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Leonard Nimoy speaks out: Why Spock approved of LSD and ‘dirty movies’ 

Throughout his life, the actor Leonard Nimoy appeared to be always open to discussing nearly everything in his life. He answered questions frankly and honestly on subjects as diverse as space travel, photography, or his own personal tastes in music or books. He answered these questions in a seemingly calm and rational way. His ability to do so was most possibly down to the very real personality changes brought on by playing Mr. Spock on hit TV series Star Trek. This was something Nimoy touched upon in an interview with TV Star Parade magazine in January 1968, where he discussed his thoughts about adult movies and the liberating potential of psychoactive drugs.In the article “Leonard Nimoy Speaks Out on LSD, Religion and Dirty Movies—an unblushingly honest confession as told to Roger Elwood,” the actor was interviewed in the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel. He is described as being “relaxed and comfortable” and sipping from a “glass of ginger liquid.” Who knows what was in this amber nectar but the main interest here was the actor’s comments on LSD and “dirty movies,” as Elwood wrote:

Source: Leonard Nimoy speaks out: Why Spock approved of LSD and ‘dirty movies’ | Dangerous Minds

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How do hackers hide their IP address? 

Hackers are known for breaking into most impregnable web servers around the world and still avoid being caught. One of the main reasons for that is that they hide their IP addresses from prying eyes of the authorities. Using various techniques that we discuss below, a hacker operating from Canada uses IP address of South Korea to conduct leet operations. Have you ever wondered how these hackers remain hidden from the authorities? One obvious thought that comes to mind – how do they cover their tracks while accessing the big bad world of the internet?There are quite a few recommended methods to be incognito on the internet and it’s not just for hackers but also for ordinary users to stay anonymous. Quite a few people would prefer the rest of the world staying in the dark about their activities. It might be individuals from a nation that represses internet access to someone wanting to access a series on Netflix that’s not available in their country yet. Irrespective of the reason, these tricks should find your attention.

Source: How do hackers hide their IP address? » TechWorm

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Industrial plant robots frequently connected to the ‘net without authentication 

Industrial robots are frequently exposed to the internet, creating a security risk in the process, according to new research from Trend Micro.Of the 83,000 robots researchers found exposed to the public internet, 5,000 had no authentication in place to guard against possible hack attacks.A report by security researchers at Trend Micro and computer scientists at the Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) in Italy highlights five attack types (such as altering the robot’s state) which violate the three standard requirements of industrial robots: safety, integrity and accuracy.For example, a hacker might be able to alter the control system so that the robot moves unexpectedly or inaccurately, at the attacker’s will.The report (PDF) also uncovered 63 vulnerabilities in these systems.”The software running on industrial robots is outdated; based on vulnerable OSs and libraries, sometimes relying on obsolete or cryptographic libraries; and have weak authentication systems with default, unchangeable credentials,” the researchers report.

Source: Industrial plant robots frequently connected to the ‘net without authentication • The Register

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Stephen Fry under police investigation for blasphemy after branding God an ‘utter maniac’ 

Stephen Fry is being investigated by Irish police over blasphemy claims more than two years after his outspoken comments about God on RTE’s The Meaning of Life went viral. Mr Fry described a hypothetical creator as “stupid” and an “utter maniac” for designing a world filled with undue suffering.

Source: Stephen Fry under police investigation for blasphemy after branding God an ‘utter maniac’ | The Independent

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The DNC Just Confirmed Sanders Supporters’ Worst Fears

Attorneys for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are making the case in federal court that the party has the right to rig future primaries.Plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit filed against the DNC argue that donors and voters supporting Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) bid for the presidency were defrauded by the Democratic Party, alleging that party leaders like then-chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz had rigged the primaries in order to deny Sen. Sanders a fair chance at the nomination.As the transcript of the lawsuit’s first hearing reads, plaintiffs specifically cited the DNC charter’s language that instructs party officials to be neutral in administering different state primaries and caucuses to make sure the nominating process is done fairly:

Source: The DNC Just Confirmed Sanders Supporters’ Worst Fears

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