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Marriage torn apart by hilarious penis tattoo

Stuart Valentino is pretty much your average 34-year-old. He’s got a wife, kids, and a six-and-a-half inch long penis tattoo going down his inner thigh. Oh, but scratch that first thing because his wife, Samantha, has tragically left him after not being able to deal with the dick pic permanently inked into her husband’s leg any longer.

The crudely drawn phallus was actually self inflicted, as Valentino drunkenly tattooed himself one night at the behest of a friend. How did he manage to tattoo himself? Samantha bought him his own tattoo gun for Christmas. If you ask me, that makes her at least 5% responsible for the situation.

The tattoo caused many problems for the couple. As Valentino explains, “After I did it, my wife woke up in the morning screaming, because there was this massive penis poking out of the duvet.

continue http://www.deathandtaxesmag.com/259793/marriage-torn-apart-by-hilarious-penis-tattoo/

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But Doesn’t Federal Law Supersede State Law?

Whenever we publish something about an anti-commandeering-style nullification bill, somebody inevitably responds with something along these lines. “I’m not a lawyer, but doesn’t federal law supersede state law?”

In short, the answer to that question is no.

In fact, the Supremacy Clause doesn’t even apply when it comes to anti-commandeering.

Anti-commandeering laws merely prohibit the use of state resources or personnel for the implementation of enforcement of federal acts or regulations. This approach does nothing to block federal enforcement, nor does it claim to alter the law. It merely denies the federal government state support.

Although under the Supremacy Clause, federal laws passed in pursuance of the Constitution stand superior to state laws (In other words, only in areas where the they feds are delegated authority.) there is no requirement that states enforce them. Ultimately, the federal government must enforce its own acts. States can participate if they want to, but they can also legitimately refuse to do so.

Anti-commandeering legislation takes advantage of this constitutional truth.

Rather than direct action against federal laws, acts or regulations, anti-commandeering is simply a lack of any state action whatsoever. When the feds come around to enforce their laws or implement their programs, the states just stand back and shove their hands in their pockets, so to speak. What makes this tactic so effective is that in practice the feds are utterly reliant on the states to enforce their laws. When the states withhold their help, the federal laws lose their teeth.

Anti-commandeering leads to nullification in effect, but it is carried out in an indirect manner. For example, states can refuse to assist the feds in carrying out raids in order to enforce federal drug laws. Without state assistance, the feds can’t carry out as many raids – if any at all. As a result, the law is not enforced as vigilantly – if at all. The federal law remains on the books, but it is not enforced in practice.

James Madison advocated this tactic, writing in Federalist #46 that if the people in a state were opposed to “unpopular” federal laws, even constitutional ones, they had the ability to undermine them by a refusal to cooperate.
continue http://blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2015/08/but-doesnt-federal-law-supersede-state-law/

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President Obama Calls for Emergency Press Conference to Address Chem-Trails


President Obama Calls for Emergency Press Conference to Address Chem-Trails

by Hatrick ‘Hattie’ Penry

August 15th, 2015

chem 2


In an emergency press conference Friday morning, President Obama addressed the nation on the subject of Chem-Trails: a term that refers to the aerial spraying of nano-particulates in an effort to modify the climate or change weather patterns. In recent months public outcry over the ongoing climate modification campaign over U.S. skies has reached a feverish pitch with protesters taking it to the streets in a nationwide protest involving millions.

Unable to avoid the subject of intentional climate modification any longer, President Obama called for an emergency press conference Friday morning in an effort to calm the American public.

“Now folks I didn’t call this press conference to blow smoke up you’re you-know-what because that’s just not my style” the President said at his press conference, “so let me be perfectly clear:…

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Watch an Eagle Punch a Drone Out of the Sky

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Biometrics on Americans… Without Consent in Unaccountable Database

(Truthstream Media) Facial recognition and biometric databases have been a reality in technology for decades, and have been used overseas by the military to assist in occupying potentially hostile populations in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

Populations there not only face the possibility of becoming a statical civilian casualty, but are processed and tagged like cattle as well.

Now, that paradigm is coming home to roost – as spy agencies like the NSA have long planned.

Biometrics are designed for use in mass populations here in America and throughout the Western world, not just war torn locales. According to the NY Times:

Facial recognition software, which American military and intelligence agencies used for years in Iraq and Afghanistan to identify potential terrorists, is being eagerly adopted by dozens of police departments around the country to pursue drug dealers, prostitutes and other conventional criminal suspects. But because it is being used with few guidelines and with little oversight or public disclosure, it is raising questions of privacy and concerns about potential misuse.

The potential for abuse is obvious.

continue http://truthstreammedia.com/2015/08/13/police-using-biometrics-on-americans-without-consent-in-unaccountable-database/

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Zorin OS 10 Lite And Business Editions Available For Download

The Zorin OS developers have announced the availability of Zorin OS 10 Lite and Business Editions. Backed by Lubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) and built on the LXDE desktop environment, Zorin OS 10 Lite Edition is meant for those who are new to Linux or own low-end machines with old hardware components, whereas, Zorin OS 10 Business Edition comprises the most advanced desktop applications along with tools for small or medium-sized business owners.

Zorin OS 2.0, Zorin OS 10 Core, Zorin OS 10 Lite, Business Editions, Zorin OS 10 Lite And Business Editions Available For Download

“We are pleased to announce the release of Zorin OS 10 Lite and Business. Zorin OS 10 Lite is the latest and greatest version of our operating system designed specifically for Linux newcomers using old or low-powered hardware, Zorin OS 10 Business pairs the most advanced desktop software with powerful and extensive tools to help you run your business better,” reads the official statement.
continue http://www.efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=172545

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EMP Trash Can Faraday Cage Testing in Lab

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“PING SUSP PHONE”—An Oakland shooting reveals how cops snoop on cell phones

OAKLAND, Calif.—”He’s got a trapper.”

Officer Eric Karsseboom merely wanted to find a four-door, white Dodge car on the evening of January 21, 2013. Instead, someone else found him. The Oakland Police Department veteran was suddenly facing down the barrels of a trio of guns as three men—Deante Kincaid, Joseph Pennymon, and Damien McDaniel—surrounded his vehicle, an unmarked Chevy Tahoe, in the parking lot of a gated apartment complex at 1759 Seminary Avenue. Located in East Oakland, this was and remains the heart of one of the city’s toughest neighborhoods.

Kincaid spotted the trapper, a slang term for a gun, after he and his associates stopped Karsseboom’s car for an informal interrogation. Undercover and alone, Karsseboom had crept into the apartment complex behind another vehicle, hoping to find the Dodge that OPD connected to a suspect from a shooting the previous day. Now more gunfire loomed.

As all three men kept their firearms aimed at the undercover officer, McDaniel came in through the unlocked passenger-side door to take Karsseboom’s Glock 27. Kincaid then ordered Karsseboom out of the car, requesting that McDaniel search him. The trio next found Karsseboom’s service weapon: a Glock 22, holstered.

“Trapper,” McDaniel announced.

The policeman refused to hand over the gun, so McDaniel shoved the muzzle of his own firearm directly into the officer’s torso hoping to convince Karsseboom otherwise. McDaniel repeatedly tried to take the service weapon from Karsseboom, but the officer continued to resist. Kincaid soon grew tired of the charade. He smacked Karsseboom hard on the head with the muzzle of the gun. Within a few moments, blood began dripping down the side of his head. And during the ensuing struggle, McDaniel shot Karsseboom in the left forearm. When the officer still didn’t give up the gun, the muzzle of Kincaid’s gun met the bridge of the officer’s nose.

continue http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2015/08/ping-susp-phone-an-oakland-shooting-reveals-how-cops-snoop-on-cell-phones/

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Did my brain make me do it? Neuroscience and Free Will

Consider the following passage from Ian McEwan’s novel Atonement. It concerns one of the novel’s characters (Briony) as she philosophically reflects on the mystery of human action:

She raised one hand and flexed its fingers and wondered, as she had sometimes done before, how this thing, this machine for gripping, this fleshy spider on the end of her arm, came to be hers, entirely at her command. Or did it have some little life of its own? She bent her finger and straightened it. The mystery was in the instant before it moved, the dividing moment between not moving and moving, when her intention took effect. It was like a wave breaking. If she could only find herself at the crest, she thought, she might find the secret of herself, that part of her that was really in charge.

Is Briony’s quest forlorn? Will she ever find herself at the crest of the wave? The contemporary scientific understanding of human action seems to cast this into some doubt. A variety of studies in the neuroscience of action paint an increasingly mechanistic and subconscious picture of human behaviour. According to these studies, our behaviour is not the product of our intentions or desires or anything like that. It is the product of our neural networks and systems, a complex soup of electrochemical interactions, oftentimes operating beneath our conscious awareness. In other words, our brains control our actions; our selves (in the philosophically important sense of the word ‘self’) do not. This discovery — that our brains ‘make us do it’ and that ‘we’ don’t — is thought to have a number of significant social implications, particularly for our practices of blame and punishment.

Or so a popular line of argument goes. Is this line of argument any good? Christian List and Peter Menzies’s article, ‘My brain made me do it: The exclusion argument against free will and what’s wrong with it’, claims that it is not. In this two-part series, I want to closely examine their arguments. Although I sympathise with parts of their critique, I think their attempt to apply this critique to the recent debates about neuroscience and responsibility are somewhat misleading. I’ll explain why I think this in part two. For the remainder of this part, I’ll focus on their primary argument.

continue http://philosophicaldisquisitions.blogspot.ie/2015/07/did-my-brain-make-me-do-it-neuroscience.html

read part2 here http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/more/danaher20150708#When:13:06:00Z

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How To Destroy Your Hard Drives Without Burning Down The Data Centre

DEF CON 23 Four years ago at DEF CON a popular presentation examined how best to destroy hard drives in a data centre within 60 seconds of a three-letter agency knocking at the door. Now, that research has been updated with new techniques.

Security researcher Zoz looked at three core methods for destroying platter and SSD drives – thermal, explosive and electric – within a simulated 1U frame. A successful technique would have to make the drives unreadable, not damage other data centre equipment and not threaten human life.

It turns out that this is surprisingly difficult to achieve.

Thermite was the first test material and Zoz unscrewed a standard Seagate platter drive, filled the inside with a bag containing 15 grams of thermite (stuffed into the side so the drive would still operate) and rigged one of the bus pins as an igniter.

The results were rather poor. While one section of the top platter was significantly damaged, the data on the disk, and the two platters underneath it, could conceivably be read. Placing the thermite on top of the drive was also tried, but the outcome for that method was even worse.

So Zoz and his compatriots tried thermate, which is chemically similar to thermite but adds barium nitrate to increase temperatures. The resulting pyrotechnics were impressive, but again the drives could be cleaned off and potentially read.

continue http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/08/09/how_to_destroy_your_hard_drives_without_burning_down_the_data_centre/

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Windows 10 Is Possibly the Worst Spyware Ever Made

The usual bumps of an OS launch are understandable and forgivable, but some of the terms of the end user service agreement for Windows 10 put the NSA to shame.

Microsoft is already getting heat after it was found that Windows 10 was being auto-downloaded to user PCs without warning, and more seriously, that it was using the Internet connections of Windows 10 users to deliver Windows 10 and updates to others.

security tools 1

There’s no silver bullet, so load up with as many of these as you can.

But there are worse offenders. Microsoft’s service agreement is a monstrous 12,000 words in length, about the size of a novella. And who reads those, right? Well, here’s one excerpt from Microsoft’s terms of use that you might want to read:

We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to.

EFF, where are you?

The good news is you can opt out of that feature, but the bad news is it defaults to on. You have to go to the Settings and then open the Privacy applet, where you are greeted with 13 different screens to weed through. Most of the offenders are on the General tab, but you really should go through all tabs, such as what types of data each app on your system can access.

continue http://www.networkworld.com/article/2956574/microsoft-subnet/windows-10-privacy-spyware-settings-user-agreement.html

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How Carbon Pollution Could Screw Up Carbon Dating

The Obama Administration recently unveiled a plan meant to curb carbon pollution from power plants in the United States. If the Clean Power Plan and others like it are successful in cutting global carbon emissions from fossil fuels, there may be an unintended benefit: saving radiocarbon dating.

Radiocarbon dating got its start in the 1940s. Since then, scientists have taken advantage of carbon to date archeological artifacts, find forgeries, solve murders, and even catch illegal ivory traders. But now, some of these applications might become more complicated.

New research shows that carbon pollution from fossil fuel emissions makes our atmosphere look older as measured by radiocarbon dating. Heather Graven, author of a study published this July in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, used a model of the carbon cycle to figure out how much of an effect today’s fossil fuel use has on radiocarbon dating applications – and her findings aren’t exactly encouraging.

Carbon Dating Ivory

Carbon Dating And The Aging Effect Of Fossil Fuels

Most of Earth’s atmosphere is made of totally normal nitrogen-14, with seven protons and seven neutrons – exactly what you’d expect based on your high school chemistry class. Sometimes, though, incoming cosmic rays from the sun bombard those nitrogen atoms and produce radioactive carbon-14. Plants absorb these naturally produced radiocarbon atoms during photosynthesis and incorporate radiocarbon into their structures, right alongside regular carbon-12.

As long as a plant is living, the percent of radiocarbon in its stems and leaves matches the percent of radiocarbon in the atmosphere. Carbon-14 eventually works its way up the food chain, so not just plants, but all living organisms have the same percent of radiocarbon as the atmosphere.

When an organism dies, the radiocarbon starts decaying, turning back into nitrogen. Carbon dating works by comparing the amount of radiocarbon in a sample with the amount of normal carbon-12.

continue http://all-that-is-interesting.com/carbon-dating

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