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How To Backup Your Android Apps As Apk Using Es File Explorer

ES File explorer to me is one of the best free file manager available in Google Play. Along with other bunch of features it also help us make apk backups of installed apps and games.

Downloading Google Play apps or games on each factory reset or format is always not possible, cause it needs a better 3G or WiFi.So making the apk backups of installed apps will help you to install those apps later without Google Play or any other Android app store.

Backingup Android Installed Apps and Games using ES File Explorer

1. Install ES File Explorer from Google Play

2.Open your ES File Explorer tap on “Fast Access” icon (at the top left) or options soft key.

3.Now tap on “App Manager” from the swipe menu.

4. In user app list,long press on the app or game you wish to backup as apk.

5.Finally tap on “Backup” in the bottom menu.


To get your backed up apk files browse to /sdcard/backups/apps/.

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Tyranny Of The Intellectuals

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The Privatization of Nuclear War

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Judy Blume: The left is carrying the religious right’s book ban torch

Judy Blume

Beloved children’s book author Judy Blume warned during a recent appearance at the San Francisco Bay Area Book Festival that the left’s unyielding effort to create a world where no one is ever offended by anything is a threat to literature.

“After the presidential election of 1980 … it was like the censors came out of the woodwork,” Blume said of censorship pushed at the time by the religious right. “And … the feeling was ‘it’s our turn now, and if we don’t want our children to read these books no children should read these books.’ And it’s going on to this day, not with my books necessarily, but with books in general.”

Even if her books aren’t being singled out by censors today, Blume — the author of such titles as Blubber” and “Then Again, Maybe I Won’t” — is no stranger to having her works come under the scrutiny of the nation’s literary nannies.

In November 2013, Banned Books Awareness offered this history of efforts to ban “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret”perhaps Blume’s most famous work of children’s literature:

The number of public libraries and schools where this book has been challenged is astounding, but it was outright removed from the elementary school libraries in Gilbert, Arizona in 1980 and ordered that parental consent be required for students to check it out from the junior high school.

It was challenged in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Fund du Lac, Wisconsin school systems in 1982 because the book is “sexually offensive and amoral.”

Also in 1982, it was restricted in Zimmerman, Minnesota to students who had written permission from their parents. After the Minnesota Civil Liberties Union sued the Elk River, Minnesota school board (1983), the Board reversed its decision.

continue http://personalliberty.com/judy-blume-the-left-is-carrying-the-religious-rights-book-ban-torch/

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New Study Says Water Fluoridation Does Not Reduce Cavities

A prominent independent network of researchers recently examined every available study on water fluoridation and found that the practice does not reduce cavities.

The Cochrane Collaboration, a  global independent network of researchers, professionals, and patients, narrowed the review down to the most comprehensive, well-designed and reliable papers, before analyzing and publishing their conclusion.

According to Newsweek:

“The review identified only three studies since 1975—of sufficient quality to be included—that addressed the effectiveness of fluoridation in the population at large. These papers determined that fluoridation does not reduce cavities to a statistically significant degree, says study co-author Anne-Marie Glenny, a health science researcher at Manchester University in the United Kingdom.

The scientists also found “insufficient evidence” that fluoridation reduces tooth decay in adults (children excluded).

continue http://truthinmedia.com/new-study-says-water-fluoridation-does-not-reduce-cavities/

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FAKE HATE: Black Activist Admits Hanging Confederate Flag from Black Soldier Memorial

Call off the race-hustlers… It’s just another fake hate incident.
black statue confederate flag
Melissa Carino pulled down a Confederate flag from the Robert Gould Shaw and Massachusetts 54th Regiment Memorial across from the State House on Sunday. (Boston Globe)

A Confederate flag was hung on a Boston memorial to black soldiers on Sunday night.
The Boston Globe reported:

A Confederate battle flag was attached Sunday night to a Boston memorial that commemorates one of the first all-black regiments to fight for the union during the Civil War, hanging there for over an hour before a woman removed it.

Melissa Carino, 37, of Lowell said she saw the flag hanging from the Robert Gould Shaw and Massachusetts 54th Regiment Memorial across the street from the State House at about 8 p.m. Carino said she left and returned to the location later, angered that it had not been removed.

Now here’s the rest of the story…
A black activist hung the flag for shock value.
The Boston Globe reported:

continue http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/06/fake-hate-black-activist-admits-hanging-confederate-flag-from-soldier-memorial/

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The Story of the Forgotten Navigation System from the 80s

Thirty years ago, a company called Etak released the first commercially available computerized navigation system for automobiles. Spearheaded by an engineer named Stan Honey and bankrolled by Nolan Bushnell, the cofounder of Atari, the company’s Navigator was so far ahead of its time that the phrase “ahead of its time” seems like an understatement.

Etak’s Navigator made the cover of the June 1985 issue of Popular Science.

To appreciate just how amazing the concept of car navigation was in 1985, you need to recall that the Global Positioning System—the constellation of satellites operated by the U.S. government—didn’t come fully online until a decade later, in 1995. Even then, the feds crippled GPS to be no more accurate than within 100 meters to ensure it wouldn’t help bad guys aim guided missiles. In 2000, that restriction was lifted, allowing a new era of consumer GPS navigational gadgets to flourish.

Etak beat modern GPS systems to market by a decade and a half. It was so early that its inventors had to digitize their own maps and figure out how to get them into an automobile in an era before solid-state mass storage, optical discs, or wireless Internet was available to do the job. (The solution: special tape cassettes.)

Everything about Etak’s Navigator had to be conceived from scratch. And it worked.

The Navigator wasn’t a big seller, especially by 2015 standards. But neither was it a dead end. To build it, Etak had to devise technologies and collect data that are still in use today by some of the most familiar navigation apps and devices on the planet. This is the little-known story of how it came to be.

continue https://www.fastcompany.com/3047828/who-needs-gps-the-forgotten-story-of-etaks-amazing-1985-car-navigation-system

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This Bricklaying Robot Can Build A House In Two Days

An engineer in Perth wants to mechanize one of humanity’s oldest jobs. His robot is named “Hadrian,” after the Roman Emperor who built a wall in Northern Britain, and it can lay 1,000 bricks an hour. With a building plan programmed in, it calculates the location of each brick, then uses its 28-foot-long arm to them in place and secures them with mortar.

Once set up, Hadrian is supposed to work for 24 hours straight, it’s manipulator arm placing bricks fast enough to construct a house every two days, or about 150 houses a year. Hadrian promises to deliver accuracy to within one hundredth of an inch. Carried by truck, the robot is powered by either a generator or local power sources.

continue http://www.popsci.com/australian-robot-will-shift-bricks

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Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi Password With Contacts

Those contacts include their Outlook.com (nee Hotmail) contacts, Skype contacts and, with an opt-in, their Facebook friends. There is method in the Microsoft madness – it saves having to shout across the office or house “what’s the Wi-Fi password?” – but ease of use has to be teamed with security. If you wander close to a wireless network, and your friend knows the password, and you both have Wi-Fi Sense, you can now log into that network.

Wi-Fi Sense doesn’t reveal the plaintext password to your family, friends, acquaintances, and the chap at the takeaway who’s an Outlook.com contact, but it does allow them, if they are also running Wi-Fi Sense, to log in to your Wi-Fi. The password must be stored centrally by Microsoft, and is copied to a device for it to work; Microsoft just tries to stop you looking at it. How successful that will be isn’t yet known.

continue http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/06/30/windows_10_wi_fi_sense/

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This Skateboard Folds In Half To Stow In A Backpack

Foldable Skateboard

Illustration by Trevor Johnston

Jammable materials? That’s my jam!

For their final engineering-class project, a team of students at the University of Colorado at Boulder decided to create a jammable material, a flexible substance that acts solid when put under pressure. Juniors Fai Al Mulla, Seth Zegelstein, Sam Oliver, and Justin Olsen tried four different prototypes, and the one that worked best was also made from the cheapest material: construction paper. Layers of the paper could be jammed, or made rigid, if the students sealed them between pieces of plastic and applied pressure by pumping out the air. That experiment soon led to “flappy board”—a skateboard that can be folded in half. “The idea behind this project was for the skateboard to be portable,” says Al Mulla. By folding up the board, users can stash it in a backpack between rides.

continue http://www.popsci.com/skateboard-folds-half

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