What can a fake gorilla teach us about the search for space aliens?

It seems there’s a bit of consternation over the fact that our six-decade effort to find extraterrestrial intelligence hasn’t paid off. What’s wrong? Why haven’t we seen even the slightest sign of other cosmic inhabitants?

The scientists involved in the search have a straightforward answer: We haven’t looked long enough — or hard enough. That makes sense. But some folks have another take: Maybe we’re missing the boat because we’re looking for the wrong kind of boat.

 In an article published recently in the journal Acta Astronautica, psychologists at the University of Cadiz in Spain argue that — because of our preconceived notions about what form aliens would take and how they might make their presence known — we may have developed tunnel vision in our search for E.T. Perhaps we’re overlooking other, possibly obvious evidence.

Source: What can a fake gorilla teach us about the search for space aliens?

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