Treasury won’t commit to putting Harriet Tubman on $20 bill: senator

Treasury won't commit to putting Harriet Tubman on $20 bill: senator

The Trump administration hasn’t commited to an Obama-era pledge to put abolitionist and civil rights hero Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, according to a statement from a Senate Democrat.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) told The New York Times that the Treasury Department responded to her letter — which was questioning the status of the change originally announced by the Obama administration in April 2016 — by claiming that no designs for the $20 bill or plans to include Tubman’s image had been finalized.

“The redesign of the next currency series is still in the early stages, and neither the final designs nor all features have been finalized for the new notes,” Treasury Department assistant secretary Drew Maloney wrote to Shaheen.

“For this reason, the department is unable to provide additional information regarding the potential designs at this time.”

Source: Treasury won’t commit to putting Harriet Tubman on $20 bill: senator

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‘Baby daddy’ cards to be removed from Target stores amid accusations of racism

Both Target and American Greetings have apologized to customers and say cards depicting a black couple kissing with the words “baby daddy” in the foreground will be removed from stores following social media uproar.

When Takeisha Saunders found the card, meant for Father’s Day, at her local Target in May, she took to Facebook to express her disappointment.

“You CANNOT be serious Target!!!! Really!!!?!!!!? This was the only Father’s Day card that featured a black couple!!!!!!” she wrote.

Source: ‘Baby daddy’ cards to be removed from Target stores amid accusations of racism

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Counting Bees With A Raspberry Pi

Even if keeping bees sounds about as wise to you as keeping velociraptors (we all know how that movie went), we have to acknowledge that they are a worthwhile thing to have around. We don’t personally want them around us of course, but we respect those who are willing to keep a hive on their property for the good of the environment. But as it turns out, there are more challenges to keeping bees than not getting stung: you’ve got to keep track of the things too.

Keeping an accurate record of how many bees are coming and going, and when, is a rather tricky problem. Apparently bees don’t like electromagnetic fields, and will flee if they detect them. So putting electronic measuring devices inside of the hive can be an issue. [Mat Kelcey] decided to try counting his bees with computer vision, and so far the results are very promising.

Source: Counting Bees With A Raspberry Pi


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Academic Group Says FAA is Too Tough on Drones 

National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) said in a report yesterday the FAA is often “overly conservative” and should weigh the overall benefits of drones instead of focusing only on their risk to airplanes and helicopters. (The full report can be purchased for $45.)

Introducing drone operations into the nation’s airspace can provide substantial benefits to society, such as preventing derailments, inspecting cell phone towers, delivering medical devices to patients in cardiac distress, and assisting firefighters, said the NASEM report. The report said the FAA’s tendency to “overestimate the severity and likelihood of risks from many types of drone operations, can be a significant barrier to introduction and development of this emerging and rapidly changing technology.”

The NASEM report cited examples of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) reducing risks and saving lives. Earlier this year, a drone reportedly saved two swimmers in New South Wales, Australia, who were caught in rough ocean surf.  A lifeguard supervisor spotted the swimmers in trouble and used a drone to drop an inflatable device.

Source: Academic Group Says FAA is Too Tough on Drones – Inside Towers

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Radio Reporter Who Lost Voice Returns To Air Using App Built From Archived Audio

As I sat in my doctor’s office last Friday morning outside of the nation’s capital, President Donald Trump was holding forth on the South Lawn of the White House. Russia should be back in the G-7. He might issue more pardons. He wasn’t backing off on his fight over trade barriers. It was yet another time over the last two years that while the President was making major news, I was visiting yet another medical professional in the pursuit of answers – what happened to my voice, and will it ever come back?

The answer is – I don’t know. And my many doctors don’t know, either.

My voice is in there. From time to time, words fall out of my mouth that sound normal. But for the most part, I can’t speak more than one or two words at a time before it goes haywire.

And that’s a problem for someone who has been doing news on the radio since 1983.

The medical diagnosis is tongue protrusion dystonia – which basically means my tongue isn’t working correctly, as it pops out of my mouth when I talk, causing problems for my speech.

Source: With my voice still gone, time for Jamie Dupree 2.0 | Jamie Dupree – AJC

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Why are Earth’s oldest baobab trees dying?

Baobab trees are ancient, iconic structures with stalky branches that jut out haphazardly from rugged, thick trunks. These odd-looking trees can grow to an enormous size and are found in low-lying areas in Africa and Australia.

Baobabs are sometimes known as upside-down trees because their spindly branches look like roots reaching up to the sky. The iconic trees are also called monkey bread trees because of their plentiful fruit.

Until recently, these trees seemed nearly indestructible. People have used their cavernous trunks for homes, shops, storage and even a cocktail bar.

But then they began to topple. In early 2016, the Sunland baobab in Modjadjiskloof, South Africa — which had grown to an impressive 62 feet tall and nearly 112 feet in girth — began to split. By late 2017, it had collapsed completely.

The Sunland baobab, also called the Platland tree, had been functioning as a cocktail bar. Some thought perhaps all those people visiting the tree’s innards may have been the reason for its demise. But it wasn’t the only baobab that crumbled.

Source: Why are Earth’s oldest baobab trees dying?

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Media Slow to Notice Awful New Bill Clinton Comments on Groping

Journalists have been unsurprisingly slow to notice the latest appalling comments from Bill Clinton in which he appears to insist that times have changed and you can no longer grope people. On Thursday’s PBS NewsHour,he talked to Judy Woodruff about Al Franken and the senator’s abrupt exit from the Senate in 2017.

Clinton responded with this jaw-dropping answer: “I think the norms have really changed in terms of, what you can do to somebody against their will, how much you can crowd their space, make them miserable at work.” (Franken resigned last year after eight women accused him of inappropriate touching and a 2006 picture surfaced of him groping a sleeping woman.)



Since then, the network newscasts on ABC, CBS and NBC have ignored the comments in which Clinton went on to defend Franken with this assertion of how he’s “old fashioned”:

I will be honest, the Franken case, for me, was a difficult case, a hard case. There may be things I don’t know, but I —  maybe I’m just an old-fashioned person, but it seemed to me that there were 29 women on Saturday Night Live that put out a statement for him, that the first and most fantastic story was called, I believe, into question.

Just for comparison, here is the picture of Franken groping TV personality Leeaan Tweeden in 2006:

Source: Media Slow to Notice Awful New Bill Clinton Comments on Groping

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Garden Hermits: When Lawn Gnomes Were Actual People

The ceramic garden gnomes we see today have a very human — and very solemn — past.

Before the days of the ceramic garden gnome, a human being often played the role of stern, robe-wearing guardian of flora and fauna — and that person was preferably a grizzled old man who didn’t mind living in seclusion and forgoing even basic personal hygiene.

Two trends in Georgian England created a moment in history for the phenomenon of ornamental hermitage: solitude and overt displays of material wealth.

Wealthy landowners desired expansive and often ornate gardens on their property, and would use these expanses to reflect not just financial riches, but existing social mores such as melancholy.

Elite circles viewed this deeper, more introspective form of sadness as a mark of intelligence, and thus sought to associate themselves with the sentiment whenever possible. Physical property presented an easy, obvious avenue to bring this social virtue of melancholy to life.

Soon enough, wealthy landowners began placing want ads in newspapers to fill this very aim. Ad writers often sought men who would agree to live in a garden for a span of time (usually about seven years, it seems) and devote themselves to a silent, forlorn — if not also wise and mysterious — existence. One such ad placed by Charles Hamilton outlined the expectations for a hermit-in-residence as follows:

Source: Garden Hermits: When Lawn Gnomes Were Actual People

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Google Disables Chrome Extension Installation From Websites, Only Chrome Store

Apart from its own feature set, tons of browser extensions are what make Google Chrome stand different from other web browsers. Just like it has for Android, Google maintains a dedicated storefront for Chrome users to find and install their favorite extensions.

The extension developers can also make users install Chrome extensions from their websites as well – a method called inline installation. This is to save users’ time and efforts of visiting the Chrome Store and installing the extension from there. But Google says inline installation could be used for abusing and deceiving users.

In an attempt to improve transparency and security, Google will be removing the ability for developers to provide inline installation for their extensions. Instead, they’ll have to link to the Chrome Web Store page of their extension.

Source: Google Disables Chrome Extension Installation From Websites, Only Chrome Store

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Woman Gets Eyeliner Pencil Stuck in Her Eye While Doing Makeup in a Taxi

A Thai woman recently got an eyeliner pencil jammed deep in her eye when her cab crashed into another car while she was doing her makeup.

Source: Woman Gets Eyeliner Pencil Stuck in Her Eye While Doing Makeup in a Taxi

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Uber applies for patent to spot drunks

Taxi app company Uber has applied for a patent to use artificial intelligence to determine how drunk potential passengers might be.

The app used to summon rides could also feed other information to the driver, including a passenger’s location, how accurately they are typing and even the angle they are holding their phone at.

It could help drivers who do not want to pick up inebriated riders.

But critics said it could also be used to identify vulnerable passengers.

According to the application to the US patent office, the system would spot “uncharacteristic user activity”.

Uber does not have the best track record when it comes to collecting data.

Source: Uber applies for patent to spot drunks

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How to set up 2FA on eBay – go do it now!

  • Log in to your account.
  • Go to your account settings by clicking on your name in the upper left (where it says “Hi [your name]!”) and clicking Account settings in the dropdown.
  • In the My Account menu on the left that now appears, click Personal information.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Personal Information screen, and you’ll now see a field that says Security Information, with the 2 step verification option underneath it. If it is switched to “off”, click the Edit option on the right.

Source: How to set up 2FA on eBay – go do it now!

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Internet security: Slaying the botnet beast and the DDoS dragon

Improving device security, better coordination between infrastructure companies, and smarter procurement by businesses are all part of tackling the botnet menace, according to a US government report.

The snappily titled Enhancing the Resilience of the Internet and Communications Ecosystem Against Botnets and Other Automated, Distributed Threats report is the result of an executive order signed by President Donald Trump last May aimed at strengthening the cyber security of federal networks and critical infrastructure.

Botnets and the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks they deliver are a growing menace.

Source: Internet security: Slaying the botnet beast and the DDoS dragon | ZDNet

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Netherlands Will Welcome Its First Community of 3D-Printed Homes

The Netherlands’ first functional 3D-printed home will be ready to welcome occupants as early as next year.

According to The Guardian’s Daniel Boffey, the one-story, two-bedroom house is the first and smallest of five 3D-printed concrete homes set for construction in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. The five-year initiative, known as Project Milestone, aims to combat the country’s shortage of skilled bricklayers and revitalize the architectural industry.

Project Milestone emerged as a collaboration between the Eindhoven University of Technology, a global leader in 3D printing, and Dutch construction company Van Wijnen. Real estate manager Vesteda, materials company Saint Gobain-Weber Beamix and engineering firm Witteveen+Bos also contributed to the project.

As ArchDaily’s Niall Patrick Walsh reports, construction will follow a phased approach in order to allow innovations gleaned from building the initial houses to influence the development of later models. The first house will be relatively small, measuring just 1,000 square feet, while the other four will be multi-story buildings. Although the interior and exterior walls of the first home will be printed at the Eindhoven University campus, architects hope to move printing onto the construction site by the end of the project.

Source: Netherlands Will Welcome Its First Community of 3D-Printed Homes

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Maybe we can afford to suck CO2 out of the sky after all

While avoiding the worst dangers of climate change will likely require sucking carbon dioxide out of the sky, prominent scientists have long dismissed such technologies as far too expensive.

But a detailed new analysis published today in the journal Joule finds that direct air capture may be practical after all. The study concludes it would cost between $94 and $232 per ton of captured carbon dioxide, if existing technologies were implemented on a commercial scale. One earlier estimate, published in Proceedings of the National Academies,put that figure at more than $1,000 (though the calculations were made on what’s known as an avoided-cost basis, which would add about 10 percent to the new study’s figures).

Crucially, the lowest-cost design, optimized to produce and sell alternative fuels made from the captured carbon dioxide, could already be profitable with existing public policies in certain markets (see “The carbon-capture era may finally be starting”). The higher cost estimates are for plants that would deliver compressed carbon dioxide for permanent underground storage.

Source: Maybe we can afford to suck CO2 out of the sky after all

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World’s biggest orgy moved ahead of record attempt in Las Vegas

Another day, another new location for the potential world’s largest orgy. Just hours before today’s record attempt in Las Vegas, organizers announced that the climactic event of the Sin City 8 weekender—initially to be held at an Embassy Suites near the Strip—was being bumped from the most recent host spot, the Erotic Heritage Museum, to an undisclosed location in the valley.

TheBlast.com later reported sex club Green Door as the new venue. The event was scheduled to begin at 4 p.m., end by 6 p.m. and include roughly 1,200 registrants, which would beat an unofficial 2006 record in Tokyo by 700 people.

Publicist Kristy Auli, who represents Menage Life, the Denver-based organizer of Sin City 8, said at a press conference earlier Saturday at the Erotic Heritage Museum that the move to a secret location was due to “unforeseen events,” and done to protect the “security and privacy of our guests,” the latter a concern to some registrants after news of the orgy attempt went viral.

Source: World’s biggest orgy moved ahead of record attempt in Las Vegas

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Meet the ‘hero rats’ clearing Cambodia’s landmines

The sun is barely up when Thoeun Theap pulls into a clearing in the thick Cambodian bush with a giant African rat on the seat beside him.

In a few minutes the two will be out there beyond the treeline, scouring the earth for the remnants of a war Mr Theap fled almost 40 years ago.

He spends most mornings out here in no man’s land with his team of pouched rat handlers from APOPO and de-miners from the Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC). A step in the wrong direction could see them lose a leg.

It takes humans with metal detectors three to four days to clear explosives from a tennis court-sized area, but for APOPO’s “hero rats”, it’s just 30 minutes.

As a Khmer Rouge survivor, Mr Theap got lucky. It’s what gets him up before dawn every morning: the drive to clear his country of the explosives that make it hard for Cambodians to access roads, infrastructure and even their own backyards.

Source: Meet the ‘hero rats’ clearing Cambodia’s landmines

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Chile: Man buys cell phone with 58 kilos of avocados

A man in Chile this week bought a cell phone from one of the country’s biggest department stores using an unconventional means of currency – avocados.

The major production country is currently facing a supply shortage of the fruit that is widely consumed domestically, and prices over recent weeks have been sent sky-high, reaching more than 5,000 pesos (US$8.00) per kilo in street markets.

The situation has received much attention in the local media, with chain store Ripley even displaying the “equivalent price in avocados” alongside monetary prices for certain items as part of its recent CyberDay promotions.

On its website the promotional price of a Motorola smartphone was listed as either 189,990 pesos (US$300) or 58 kilograms of avocados.

It is unclear whether Ripley was actually expecting anyone to show up with such a large amount of avocados, but for Camilo Briceño – known on social media as “El Weon de las Paltas” (The Avocado Guy) – the offer was seemingly too good to pass up.

Briceño turned up at the store with several sacks of avocados and successfully used them to purchase a Moto X4.

Supplies have been low over recent months due to various reasons including production issues to drought conditions in the central-northern regions and increasing exports.

The country is also outside of its avocado season, which typically runs from around September through January.

Source: Chile: Man buys cell phone with 58 kilos of avocados – FreshFruitPortal.com

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Uncle Sam wants you to join the United States Digital Service

—On the sidelines of the recent Code for America summit held at a downtown Marriott, Matt Cutts has a pitch to the legions of coders and other tech workers of America: your country needs you.

Cutts is the current acting administrator of the United States Digital Service—a federal agency that is basically the federal government’s friendly IT staff. It works with everyone from the Department of Defense to the Department of Agriculture to make government websites and online services work better.

Remember the disastrous rollout of healthcare.gov? This Obama-era agency was created in order to fix it. Cutts has been in the job since the first day of the Trump administration, as he was the deputy left in the big chair when his boss’ term ran out.

The president has yet to appoint a new administrator, which means that Cutts is in charge of this 180-person agency.

Nearly all USDS positions are temporary by design—100 of the staff started after the election, with 25 starting since January 2018. But, Cutts says, there are 50 slots left to fill. He’s proud to note that 60 percent of USDS’ leadership team are women.

Source: Uncle Sam wants you to join the United States Digital Service

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Accused rapist shows penis to jury to prove innocence

Now that’s junk justice. A Connecticut man on trial for sexual assault was allowed to drop trou and expose his penis to a stunned New Haven jury this week — to prove that it doesn’t match his

Source: Accused rapist shows penis to jury to prove innocence

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How much fart is in the air on your plane at any given time? We do the maths

THERE are many unpleasant aspects of air travel, but one of the most disgusting has to be the thought of all the farts wafting about the cabin.

It doesn’t help that flying makes you fart more – it’s all down to the cabin pressure dropping.

Jacob Rosenberg, a clinical professor at the University of Copenhagen, made the discovery after noticing that his stomach had bloated on a long-haul flight to New Zealand.

After clocking that his empty water bottle had expanded during the flight, then crumpled when it came back down to earth, he realised that the same could apply to his stomach.

He told the BBC: “The pressure drops and the air must expand into more space.”

According to Jacob, the gas sitting inside the stomach then expands by 30 per cent… and it needs to go somewhere.

The gas sitting inside the stomach expands by 30 per cent on a plane… and it needs to go somewhere

With everyone strapped into their seats and around one loo per 80 passengers, is unlikely that anyone will be polite enough to head to the toilets to let one out.

So it’s safe to assume that most people are just letting rip where they sit.

But have you ever thought how much fart that actually means is floating in the air?

Here at Sun Online Travel, we’ve been crunching the numbers to work out what you might be breathing in on any given flight.

The average person lets out between 0.5 and 1.5 litres of fart a day according to Kyle Staller, M.D., a gastroenterologist at Massachusetts General Hospital.

So we’ve worked out how much that would be per hour over a range of flights – then added 30 per cent for the extra volume that professor Rosenberg said comes out when cabin pressure drops.

Source: How much fart is in the air on your plane at any given time? We do the maths

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‘Don’t Google Google, Googling Google is wrong’, says Google

If you want to write developer documentation like a Google hotshot, you’d better kill “kill”, junk “jank” and unlearn “learnings”.

Those are just a few rules from the company’s newly open-sourced (oops, two sins there, verbing and hyphenation) developer documentation guide.

Even though any Linux user knows “kill” is a command, Google would rather you not use it as a verb – “stop,” “exit,” “cancel,” or “end” are preferred. “Jank” (Wiktionary says “blocking of a software application’s user interface due to slow operations or poor interface design”) should be used with care; and thankfully, “learnings” get a simple “don’t use”.

And yes, what we said in the headline is correct. Google’s style gurus have ridden out in a crusade against verbing the corporate noun: “Don’t use as a verb or gerund. Instead, use ‘search with Google’” (we consider it admirable that Mountain View expects “gerund” to get by without a developer Googling it – sorry, “searching it with Google”).

Source: ‘Don’t Google Google, Googling Google is wrong’, says Google

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Your Recycling Gets Recycled, Right? Maybe, or Maybe Not

Oregon is serious about recycling. Its residents are accustomed to dutifully separating milk cartons, yogurt containers, cereal boxes and kombucha bottles from their trash to divert them from the landfill. But this year, because of a far-reaching rule change in China, some of the recyclables are ending up in the local dump anyway.

In recent months, in fact, thousands of tons of material left curbside for recycling in dozens of U.S. cities and towns — including several in Oregon — have gone to landfills.

In the past, the municipalities would have shipped much of their used paper, plastics and other scrap materials to China for processing. But as part of a broad antipollution campaign, China announced last summer that it no longer wanted to import “foreign garbage.” Since Jan. 1 it has banned imports of various types of plastic and paper, and tightened standards for materials it does accept.

While some waste managers already send their recyclable materials to be processed domestically, or are shipping more to other countries, others have been unable to find a substitute for the Chinese market. “All of a sudden, material being collected on the street doesn’t have a place to go,” said Pete Keller, vice president of recycling and sustainability at Republic Services, one of the largest waste managers in the country.

Source: Your Recycling Gets Recycled, Right? Maybe, or Maybe Not

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Hackers Increasingly Targeting Gas Stations & Credit Cards at the Pump

Automatic tank gauges (ATGs) provide information on gasoline inventory and protect groundwater from gasoline leaks. Three years ago it was revealed that ATGs at approximately 5,000 US gas stations were exposed on the Internet, without password protection.  Currently, according to a recent scan, 5,635 gas stations with the same vulnerability have been found.

The initial research in 2015, led by HD Moore, then the chief research officer at Rapid7, was based on internet scans for devices with an open TCP port 10001. Trend Micro also conducted gas tank research during the same year and found examples of hacker hijinks in the Guardian AST gas tank monitoring systems in various locations across the US. The Trend Micro researchers reported detection of an internet-facing tank monitoring system at a gas station in Holden, Maine with the name “Diesel” which had mysteriously been changed to “We_Are_Legion.” So, it was believed to either have been the work of Anonymous or someone using the hacking collective’s slogan.

Source: Hackers Increasingly Targeting Gas Stations & Credit Cards at the Pump

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This tiny, laser-powered RoboFly could sniff out forest fires and gas leaks

This is one flying insect you don’t want to swat. It doesn’t bite, sting, or spread disease and someday it could be a life- and climate-saver. In time, it could survey crops, detect wildfires, poke around in disaster rubble searching for survivors and sniff out gas leaks, especially global warming-fueling methane, a powerful greenhouse gas many times more potent than carbon dioxide.


It’s the first robotic flying insect that lifts off without being tethered to a power source on the ground, weighs just a bit more than a toothpick, and takes off using tiny beating wings — not propellers, as drones do — driven by a laser beam. A minuscule onboard circuit turns the laser energy into electricity, which causes its wings to flap.

Source: This tiny, laser-powered RoboFly could sniff out forest fires and gas leaks

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This Is the World’s First 3D-Printed Carbon Bike

Modern carbon-fiber bikes, stiffer and stronger than their metal counterparts at literally fractions of the weight, are technological marvels. But they have two drawbacks: The stuff is hella expensive, and it’s a quality-control nightmare.

Now, one tech company aims to change all that with the innovation of 3D printing.

Arevo, a Silicon Valley start-up, showcased the world’s first 3D-printed carbon-fiber bike last month. While the sophisticated-looking city bike is only a prototype, Arevo said it wants to move quickly into manufacturing by partnering with existing bike companies. Robotic production could reduce the chances for errors in construction that lead to frame failures. And, the company said, its technology makes carbon fabrication affordable enough that bike manufacturers could make cost-competitive frames in the US.

“We’re looking at a couple of types of bike, and we plan to be at Eurobike with a potential partner,” Jim Miller, Arevo’s CEO, told Bicycling.

continue https://www.bicycling.com/news/a21051344/3d-printed-carbon-bike/

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Legal Bare-Knuckle Fighting Makes Bloody Debut in Wyoming | Breitbart

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) The first ever state-sanctioned bare-knuckle boxing match got a bloody ending Saturday night – and a big response from a raucous crowd.

Arnold Adams, a 32-year-old MMA heavyweight, pounded ex-UFC fighter D.J. Linderman’s face into a bloody mess in front of 2,000 rowdy fans at a hockey rink that usually hosts birthday parties and skating lessons in Wyoming’s capital. Tens of thousands more tuned in for the pay-per-view event, which featured 10 bouts, including four heavyweight fights in a tournament format.

Fans were lined up outside the Cheyenne Ice and Events Center more than an hour before the first major bare-knuckle event in the U.S. since 1889. Forrest Peters, from Cheyenne, was among those in attendance. He came to cheer Estevan Payan – who served in the same Army unit as Peters – and to witness history.

Source: Legal Bare-Knuckle Fighting Makes Bloody Debut in Wyoming | Breitbart

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Pet Monkey Attacks Home Depot Employee After Owner Brought It Shopping


– When shopping at a Home Depot you can end up leaving with just about anything.

One thing that nobody expects to leave with are monkey bites.

Last weekend in Okeechobee, a woman decided to bring her pet spider monkey along for a trip to Home Depot.

The woman then left the monkey inside her truck, on a leash, while she went inside to shop.

That’s when the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office says the monkey managed to escape the vehicle and began walking through the parking lot.

A Home Depot employee noticed the monkey and took hold of its leash, not wanting it to get hurt.

The employee says the monkey then climbed on her back and bit her twice.

Source: Pet Monkey Attacks Home Depot Employee After Owner Brought It Shopping

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Is Google Planning To Kill Android? Will Fuchsia OS Replace Android?

Ever since Google started teasing its mysterious Fuchsia operating system in 2016, it has been making headlines now and then. There have been repeated rumors of Google looking to use Fuchsia in place of its Android and Chrome OS operating systems.

In a recent development, XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman spotted  Fuschia OS in AOSP’s ART (Android runtime) branch. This finding is very crucial for the future of Google’s smartphone plans. This feature, theoretically, means that Android apps would be able to run on Fuchsia operating system.

Down the line, if Google plans to replace the Android operating system with Fuchsia, this functionality will be the most critical one. It’ll allow the users to use the same Android apps on their Fuchsia-powered devices.

Source: Is Google Planning To Kill Android? Will Fuchsia OS Replace Android?

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Engineers Propose a Rocket that Consumes Itself as it Flies to Space 

When it comes to the new era of space exploration, one of the primary focuses has been on cutting costs. By reducing the costs associated with individual launches, space agencies and private aerospace companies will not only be able to commercialize Low Earth-Orbit (LEO), but also mount far more in the way of exploration missions and maybe even colonize space.

Several methods have been proposed so far for reducing launch costs, which include reusable rockets and single-stage-to-orbit rockets. However, a team of engineers from the University of Glasgow and the Ukraine recently proposed an entirely different idea that could make launching small payloads affordable – a self-eating rocket! This “autophage” rocket could easily send small satellites into space more easily and more affordably.

The study which describes how they built and tested the “autophage” engine recently appeared in the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets under the title “Autophage Engines: Toward a Throttleable Solid Motor“. The team was led by Vitaly Yemets and Patrick Harkness – a Professor from the Oles Honchar Dnipro National University in the Ukraine and a Senior Lecturer from the University of Glasgow, respectively.

Source: Engineers Propose a Rocket that Consumes Itself as it Flies to Space – Universe Today

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Fear of women driving men to sleep with other men, says novelist 

London – Modern men are turning to gay affairs because they are “terrified” of women, Jilly Cooper has suggested.

In a somewhat scathing verdict, the famously racy novelist said that men also cry “all the time”.

She added that women wear short skirts but have “do not touch tattooed across their knees” – and said she was “worried” about the effect the Me Too campaign may have on views of courtship.

Speaking at the Hay literary festival, the 81-year-old said: “I have one adorable gay friend whose lover died. He’s just started going on the internet now.

“It’s all married men wanting to have gay affairs. Do you think men are so terrified of women, it’s safer to get [it] on with their own sex?”

The author said that men’s behaviour was “very cyclical” recalling how men cried and grew beards in the Shakespearean era, whereas her father and late husband Leo did neither. “Men cry all the time now and they have beards,” she said.

Source: Fear of women driving men to sleep with other men, says novelist | IOL Lifestyle

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Disposable coffee cup bans ‘unnecessary’

Public bodies are turning their backs on disposable coffee cups over environmental concerns.

Governments need to make it easier to recycle disposable coffee cups, a manufacturer has said.

The Scottish government has banned single-use cups in its main buildings and the Welsh Government said it would follow suit by 2021.

But Caerphilly-based manufacturer Paul Synott said bans were “unnecessary” and all UK-produced paper cups could be recycled with better infrastructure.

Environmentalists want the focus to be on reusing cups instead of recycling.

Mr Synott, managing director of Seda in Blackwood and spokesman for the Paper Cup Alliance (PCA), said despite public perception, “all paper cups produced in the UK can be recycled”.

Source: Disposable coffee cup bans ‘unnecessary’

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Naked man found stuck in fence near Virginia elementary school

A man was found naked and stuck in a fence masturbating near an elementary school in Stafford, Virginia, officials said.

The Stafford County Sheriff’s Office arrested a suspect Monday morning who was naked and stuck in a fence in the wood line near Anne E. Moncure Elementary.

When the deputy got to the area he found the man masturbating with his legs stuck in the fence. He was covered in scratches from head to toe from the thickets in the area.

Officials said the deputy helped get him out of the fence and covered him in a blanket. The man was identified as Justin James Rutley, 30, of Beaverdam. He appeared to be nervous and uttered several incoherent statements. The deputy said this was due to drug use.

Several employees at the school spotted the man stuck in the fence. A witness reported it.

Rutley is at the Rappahannock Regional Jail and being held without bond. He is being charged with indecent exposure, masturbating in public and disorderly conduct.

Source: Naked man found stuck in fence near Virginia elementary school

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Brazilian Woman Born Without A Vagina Has A New One Made Using Fish Skin

A 23-year-old university student from Brazil has received pioneering surgery to have a new vaginal canal constructed out of skin from the tilapia fish. Jucilene Marinho was born with a condition that left her without a cervix or ovaries. The condition, a congenital disorder, is believed to affect 1 in 4,500 girls.

Marinho took park in a procedure at the Federal University of Ceara (UFC), Brazil. Researchers at the UFC treated the fish’s skin to turn it into cellular tissue that was later molded with silicone. Thanks to the surgery she has been able to have sex with her partner. Describing the experience, she said: “It was a wonderful moment because everything worked perfectly. There was no pain; just a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction.”

The fish skin undergoes a special cleaning and sterilisation process in the lab followed by irradiation to kill viruses. Reports state that the fish skin was then absorbed into her body and transformed into tissue that lines the vaginal tract.

Marinho has reportedly thanked the UFC team for their work in the surgery, also telling reporters: “It felt so good to have something the majority of women take for granted.”

Source: Brazilian Woman Born Without A Vagina Has A New One Made Using Fish Skin

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Potential Spy Devices Which Track Phones Found All Over DMV

The technology can be as small as a suitcase, placed anywhere at any time, and it’s used to track cell phones and intercept calls.

The News4 I-Team found dozens of potential spy devices while driving around Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia.

“While you might not be a target yourself, you may live next to someone who is. You could still get caught up,” said Aaron Turner, a leading mobile security expert.

The device, sometimes referred to by the brand name StingRay, is designed to mimic a cell tower and can trick your phone into connecting to it instead.

Source: Potential Spy Devices Which Track Phones Found All Over DMV

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Old ‘UPS Uniforms’ Hoax Still Circulating After All These Years – Hoax-Slayer


Message claims that a large quantity of UPS uniforms has recently been bought on eBay and that the uniforms could be used by criminals or terrorists posing as delivery drivers.

Brief Analysis

The claims in the warning are false. The story is an urban legend that has now been circulating for many years. There are no credible reports that support the claims in this old warning message in any way and it should not be taken seriously.


Subject: UPS Uniforms “WARNING” – a heads-up message

UPS Uniforms

Government Warning regarding purchase of UPS uniforms:

There has been a huge purchase, $32,000 worth, of United Parcel Service (UPS) uniforms on eBay over the last 30 days. This could represent a serious threat as bogus drivers(terrorists) can drop off anything to anyone with deadly consequences! If you have ANY questions when a UPS driver appears at your door they should be able to furnish VALID I.D.

Additionally, if someone in a UPS uniform comes to make a drop off or pick up, make absolutely sure they are driving a UPS truck. UPS doesn’t make deliveries or pickups in anything, except a company vehicle. If you have a problem, call your local law enforcement agency right away!

Source: Old ‘UPS Uniforms’ Hoax Still Circulating After All These Years – Hoax-Slayer

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‘Hateful and ignorant:’ Local pole dancing fitness studio says they’re being targeted by priest

BEAVER DAM, Wis. (CBS 58) — There’s a conflict between the owner of a pole dancing fitness studio and a reverend in Beaver Dam, the priest doesn’t think it belongs downtown and the owner said he’s being ignorant.

Studio Paramour has pole dancing classes that are meant to be a fun way to get students in shape. Abigail Balliett and Amanda Garcia have been coming to pole fitness classes for about four weeks.

“From your neck to your toes, it harder than any workout I have ever done,” student Abigail Balliett said.

Students say it’s not only a great workout, but gives them confidence.

“I can be me. I don’t have to hide anything and I’m getting stronger,” Balliett said. “That’s the best part,” Garcia continues.

Source: ‘Hateful and ignorant:’ Local pole dancing fitness studio says they’re being targeted by priest

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World’s First 3D-Printed Corneas Can Help Millions Of People Gain Eyesight Back

The work was published in the journal Experimental Eye Research earlier this month. To create 3D printed corneas, scientists had to create an ink that’s thin enough to be pushed through a 3D printer’s nozzle and at the same time, it should be stiff enough to hold its shape.

Source: World’s First 3D-Printed Corneas Can Help Millions Of People Gain Eyesight Back

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Crystal Methvin arrested in Florida after allegations of crystal meth possession

 Crystal Methvin and Douglas Nickerson have been arrested in St. Augustine, Fla. after the pair was allegedly in possession of drugs.

News 4 Jax reports an anonymous call was made to police which led to Methvin and Nickerson’s arrests.

When police responded to the scene, they found three people sitting in a car.

They consented to a search by police which led to the officers finding drug paraphernalia.

Police also found a substance that tested positive for crystal meth.

Source: Crystal Methvin arrested in Florida after allegations of crystal meth possession

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Trade war: Canadians horrified to learn some maple syrup is from … the US

In 2016, Quebec imported $20m worth of maple syrup, almost all from the US.When Justin Trudeau’s government launched retaliatory tariffs against the US this week, Canadians were not surprised to see one totemic product had been caught up in the brewing trade war.

Maple syrup, produced in bulk and exported around the world, is seen as integral to the country’s identity.

But the new duties prompted a shocking revelation for many Canadians: an increasing amount of American maple syrup is being sold in Canada.

“We were buying Maple syrup from the US? Doesn’t Canada make like 85% of all Maple syrup in the world?” asked one Twitter user.

Canada long enjoyed de-facto leadership of global maple syrup production, largely thanks to producers in the province of Quebec .

Through heavy investments technology and the creation of a maple syrup federation– which its critics allege operates like a cartel – the province is responsible for nearly 90% of Canada’s production, and until recently, three-quarters of global consumption.

Source: Trade war: Canadians horrified to learn some maple syrup is from … the US

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