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Serial ‘Bomb-Threat’ Hoaxer Still Calling in Threats from Prison 

Israeli police traced two phony bomb threats back to a teenager currently awaiting trial for conveying more than 2,000 similar threats to Jewish Community Centers, police stations, and other public places. The calls, according to local news outlets, originated from the prison in Israel where the 19-year-old has been staying since his March 2017 arrest.

The teenager, according to court documents filed in his April 2017 indictment, earned more than $200,000 in Bitcoin by offering his services on Alphabay. His arrest raised several questions that remain unanswered. For instance, if he sold his services on the darknet, who targeted (ordered or purchased threats) primarily Jewish Community Centers? According to the documents filled last year, the Israeli-American teenager’s computer contained a number of text files that contained the login and password to various darknet market buyer and vendor accounts. Many of the accounts he had created and controlled, the FBI explained.

The names on the text documents and folders indicated that he had phished some of the accounts from Alphabay forum members. One file was titled “ALPHABAY FORUM VENDOR ACCOUNTS SCAM TO DELETE.” The FBI wrote that many of the accounts possibly been used to create fake feedback for the services he allegedly offered. While many of the files connected the teenager to Alphabay but proved insignificant in building a case, a small number of files both incriminated the suspect and revealed that he had accomplices.

Source: Serial ‘Bomb-Threat’ Hoaxer Still Calling in Threats from Prison – Deep Dot Web

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