The Amsterdam Pirate Party is using its leader’s penis to promote privacy

In the age of online campaigns, you’d expect political parties which specialize in tech — like the Pirate Party — to have elections in the bag by employing some digital voodoo. However, it seems that the Amsterdam Pirate Party is going with a more old school approach to grabbing voters’ attention: nudity.According to Dutch news site FOK! the Pirate Party has hung up posters all over the city of Amsterdam featuring a naked photo of the city’s party leader, Jelle de Graaf, holding a banner saying “Nothing to hide.”

The picture — which you can find a NSFW version of here — isn’t meant to draw voters attention to de Graaf’s genitalia in the municipal elections on March 21, but rather the citizens’ right to privacy.

“Opponents of the right to privacy usually say that they don’t have anything to hide,” de Graaf told TNW in a phone interview. “But I disagree. I think everybody has something to hide, although I might have little bit less to hide after this poster.”

Source: The Amsterdam Pirate Party is using its leader’s penis to promote privacy

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