Body mod fans DRILLING HOLES in heads to expand their MINDS

Trepanning, the act of drilling a hole into your skull and allowing it to heal over, is one trend starting to gain more traction on the underground body mod scene.

Body mod expert and the man responsible for promoting the “Bagelhead” movement, Ryoichi Keroppy Maeda, gave Daily Star Online his take on the strange phenomenon.

The process dates back more than 8,000 years, but could still be a bridge too far for extreme modding, he said.

Keroppy said: “Trepanation is simply the first step. I think new modification of the brain of the skull is coming in the future.

“Humans started trepanning millennia ago. Why would they do this? I’ve been told it expands your mind. Elevating your consciousness.

Source: Body mod fans DRILLING HOLES in heads to expand their MINDS

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