Lawsuit: Woman ‘unable to enjoy life’ after falling on vomit at Bass Pro

A woman filed a lawsuit against Bass Pro Shops after she slipped and fell on vomit.

The incident happened at Bass Pro at the Pyramid on May 14.

The lawsuit states the woman walked into the store and slipped and fell. It states there were no warning signs, towels, mats, or any other warnings in the store.

According to the lawsuit store workers knew about the mess and neglected to clean it or issue any warnings for customers.

The customer said the fall caused her severe left foot pain, left thumb pain, left shoulder pain, back and neck pain, as well as great fright and shock, temporary and permanent disfigurement, great physical pain and suffering, great mental emotional anguish, medical expenses, and “inability to enjoy the normal pleasures of life.”

She is seeking $140,000 in damages as well as medical costs.

Bass Pro Shops said it could not issue a comment on the allegations in the lawsuit because the litigation is still pending.

Source: Lawsuit: Woman ‘unable to enjoy life’ after falling on vomit at Bass Pro

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