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Bullies were shutting down America’s lemonade stands. These lawyers work for big lemonade.

‘Tastes like justice:’ Country Time will reimburse kids fined for their lemonade stands

“When life gives you arcane laws, make lemonade.”

And call Legal-Ade.

That’s the message Kraft Heinz’s lemonade brand Country Time is selling to young entrepreneurs and their summertime businesses.

That would be: children and their lemonade stands.

More specifically: children who get fined for running lemonade stands without a permit.

Take Autumn Thomasson, a 6-year-old California girl with long blonde hair and gold nail polish.

“My lemonade stand got shut down because I didn’t have a permit,” Thomasson said in a Legal-Ade video. “It was unfair.”

Now, Country Time wants to assure Thomasson and all lemon squeezers under 5 feet tall that this summer, things will be different.

“We heard a couple of these stories happening and frankly, didn’t believe that they were real,” said Adam Butler, Kraft Heinz’s general manager for beverages and nuts. “You look into it and, wow, this is actually real. We huddled up and decided we’ve got to do something about this.”

Source: Bullies were shutting down America’s lemonade stands. These lawyers work for big lemonade.

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Couple loses child custody after stuffed lion purportedly transmitting the word of God acted as its lawyer


A B.C. couple whose religious views are too extreme even for churches and pastors and put them at odds with family, doctors, social workers and anyone else trying to help them with their daughter, have lost their battle for custody of her.

The unusual child custody trial featured the couple speaking in tongues to a stuffed animal they said transmitted the word of God directly to them and refusing legal assistance because Jesus Christ — through the stuffed lion — was their lawyer, witness and judge.

In November, when the girl was one, the Provincial Court of British Columbia formally declared she was in need of protection and placed her in provincial custody, a decision the parents appealed to the B.C. Supreme Court. The parents claimed the judge violated their Charter rights, discriminated against them as Christians and made procedural errors.

Both parents were raised in Christian homes, she in Ontario and he in B.C., but strayed from their roots until reconnecting with their beliefs as adults. They met in 2014 and shared a mutual interest in their own emerging view of the Christian faith and were privately married a year later, court heard.

continue http://vancouversun.com/news/canada/religiously-extreme-couple-loses-child-custody-after-stuffed-lion-purportedly-transmitting-the-word-of-god-acted-as-their-lawyer/wcm/cbd1782b-5589-406c-818c-b3d20f47b6f3

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Large-scale, sustainable 3D printing with cellulose

Cellulose is one of the most abundant and broadly distributed organic compound and industrial by-product on Earth. Yet, despite decades of extensive research, the bottom-up use of cellulose to fabricate 3D objects is still plagued with problems that restrict its practical applications: derivatives with vast polluting effects, used in combination with plastics, lack of scalability and high production cost. For more information see the IDTechEx report on 3D printing materials 2018-2028.   However, researchers from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) have recently demonstrated the use of cellulose to sustainably manufacture/fabricate large 3D objects. Their approach diverges from the common association of cellulose with green plants and is inspired by the wall of the fungus-like oomycetes, which is reproduced introducing small amounts of chitin between cellulose fibers. The resulting fungal-like adhesive material(s) (FLAM) are strong, lightweight and inexpensive, and can be molded or processed using woodworking techniques.
Read more at: https://www.3dprintingprogress.com/articles/14490/large-scale-sustainable-3d-printing-with-cellulose?rsst2id=9

Source: Large-scale, sustainable 3D printing with cellulose | 3D Printing Progress

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Char wins sexiest cow in Britain award 

(Picture: RAGT Seeds / SWNS.com) Yes, there is an actual competition where people judge cows on their sexiness. And Char, a Jersey cow living on Gooseform Farm in the Culm Valley, Devon, is the winner, now holding the official title of the sexiest cow in Britain. It takes a lot to win the sexiest cow award – but Char had it in the bag with her swept back hair and the white accents above her eyes. The competition was set up by seed company RAGT Seeds, which aims to find the sexiest cow in the UK.

continue https://metro.co.uk/2018/06/12/char-wins-sexiest-cow-in-britain-award-7624126/

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AI Nationalism

For the past 9 months I have been presenting versions of this talk to AI researchers, investors, politicians and policy makers. I felt it was time to share these ideas with a wider audience. Thanks to the Ditchley conference on Machine Learning in 2017 for giving me a fantastic platform to get early feedback on my ideas. Thanks also to Nathan BenaichJack ClarkMatt CliffordJeff DingPaul GrahamMichael PageNick SrnicekYancey Strickler and Michelle You for helpful conversations and feedback on this piece.


The central prediction I want to make and defend in this post is that continued rapid progress in machine learning will drive the emergence of a new kind of geopolitics; I have been calling it AI Nationalism. Machine learning is an omni-use technology that will come to touch all sectors and parts of society. The transformation of both the economy and the military by machine learning will create instability at the national and international level forcing governments to act. AI policy will become the single most important area of government policy. An accelerated arms race will emerge between key countries and we will see increased protectionist state action to support national champions, block takeovers by foreign firms and attract talent. I use the example of Google, DeepMind and the UK as a specific example of this issue. This arms race will potentially speed up the pace of AI development and shorten the timescale for getting to AGI. Although there will be many common aspects to this techno-nationalist agenda, there will also be important state specific policies. There is a difference between predicting that something will happen and believing this is a good thing. Nationalism is a dangerous path, particular when the international order and international norms will be in flux as a result and in the concluding section I discuss how a period of AI Nationalism might transition to one of global cooperation where AI is treated as a global public good.

Source: AI Nationalism

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Lawsuit: Woman ‘unable to enjoy life’ after falling on vomit at Bass Pro

A woman filed a lawsuit against Bass Pro Shops after she slipped and fell on vomit.

The incident happened at Bass Pro at the Pyramid on May 14.

The lawsuit states the woman walked into the store and slipped and fell. It states there were no warning signs, towels, mats, or any other warnings in the store.

According to the lawsuit store workers knew about the mess and neglected to clean it or issue any warnings for customers.

The customer said the fall caused her severe left foot pain, left thumb pain, left shoulder pain, back and neck pain, as well as great fright and shock, temporary and permanent disfigurement, great physical pain and suffering, great mental emotional anguish, medical expenses, and “inability to enjoy the normal pleasures of life.”

She is seeking $140,000 in damages as well as medical costs.

Bass Pro Shops said it could not issue a comment on the allegations in the lawsuit because the litigation is still pending.

Source: Lawsuit: Woman ‘unable to enjoy life’ after falling on vomit at Bass Pro

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Tyson Foods introduces snack brand made from food waste

SPRINGDALE, ARK. — The new Yappah protein crisp snack product from Tyson Foods, Inc. is made from such ingredients as chicken breast trim, rescued vegetable puree from juicing and spent grain from beer brewing. The new product is part of the Yappah brand, which is designed to be an umbrella under which future products will be launched that help address social and sustainability challenges related to food, according to the company.

The Yappah protein crisps come in four varieties, two made with vegetable puree and two made with spent grain. The vegetable puree varieties come in chicken carrot curry and chicken celery mojo flavors. The spent grain items are available in chicken I.P.A. white cheddar and chicken shandy beer flavors.

“With the protein crisps we are taking ‘forgotten’ ingredients and crafting them into a delicious protein snack,” said Rizal Hamdallah, head of Tyson Foods’ Innovation Lab. “For the Yappah brand, sustainability is not an add-on, it’s our D.N.A. Fighting food waste is just the beginning.”

The brand is not currently available in retail outlets. It is available on Indiegogo, a crowd-funding platform through the month of May. That launch will be followed by a 90-day pilot at one Chicago-based supermarket.

continue https://www.foodbusinessnews.net/articles/11907-tyson-foods-introduces-snack-brand-made-from-food-waste

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Biologists Have Discovered an Underwater Octopus City And They’re Calling It Octlantis

At the end of last year, scientists discovered a small octopus city – dubbed Octlantis – a find that suggests members of the gloomy octopus species (Octopus tetricus) are perhaps not the isolated and solitary creatures we thought they were.

Octlantis features dens made out of piles of sand and shells, and is home to up to 15 of the cephalopods, according to marine biologists. They recorded 10 hours of video footage of the site, which lies 10 to 15 metres (33 to 49 feet) under the water and measures 18 by 4 metres (59 by 13 feet).

The international team of researchers saw the gloomy octopuses meeting up, living together, communicating with each other, chasing unwelcome octopuses away, and even evicting each other from dens – so it seems Octlantis can be quite a rough place to live.

“These behaviours are the product of natural selection, and may be remarkably similar to vertebrate complex social behaviour,” lead researcher David Scheel, from Alaska Pacific University, told Ephrat Livni at Quartz.

Source: Biologists Have Discovered an Underwater Octopus City And They’re Calling It Octlantis

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