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Coach Says He Was Fired for Not Having Enough White Players

The coach says he was directed by the school’s president to give white players more time on the field in order to “connect with the school’s alumni.”

Nick Strom, a Varsity football coach at Camden Catholic High School, says he was fired for not giving white players enough time on the field.

A South Jersey football coach claims he was fired because he didn’t have enough white players on his roster.

Camden Catholic High School informed Nick Strom on Friday that his contract as a history teacher would not be renewed for next year. Strom was asked to resign from his posts as head football and golf coach and was fired Monday night.

Strom says he was directed by Camden Catholic’s president Mary Whipkey to give white players more time on the field in order to “connect with the school’s alumni.” Whipkey denied this however, saying she never discussed race with him.

Strom’s attorney confirmed his client learned in a letter Friday that he was being let go for violating campus dress code, confronting a fellow teacher in front of students and leaving class early to prepare for golf practice. Some parents at the school are outraged over the firing and are planning a private meeting Tuesday night to discuss it.

Source: Coach Says He Was Fired for Not Having Enough White Players

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The world’s first blockchain toothbrush lets you mine coins by brushing your teeth · TechNode

Blockchain is the biggest buzzword of the year. However, we are just now beginning to see what silly creative ways will this technology be applied. The newest example from China is a blockchain-based toothbrush by Shenzhen-based 32Teeth, currently crowdfunding the project through the JD Finance platform.

The company aims to make your teeth really clean by applying not only blockchain technology, but also facial recognition, sensors, and big data. If the company delivers its promise, the toothbrush is likely to become a favorite among OCD suffererssuperheroes. The toothbrush app offers precise identification of 16 tooth surface cleanliness levels, analyzes users’ brushing activity data, and offers a powerful intelligent reminder. It even has AR function which gives you an inside look (literally) into how you brush your teeth.

Source: The world’s first blockchain toothbrush lets you mine coins by brushing your teeth · TechNode

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Bread and water fed to pupils who forgot lunch money

Aprimary school has warned parents that if their children’s dinner money is not paid they will be fed only bread, fruit and water.

Children who run into arrears of more than £6.60 at Mount Pleasant Primary School in Shrewsbury will also have to eat their meagre meal in a separate room, away from their classmates.

Mother Jamie-Lee Heath, whose daughter was in two days’ arrears, likened the policy to something from a Charles Dickens novel.

Source: Bread and water fed to pupils who forgot lunch money

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Researchers have developed an ultrathin and flexible membrane, less than a thousandth of a millimeter thick, that can be placed onto a contact lens, enabling the wearer to essentially shoot lasers from their eyes.

The membrane, which was developed by scientists from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, is made from an organic semiconducting polymer—a broad class of materials that consist of many repeated chains of molecular units. It emits very low-powered laser light when illuminated by another laser.

Each membrane is able to produce a unique “barcode”—a well-defined series of laser beams in the form of sharp lines. This could have applications in identification technology as a kind of wearable security tag, according to the researchers.

continue http://www.newsweek.com/ultrathin-film-invented-which-lets-you-shoot-lasers-your-eyes-908641

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Dolls’ heads used to lobby Swindon pothole repairs

Pothole head, Wroughton, WiltshireImage copyrightNEVILLE DAYTONA
Image captionNeville Daytona said he gets the dolls from charity shops

Dolls’ heads have been popping up in a large pothole in a road.

Submerged chest deep in water, they were placed in Mill Lane, Swindon, by local resident Neville Daytona.

The father-of-three said he was fed up with the crater being “barricaded off for months” and had turned to “doll power” to get the hole filled.

The council said the pothole had kept reappearing after being fixed several times. Highways England would be fixing the “underlying issue”, it added.

The first “rustic” looking mermaid doll appeared on the motorway bridge across the M4, three weeks ago – much to the amusement of local drivers.

But a week later Mr Daytona said “someone took her” and she had to be replaced by another “Lady of the Holes”.

“I get them from charity shops, they’re just the heads so I don’t have to cut any dolls in half,” he said.

“But I thought she needed a hat so I was wandering around the shops with this head looking and finally got a bow.”

Pothole head, Wroughton, WiltshireImage copyrightNEVILLE DAYTONA
Image captionOne motorist said she “loved spotting that sinking lady”

Mr Daytona, who lives in nearby Wroughton, said the pothole had been there for months and had “got worse” after the council filled it.

He said he decided on dolls because he thought it would be funny for drivers to “see a big head in the middle of the road”.

continue http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-wiltshire-43962444

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