were abundant in Japan until 1732, when rabies reached the island’s shores. Alongside widescale deforestation and a state-funded culling, the disease ultimately led to wolve’s complete extinction. The last specimen was officially killed in 1905 in Nara prefecture.Now, in the farmlands near Kisarazu City, they are making a comeback. However, these aren’t the living, breathing wolves we all know (and fear). Rather, it’s a solar-powered robot that’s meant to look like a wolf. And instead of terrorizing Japanese rice farmers, this big, bad wolf is designed to scare off deer, wild boars and other ‘pests’ that have bred uncontrollably ever since wolves disappeared.

Source: A demonic robo-wolf is now protecting Japanese farmlands

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China’s Long Arm Reaches Into American Campuses

When Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Washington on Sept. 24, 2015 on a state visit, hundreds of Chinese students lined the streets for hours, carrying banners and flags to welcome him. It was a remarkable display of seemingly spontaneous patriotism.Except it wasn’t entirely spontaneous. The Chinese Embassy paid students to attend and helped organize the event. Working with Chinese Students and Scholars Associations (CSSAs) at local universities — a Chinese student organization with branches at dozens of schools around the country — government officials from the office of educational affairs at the Chinese Embassy in Washington collected the contact information of about 700 students who had signed up to attend. Embassy officials communicated with students via WeChat, a Chinese messaging app, during the event and into the night, responding to messages as late as 3 a.m.According to a Chinese student at George Washington University who attended the event, participants each received about $20 for their effort, distributed through the CSSA a few months later.This wasn’t an isolated example of paid political mobilization. A similar arrangement had occurred in February 2012, when Xi visited Washington as vice chairman. In that case, it took almost a year for the embassy to transfer the promised funds to the George Washington CSSA. In January 2013, the student group sent a message, recently reviewed by Foreign Policy, to its members saying the compensation from Xi’s welcome the previous year was finally available, and they could come pick up the cash at the campus community center if they brought a photo ID. The George Washington CSSA did not respond to a request for comment.

Source: China’s Long Arm Reaches Into American Campuses – Foreign Policy

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Gay Conversion Therapist Found Guilty of Having Sex with Male Patients to ‘Cure’ Them

A long-time Toronto psychiatrist, known for administering gay conversion therapy, has been found guilty of sexually abusing two of his male patients.Dr. Melvyn Iscove, 72, has long believed that homosexuality is a disorder that can “be overcome,” and was described by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario discipline committee as having a “special interest in the treatment of patients with problems related to homosexuality.”But the committee also found that the doctor had engaged in oral and anal sex and mutual masturbation with some of his male clients during therapy sessions. The doctor told his patients that engaging in sexual acts was part of their treatment, and would allow them to stop fantasizing about them, according to the report. NowDr. Iscove was found to have engaged in these acts in the 1990s and early 2000s and his license was suspended pending a penalty hearing where it will likely be taken away indefinitely. The doctor denies the allegations and will likely appeal the decision, said his lawyer Alfred Kwinter.

Source: Gay Conversion Therapist Found Guilty of Having Sex with Male Patients to ‘Cure’ Them

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White Helmets Exploit Children to ‘Manufacture Consent’ for ‘Humanitarian’ War in Syria – 21st Century Wire

In Syria we are seeing the unprecedented use of children as propaganda tools to promote a “humanitarian” war to kill more children. No other organisation exploits images of children with such global impact as the NATO-member-state bankrolled White Helmets.This child exploitation will one day be recognised as one of the most egregious crimes committed against the Syrian people, during this seven year conflict, by the US Coalition and its UK/US intelligence-created propaganda construct, the White Helmets.Yesterday Peter Hitchens of the Daily Mail called out the BBC for the use of a “partial source” without informing its audience of the provenance of their report on Eastern Ghouta:“I asked the BBC how they could justify using propaganda footage, allegedly from the Syrian town of Ghouta, on a major news bulletin without any indication that it came from a partial source. They admitted they had done this. They admitted that it was against their rules. But I did not get the impression they were all that bothered, and I would not be surprised to see such stuff again. The BBC ‘reports’ an awful lot of things from Syria which it has no way of checking, from supposed gas attacks by the Assad state to death tolls and films (generally of wounded children being rushed about the place by unarmed young men). It has completely abandoned any semblance of independence or impartiality. How then can it justify its licence fee, collected on these conditions?” (Emphasis added)

Source: White Helmets Exploit Children to ‘Manufacture Consent’ for ‘Humanitarian’ War in Syria – 21st Century Wire

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A 2-year-old locked his mom’s iPhone for 47 years after entering wrong passcode

2-year-old enters wrong passcode, locks mom’s iPhone for 47 yearsNever would have this Shangai mother imagined in her wildest dreams that the iPhone given to her toddler to watch “educational videos” online would cost her the smartphone.According to the South China Morning Post, the mother who has been identified only as Ms. Lu, said that her 2-year-old child entered an incorrect passcode on her iPhone repeatedly that the device has become locked for 47 years.The incident took place in January after the smartphone was given to the child to watch educational videos online. When the mother returned home, she found that her phone had been disabled for 25,114,984 minutes, which is approximately 47 years, due to entering of wrong passcode repeatedly by her child whenever the handset requested for a passcode. With each failed attempt, the lockout period kept increasing.When Ms. Lu visited an Apple Store to get the problem resolved, she was informed by a technician that in order to be able to use the device again, she could either wait for 47 years or just wipe off the phone with a factory reset and then reinstall the files stored on the smartphone.

Source: A 2-year-old locked his mom’s iPhone for 47 years after entering wrong passcode » TechWorm

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Rachel Dolezal’s Netflix Documentary Sparks Backlash on Social Media

Netflix released a clip from its upcoming documentary about Rachel Dolezal – who was born white but spent years posing as a black civil rights leader — and social media exploded with rage and accusations of ‘white privilege.’Several users slammed Netflix for putting Dolezal’s story on its platform, while others urged their followers not to watch the documentary, which debuts on the streamer on April 27.

“At the end of the day, #RachelDolezal was able to secure a Netflix special because of her white privilege. Idcidcidc. Fight me,” one user wrote of The Rachel Divide.“It’s VERY important that we DO NOT watch @netflix #RachelDolezal doc,” wrote another. “We can’t give validity to her ‘plight.’ We vote w/ our views & $, even if you want to hate watch, it would ultimately justify Netflix giving her a voice.

She could’ve been an ally w/o appropriating. Do better.”The two-minute teaser, released this week, shows the pain and anguish that Dolezal’s teenage son Franklin has endured in the years after his mother was confronted about her true identity and her years-long lie unraveled.

Source: Rachel Dolezal’s Netflix Documentary Sparks Backlash on Social Media

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Pastor fakes own kidnap, demands 3 BTC ransom from family

An evangelical pastor from São José dos Campos, Brazil, staged his own kidnapping in an attempt to shake down his own family for 3 (three) BTC. When his family refused to pay the bitcoin ransom, the pastor turned himself in.Alexandre Geraldo dos Anjos (34) — an evangelical pastor of the Assembleia de Deus Missão (Assembly of God Mission), from São José dos Campos, Brazil — was, alas, overcome by greed last week, when he let himself fall into sin and stray from God’s mission.Dos Anjos went missing on Monday, February 26. He was last seen hanging out with another pastor in the Vista Verde neighborhood, in the eastern part of town.When one of Dos Anjos’s friends contacted his family to let them know that he had been abducted and that the kidnappers were asking for 3 bitcoins for his safe release, the family refused to pay the ransom and called the police.

Source: Pastor fakes own kidnap, demands 3 BTC ransom from family

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80 percent of mass shooters showed no interest in video games, researcher says

President Trump met with video game industry representatives Thursday, after saying last month violent video games may play a role in mass shootings. The president met with parents like Melissa Henson.”The kind of messages and images that they are putting in their minds, I think they’re nightly dress rehearsals for huge acts of violence,” she said.But psychologist Patrick Markey’s research shows 80 percent of mass shooters did not show an interest in violent video games.President Trump has said violence in video games may play a role in mass shootings CBS NEWS”It seems like something that should make us safer so it’s a totally understandable reaction,” Markey said. “The problem is just the science, the data, does not back up that they actually have an effect.”Other critics point to the appearance of specific weapons in video games, like a Remington assault rifle pictured in popular game “Call of Duty.” Images of the rifle come from a lawsuit by Sandy Hook parents, who are suing Remington, saying the company bears responsibility for the killings of the 26 children at the school by shooter Adam Lanza in 2012.”He was within this younger male demographic that Remington was trying to sell guns to,” said attorney Josh Koskoff. “What we are seeing here is what I describe as a ‘chickens coming home to roost’ scenario, where you saturate, you sell so recklessly so many of these weapons to this high-risk demographic.”

Source: 80 percent of mass shooters showed no interest in video games, researcher says – CBS News

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Civility & Political Discourse: Usually Worth Striving For | National Review

Maintaining an even temperament and avoiding overstatement and invective can improve our political discourse.America’s two great ideological tribes are in the midst of a similar conflict. It’s the battle over civility, and all too often reason, compassion, and grace are on the losing side. On the left, aggressive social-justice activists scorn engagement and dialogue as “respectability politics” and instead favor the shout-down, the boycott, and the online shame campaign.On the right, online pugilists mock more mainstream or “establishment” conservatives as unwilling to do what it takes to win. They mock conservatives who refuse to make Trump-style attacks and decry Trump-style rhetoric as obsessed with “muh principles.” In the face of a ferocious Left, we just don’t have what it takes — or, as Milo Yiannopoulos said earlier this week in a long piece calling me “the most reliably frustrating person in conservative media,” we’re more prepared to “lose gracefully” than to “be seen as lacking in manners.”First, let’s acknowledge that there’s more than a kernel of truth in these critiques. Civility isn’t always a virtue. There are times when injustice demands a dramatic response. The modern image of Jesus Christ as essentially the nicest person who ever lived is laughably one-dimensional. He compared the Pharisees to “whitewashed tombs.” Jesus cleansed the Temple “with a whip made out of cords.” He modeled grace and compassion. He also modeled righteous anger.Moreover, it’s also true that calls for civility are often one-sided, manipulative, and made in bad faith. It turns out that each ideological tribe is often quite tolerant of the vicious voices on its own side and positively repulsed by anger in response. You see the double standard all the time. The same people who lament the angry voices on Fox News or talk radio will positively thrill to the latest Michael Moore documentary or make excuses for Democratic leaders who just can’t quite bring themselves to condemn Louis Farrakhan.

Source: Civility & Political Discourse: Usually Worth Striving For | National Review

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“Flippy,” the California fast food robot, temporarily decommissioned for being too slow – The Denver Post

He was supposed to revolutionize a California fast food kitchen, churning out 150 burgers per hour without requiring a paycheck or benefits.

Source: “Flippy,” the California fast food robot, temporarily decommissioned for being too slow – The Denver Post

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Mario Kart Is Coming to Google Maps for One Week Only

Mario is hitting the road without a care (or blue shell) in sight as he directs you to your destination.Nintendo announced Friday that it’s teaming up with Google to bring Mario straight to Google Maps on Mario Day. (The abbreviated version of March 10 spells out as Mario, or MAR10.) For one week starting Saturday, Mario and his Go-Kart will replace the ubiquitous car that appears on Google Maps as you take to the road.You can access the new Easter egg with the Google Maps app for iOS and Android. If your app is up-to-date, you’ll see a yellow question mark box at the bottom of your screen when you look up directions. Tap it, and an enthusiastic Mario will be ready to start his journey. When you reach your destination, he’ll add a whoop for emphasis. According to the Verge, you can activate the 1-UP noise by tapping the question mark box 100 times.It’s not the first time Nintendo has launched fun Easter eggs through Google Maps. A couple years ago, users were able to travel the world with Link from Legend of Zelda while an April Fool’s Day gag allowed you to look for Pokémon long before the creation of Pokémon Go.

Source: Mario Kart Is Coming to Google Maps for One Week Only

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Scientists develop pigs for transplants

A team of scientists says it has created a pig that can be used in transplantations in humans.According to the team, which includes researchers from Meiji University and Kyoto Prefectural University, the animal is the first to be developed for transplantation based on national guidelines for xenotransplantation, in which animal organs and cells are transplanted into humans.The team will present its findings at a forum of the Japanese Society for Xenotransplantation in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, on Saturday, and plans to jointly supply the pigs with a private company early next year.More than 200 pig-to-human xenotransplantations have been conducted in New Zealand, Russia and other countries in response to a shortage of organs for transplant, as pig organs are functionally similar to those of humans. No such xenotransplantations have been conducted in Japan.

Source: Scientists develop pigs for transplants – The Japan News

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Chilling discovery as 27 pairs of severed human hands mysteriously wash up on an ice-covered island in Russia

All but one of the 54 hands were in a bag.Another – spotted first by a local – was lying separately on a snow-covered island in the Amur River around 18 miles downstream from the Russian frontier with China.The sinister finds were laid out in the snow for a police picture.They were located at a popular fishing spot, but locals said they had seen nothing suspicious.4The shocking find was made close to the city of Khabarovsk in the Far East of Siberia, close to the border with China4A single hand was spotted lying separately on a snow-covered island in the Amur River around 18 miles downstream from the Russian frontier with ChinaThe Siberian Times said it was a “mystery over who the sinister hands belonged to, when they were chopped off – and why”.Fingerprints were found on one hand, and the others are being checked.One gruesome theory is that the hands could have been axed off as a punishment for theft.Another is that the hands were severed from dead bodies in a hospital – but it is unclear why this would happen.

Source: Chilling discovery as 27 pairs of severed human hands mysteriously wash up on an ice-covered island in Russia

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Comcast Found ‘Accidentally’ Blocking Legitimate Sites — Including PayPal and Steam

The internet is full of bad things: malware, phishing attacks, nefarious ads.  And parents are loathe to let their kids surf, thanks to rampant online piracy and pornography.Comcast’s Xfinity broadband internet service has solution for all of that.  It’s called ‘Protected Browsing,’ and it promises to block the bad stuff.The only problem is that a lot of good stuff is getting caught in Xfinity’s protective web.  Like Paypal and gaming hub Steam, both of which were recently deemed threats by the Xfinity ‘Protected Browsing’ feature.  The discovery highlights the extreme power that ISPs like Comcast wield over every site and service online, a power that may soon be exploited with net neutrality laws repealed.+ Oregon to Become the Second U.S. State to Pass a Net Neutrality LawThe issue was first reported by Torrentfreak, which ironically found itself blocked by ‘Protected Browser’.  Torrentfreak reports on developments in the torrenting and piracy space, including heavy coverage of enforcement, litigation, and latest innovations.

Source: Comcast Found ‘Accidentally’ Blocking Legitimate Sites — Including PayPal and Steam

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Twitter wants everyone to get a blue verification badge

Have you always wanted a blue Twitter verification badge? You’ll (eventually) be able to get one, according to CEO Jack Dorsey.In a very casual Periscope livestream on Thursday, Dorsey said that he wants to verify everyone on Twitter, a continuation of the plan Twitter laid out a few years ago when it asked users to apply for verification online.That program as been suspended since the fall, when Twitter got major backlash for verifying a few white supremacists. But it appears that Dorsey is open to relaunching some version of it once Twitter figures out how it should work.“The intention is to open verification to everyone,” Dorsey said from a conference room at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters. “And to do it in a way that is scalable [so] we’re not in the way and people can verify more facts about themselves and we don’t have to be the judge and imply any bias on our part.”Part of the problem historically for Twitter’s verification policy is that it felt like a blue checkmark served as an endorsement by the company, like we approve of this user. That’s not what a verification is intended for, says David Gasca, one of Twitter’s product directors.

Source: Twitter wants everyone to get a blue verification badge – Recode

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