How To Download Your Facebook Data

A Grain of Saul is a weekly column that digs into some of the biggest issues we face as a nation and as an international community in search of reliable data, realistic solutions, and — most importantly — hope.  Facebook has a startling amount of data on everyone who uses the social media platform. And we helped upload it. Last week, a whistleblower revealed that the data firm Cambridge Analytica allegedly harvested data on millions of Facebook users for a targeted political campaign to help President Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. (Cambridge Analytica contends that the data was not part of its work for the Trump campaign.) Social media users are understandably wondering what kind of data Facebook has accumulated about them and how it is protecting that data.  Days before Wylie came forward, I had already begun work on a story (this story) about a little-known feature on Facebook that lets you download in a single .zip file some of the personal data that the platform stores. The discovery that Cambridge Analytica had managed to leverage Facebook’s scale is undoubtedly shocking, but it’s worth putting in context with the wealth of information the platform has collected about private individuals — myself included.

Source: How To Download Your Facebook Data

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