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Liberals Have Issues Being Friends With Trump Supporters

If you’re an outspoken Trump supporter, then this study shouldn’t surprise you.

Chances are you’ve already lost almost all of your liberal friends the moment they realized you weren’t one of them. The ones still hanging around are probably making your life miserable with their incessant tweets attempting to undermine your support of the president with phony media reports, innuendo’s, anonymous sources and rumors.

The Pew Study chronicled the aftermath of the historic 2016 Presidential Election and discovered that liberals were more likely to “unfriend” a friend on social media because of political differences.

The study also found that most liberals live in homogeneous places,  where interacting with diverse political points of view rarely occurs.

Data from the Pew Research Journalism Project shows that conservatives are more likely to have their political views challenged on social media, and liberals are more likely to block or unfriend someone online because they disagree with something they have posted.

However perhaps the most interesting data gathered from the research found that 47% of Liberal Democrats say having a friend who supports President Trump would actually affect their friendship negatively, while only 13% of Conservative Republicans say a friend’s support of Hillary Clinton would affect their friendship negatively.

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