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YouTube removed 6 million sketchy videos before anyone ever saw them in Q4 2017

As the world’s largest video platform, YouTube has a responsibility to police its network to ensure that it doesn’t host videos that violate its community guidelines – meaning no sexually explicit, hateful, or gratuitously violent content.

It’s made plenty of mistakes in its effort to do so, including removing legit videos, monetizing channels promoting pedophilia and Nazis, accidentally blocking numerous alt-right channels, and allowing its search engine to autosuggest some disturbing queries. Now, it’s revealed some interesting numbers that illustrate just how much crap it has to deal with.

In its first-ever quarterly Community Guidelines enforcement report, the company noted that it removed some 8.3 million videos that violated its terms of service between October and December 2017 – of which some 6.7 million were flagged automatically by its bots, and 75 percent of those were removed before they racked up a single view.

That’s heartening to know: as numerous stories dating back to 2012 indicate, content moderation jobs at companies like YouTube and Facebook, which require staffers to watch scores of flagged videos which often contain horrific content can crush employees’ souls. The more of that that we can entrust to machines, the better.

Source: YouTube removed 6 million sketchy videos before anyone ever saw them in Q4 2017

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Scientists finally confirm that Uranus is surrounded by fart clouds

Sometimes science simply confirms what we already know to be true. You know what I’m talking about: researchers will find evidence that losing sleep makes you cranky and bad at your job, that eating lots of vegetables is good for your gut, or that Uranus is surrounded by a noxious fart cloud.

Indeed, the new findings on the latter published in Nature Astronomy come as no surprise to those who’ve spent time closely examining Uranus. More than a year ago, planetary scientists told Gizmodo’sRyan F. Mandelbaum that the essence of this ice giant’s scent would probably be dominated by ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide gives rotten eggs their stink, but it’s also associated with the odor of a human fart.

Still, scientists had never directly detected the presence of these stinky molecules. Until now, that is. The authors of the new study examined sunlight bouncing off Uranus as captured by the 8-meter Gemini North telescope in Hawaii. Scientists determined what sorts of molecules were inside the atmosphere by examining the light it reflected in infrared. Different compounds absorb and cast off different wavelengths of light—creating a distinct and identifiable signature if you know what to look for. Think of it as dusting for fingerprints, but instead of a suspect, you’re looking for molecular compounds. The group says they were just barely able to detect the signatures they sought; it took a telescope as sensitive as Gemini and conditions as clear and perfect as those found at its home on Mauna Kea. Even though no one has ever smelt it, scientists can now say with certainty which molecules have dealt it.

Source: Scientists finally confirm that Uranus is surrounded by fart clouds

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3D Print 206 Make Your Own Articulated Critters in Tinkercad

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NC woman accused of trying to steal babies says she just wanted to give them bibles

The woman who was denied entry into a North Carolina children’s hospital, charged with felonies and then accused of attempting to steal babies denied that’s what she was trying to do, according to a phone interview she did with TV station WECT.

Linda Mae Everett, 36, entered patient care areas without authorization on April 5 after she was denied initial entry into the children’s hospital at New Hanover Regional Medical Center, according to the hospital.

EARLIER: WARNING: Woman may be trying to abduct babies from NC, SC hospitals, officials say

Hospital staff, upon seeing Everett did not have a visitor’s badge, alerted NHRMC police, who responded and questioned her. Based on Everett’s unauthorized entry into patient care areas, Everett was charged with three counts of felony breaking and entering.

Barbara Buechler, hospital administrator for the Women’s and Children’s unit says the hospital has an extensive layered security system in place, and the first line of defense was breached.

Source: NC woman accused of trying to steal babies says she just wanted to give them bibles

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An FM Transceiver From An Unexpected Chip

The Si47xx series of integrated circuits from Silicon Labs is a fascinating series of consumer broadcast radio products, chips that apply SDR technologies to deliver a range of functions that were once significantly more complex, with minimal external components and RF design trickery.  [Kodera2t] was attracted to one of them, the Si4720, which boasts the unusual function of containing both a receiver and a transmitter for the FM broadcast band and is aimed at mobile phones and similar devices that send audio to an FM car radio. The result is a PCB with a complete transceiver controlled by an ATmega328 and sporting an OLED display, and an interesting introduction to these devices.

Source: An FM Transceiver From An Unexpected Chip

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Colombia could use drones to fight cocaine production

Colombia’s police could start using drones to tackle a five-year surge in cocaine production that has jeopardized relations with the United States.

State contracting documents show that anti-narcotics police in the South Americancountry have hired a local company to test drones for spraying herbicides on fields of coca, the base material for cocaine.

The remote-controlled devices will be expected to eradicate 8 hectares (20 acres) of coca per day, while carrying approximately 10 liters (2 gallons) of herbicide on every flight.

Source: Colombia could use drones to fight cocaine production

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NBC Comedy: Unborn Child a ‘Parasite,’ Like ‘a Bag of Garbage’

NBC’s comedy Superstore joined the ranks of other Hollywood shows that devalue unborn human life, likening a preborn baby to a “horrible parasite eating and pissing inside” of the surrogate mother and comparing him/her to a “bag of garbage” who should “figure out its own gender.”

Thursday night’s episode “Gender Reveal,” had surrogate mother Dina (Lauren Ash), an employee of “Cloud 9” superstore who is carrying a baby for her boss Glenn (Mark McKinney) and his wife Jerusha (Kerri Kenney), become frightened after seeing the unborn child she’s carrying for the first time on a 4D sonogram.

It’s all becoming too real for Dina and she is sent into a panic when customers all share horrific birth stories and she watches a documentary on farm animal births. She walks up to Glenn and tells him she needs to talk to him. When he asks if something is wrong, she says, “No, no, no. They just sent us the wrong receipt paper again, and I also decided I no longer want to carry your baby, so we’ll just go over all that.” Which leads to the conversation where she compares the baby to a bag of garbage. Dina has this idea that she can somehow transfer the baby from her womb to someone else’s, like “moving a bag of garbage from the kitchen to the side of the house.”

Source: NBC Comedy: Unborn Child a ‘Parasite,’ Like ‘a Bag of Garbage’

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