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Is Google Planning To Kill Android? Will Fuchsia OS Replace Android?

Ever since Google started teasing its mysterious Fuchsia operating system in 2016, it has been making headlines now and then. There have been repeated rumors of Google looking to use Fuchsia in place of its Android and Chrome OS operating systems.

In a recent development, XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman spotted  Fuschia OS in AOSP’s ART (Android runtime) branch. This finding is very crucial for the future of Google’s smartphone plans. This feature, theoretically, means that Android apps would be able to run on Fuchsia operating system.

Down the line, if Google plans to replace the Android operating system with Fuchsia, this functionality will be the most critical one. It’ll allow the users to use the same Android apps on their Fuchsia-powered devices.

Source: Is Google Planning To Kill Android? Will Fuchsia OS Replace Android?

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