Super-rich having brains FROZEN for £80,000 to get SECOND LIFE

They are paying a fortune to have them cryogenically preserved in liquid nitrogen in the hope of a new life. But it doesn’t come cheap – having your grey matter frozen for up to 200 years will set you back £80,000.

The service is being offered by the Alcor Life Extension Foundation based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company is headed up by Bristol-born scientist Dr Max More, inset, and his team of eight people.

It has 1,100 paying members on its books. The terminally ill, the elderly and people in their 50s have all signed up in the hope that one day they can be thawed out and their medical problems or diseases cured.

Some are paying £200,000 for full body preservation, where they are hung upside down in steel cylinders. One businessman convinced that he will wake up in the future after his brain has been placed inside another body spoke exclusively to the Daily Star Sunday.

Source: Super-rich having brains FROZEN for £80,000 to get SECOND LIFE

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