Saudi Arabia’s model-less ‘ghost fashion show’ ridiculed online

Video clips of a fashion show in Saudi Arabia have caused a social media frenzy for replacing the much-loved fashion model with a different kind of clothes horse.

Gowns and accessories – from Dolce & Gabbana no less – glided down the runway not draped over the usual six-foot-tall twenty-something but hanging limply from a drone.

Lest we forget, fashion shows in the ultra-conservative kingdom follow a different set of rules. Despite hosting the inaugral Riyadh fashion week last month, audiences remained female-only, and male fashion designers were not allowed backstage even at their own shows.

The event organisers, who say the use of drones in such a way is a first for the kingdom, called the show Ramadan appropriate.

Source: Saudi Arabia’s model-less ‘ghost fashion show’ ridiculed online

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