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Genetically Modified Wheat Crop Fails To Repel Pests

Scientists have found that a controversial trial of genetically modified (GM) wheat has failed to repel pests any more effectively than ordinary crops.  The £3 million trial has been branded ‘a waste’

RT reports: Researchers attempted to engineer a variety of wheat to emit an odor that deters aphids in the hope of reducing the amount of pesticides required by plants.

The crops, nicknamed “whiffy wheat,” were successful in lab tests, but succumbed to aphids when trialed in the field.

The experiment cost £3m, some £2.2m of which was spent on fencing and other security measures to protect the trial from animals and saboteurs.

Campaign group GM Freeze said the experiment was a waste of money and further evidence of the “folly” of investing in GM technology.

Agricultural institution Rothamsted Research ran the trial in Hertfordshire from 2012 to 2013.

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