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New MacBooks will disconnect microphone when lid is closed

Apple unveiled new Macs and iPads on Tuesday and has pushed out security updates for macOS (Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra), iOS, watchOS, tvOS, Safari, iTunes, and iCloud for Windows.

Among the various vulnerabilities fixed is an ICMP packet-handling vulnerability in the XNU kernel that could be exploited remotely to achieve code execution on, extract data from, or crash macOS powered devices (as demonstrated in the following video):

Closed MacBooks disable microphone

During the Apple event that presented the new devices to the world, Apple has also revealed that all new Mac portables (MacBooks) that have the T2 security chip built in automatically disable the microphone when the lid of the device is closed.

Source: Apple releases security updates, says new MacBooks will disconnect microphone when lid is closed – Help Net Security

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Sweden to launch helpline for those who beat their partners

The helpline has been influenced by a successful scheme in the UK. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
A new domestic violence helpline is launching in Sweden. But it’s not the victims who they want to get in touch, it’s the perpetrators.
The helpline, which will be launched next January, will take calls from people who subject their partners or children to violent attacks,  or who are worried they might do so in future, and give them advice on how to stop it happening.
“Every year about 30,000 victims ring the Swedish National Women’s Helpline, but there is no obvious way of getting into contact with those perpetrating the violence,” Christina Ericson, who is leading the project at the County Administrative Board of Stockholm, told Swedish state broadcaster SVT.
The pilot project is a joint venture between the county administrations of Skåne and Stockholm, and has inspired by the Respect Helpline for perpetrators of domestic violence launched in the UK in 2006.

Source: Sweden to launch helpline for those who beat their partners

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